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Natural Therapy Center María Gasset

Did you know that serenity enhances your beauty? The serenity, emotional and mental, is the best basis for making your body and your face will be full, bright and healthy. María Gasset Natural Therapy Center takes into account the energy character of nature and the latest scientific advances.

Land is generous and has allowed us for thousands of years to make use of its resources. With the respect they deserve these resources are used in combination with energy therapies and advanced techniques. Patagonian clays, essential oils, pure spring water, Formulas of 1st line are some of the products used. Energy therapies as the Reiki, Shiatsu, Tai-Foot, Stone Massage, Massage bamboo are present in techniques for face and body. 

All of them, individually or in combination, achieve the desired results.

Oriental Therapies:


"Universal life energy" found in all living things. This energy can be channeled through this ancient technique. No contraindications for age, sex or physical condition. For this reason it is possible to reiki in many hospitals in Europe and the U.S. (See ). Is is performed in one-hour sessions, with the receiver and dress comfortably located in a couch or armchair.


And its variants with feet and chair. The latter is frequently seen at major airports of the world. Sessions ranging from thirty minutes to an hour on the receiver fits into a futon or chair with this comfortable clothes. With pressure on the meridians, rotations and stretching is achieved relaxing all areas of the body and release energy held at some point.


The REFLEXOLOGY notes that our map shows a standing body completely. Working with massage, pressure, rotation and stretching to achieve well-being and relaxation sought. It is done with bare feet of the receiver in one-hour sessions.


Massage bamboo is used as a supplement or as a massage for his own special energy.


Using the same principles as the aforementioned Stone Massage from different geological origins, the body passed its unique qualities.

Aesthetic holistic therapies

  • SKIN SILK: full body exfoliation and face. Hydration and nutrition to achieve a "skin of silk"
  • FUNDAMENTAL BASE: Sedation and preparation of the skin of the face for makeup for special occasions such as weddings, commitments and festivals of all kinds.
  • PRO-AGE: FACIAL REJUVENATION visible SHIATSU, masks, fruit, flowers and minerals.
  • PURIFIER: Good-bye to acne and seborrhea (with doctor).
  • PEELING FACIAL AND BODYWith almonds, honey, jojoba, oatmeal, wheat and geranium.
  • FACIAL AND BODY MASKS: of gold, copper, CHOCOLATE, collagen, algae, NACAR, bamboo and others. Restorative, moisturizers and nutrients.
  • BODY RECOVERY: Holistic Approach to restore your figure in real time.
  • AESTHETICS OF FEET, HANDS AND EYES: With beautiful feet, sculptured nails and permanent lashes.

Special Treatment


Designed especially for that special day. Skin silk is the most chosen, which as its name suggests leaving your skin with a softness similar to it, and Fundamental base for the best possible results for your makeup.

The skin is completely clean and moisturized, healthy and your face relaxed with Shiatsu Facial lines and products first so that your makeup lasts all night!

Mobile Spa - Bring the Spa to your home:

Many times we have thought, when leaving a spa, "... that would be good at home now ...". What gives you the center is nothing less than bringing the spa to your home. With safety and reliability, giving you all the personal references and certifications and academic invites you to use this service and enjoy your convenience.

Men – Feeling and looking goods:

The Center techniques adapted to your special structure and masculine sensitivity. Taking is now a daily requirement. With products designed for men, meet your needs and aesthetic energy therapies seek your physical and mental wellbeing. Protocols aesthetic holistic, reiki, shiatsu, tai-foot, stone and bamboo massage is appropriate in here, for the body of man.

Mary Grasset

Began her famous career studying in Cosmetology Institute Dr. Beaugier. Expanded and refined her skills in the Department of Dermatology of the University of Buenos Aires issued in the Hospital Ramos Mejía. With time and development activities felt the need to incorporate into her work as a natural energy techniques and SHIATSU REIKI. Took classes with the School Shiatsunuad Professor Valerie Gaillard and Professor Guillermo Ibalo. Also included in the same school, TAI-FOOT massage, spa treatments and ASHIATSU for the face.
As to Reiki, which was formed in Reikicenter Jorge Magri, Traditional Reiki Master and Dr. Lema Nyscha , specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine, he gave the Level I and Reiki II.

Natural Therapy Center Mary Grasset 
Personal Care in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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1 Reviews about Natural Therapy Center María Gasset
on 20/06/2015
I love these natural therapy centers, I really wish we had one where I live, but it's a pretty small community, and there's still not a lot of demand for alternative health therapies. It's good to know that there are other centers out there though!

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