Natural therapies for Headache and Migraine Natürliche Therapien für Kopfschmerzen und Migräne Terapias naturales para dolores de cabeza y migraña

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Natural therapies for Headache and Migraine

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Natural therapies for Headache and Migraine

The headaches can have many origins, one of them and even one of the most common is due to intestinal obstruction. And we do not refer only to people suffering from constipation, because even those who dispose well may be prone to retain waste substances that are contained in the intestines where they decompose and ferment due to a diet that is high in toxic and that what was instead of promoting bowel cleansing is to increase internal body temperature thereby producing a low ability of the body to eliminate what is no longer required. If this is the case of headaches, it is highly advisable that the person believes, before any other remedy, the food is consumed: the excess white flour, sausages, fries and milk from animal origin is that causes intestinal obstruction. And thoughtless consumption of these foods leads to the inability to eliminate the food is being "stuck" in the intestines, if nothing is done to stop this, eventually these wastes are becoming a thick paste each, while there remains and is enhanced if nothing stops it or removes it. This is not just a result of migraines and frequent headaches, but is the result of many ailments and weaknesses of the body.

Cleaning the intestines

To clean the intestines is especially essential to start to prevent future blockages and begin to clear the intestine with a light diet, eliminating the above products and consuming a lot of natural water, fresh vegetables, and seaweed products, aloe, olive oil, lemon and carrot juice and fresh vegetables, so that gradually, the adherent material in the intestines will be softened and somehow eliminated. You can help this process on the belly with paste made from clay two inches thick over a half hour. However, one must be aware that when you led a life of neglect or abuse of food or processed junk food, it is likely that the gut needs extra help for a really clean (intestines where they are found embedded gum or piece of popcorn from 8 years ago) If so what can be done is to begin a radical vegetarian diet for life or it (if you want to accelerate the purification process) the intestinal wash, treatment with lightly salted water to exert pressure directly into the intestines, helping to launch what would otherwise be almost impossible. Any solution is good, and must know that at the time that the intestines are clear, not only clears your head, also pain and discomfort, but this happens at a global level in the body. It's really amazing what happens in the body when the intestines are cleaned.

To help headaches while the intestines are cleansed, you can help give baths on feet with clay with cold water for 20 sec., alternating with hot water as it can be other 20 sec. for 15 minutes. If pain is persistent, can be applied plasters of clay two inches thick in the neck during an hour. This helps ease the pain for a few moments without resorting to pills or medicine, allowing the body to do its cleaning.

Another natural remedy while the intestines are detoxified is given foot baths with red vine leaves, boil for 10 minutes and put into a vat where a soak your feet in water as hot as possible.

If intestines play a major role in eliminating headaches, the mental-emotional factor is the deeper root causes headaches. It has been stressed in other articles the importance of emotions to health. It is known that excessive stress is one of the major consequences of headaches. But one must know how well that kind of stress is being accumulated in this area in order to help the body to release it. Not only the pressures of everyday life contribute to stress, but anything that causes us pain or discomfort and escaped, goes straight to the stall in the head, if this is the most weakened (or used) from the body (if we do too much mental work). When we do not recognize something that causes us discomfort, we are angry or depressed and we'll leave for later, these emotions are left in this area, and released later in the form of pain. Knowing this, you can perhaps begin to consider a new way of releasing stress trying to figure out why you're angry and have not released. This is a process that one can begin with the pure intention of becoming acquainted with a little bit what truly feels.

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2 Reviews about Natural therapies for Headache and Migraine
on 25/09/2015
I feel like headaches and migraines are a pretty clear indicator that something in the mind/heart is going wrong or is imbalanced. Every time I get a headache, I try to reflect and ask myself what I can do to heal this imbalance. Often times this consists of simply spending time with myself to re-center.
on 30/10/2013
This can be serious, I mean, almost all illness are caused by a bad diet that affects the body and especially the gut, which is so delicate and still has to hold all the things we eat and drink during all our life, just imagine how damaged it can be if you just eat whatever

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