Natural remedies to treat uterine fibroids Naturheilmittel für die Behandlung von Uterusmyomen Remedios naturales para tratar los Miomas Uterinos

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Natural remedies to treat uterine fibroids

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Natural remedies to treat uterine fibroids

Myomas, fibroids, or uterine polyps are benign tumors that appear in the uterus that contracts during birth, also known as myometrium. 

The size of the fibroids varies, and they appear more frequently during a woman’s fertile years.  Generally, they are no cause for alarm when they are small, but if they develop into a larger size, they could become problematic.

Causes of uterine fibroids

It is still unknown today what causes uterine fibroids, although feminine hormones are known to contribute to their growth which is why they frequently appear during a woman’s fertile age.   They are much less frequent in women during menopause, a time in which hormones begin to decreases.

Other hormones that could play a part in fibroid growth are prolactin, the parathyroid hormone, and the growth hormone.

Fibroid symptoms

This is generally an asymptomatic condition.  However, some women could experience sever symptoms like:

  • Excessive menstrual bleeding
  • Prolonged menstrual period
  • Cramps during menstruation
  • Back pain
  • Frequent need to urinate
  • Painful sexual relations

Also, according to statistics, uterine fibroids are responsible from 2% to 10% of infertility cases, however not all women that develop myoma have problems conceiving.  If you do have fibroids, however, it is recommendable to try to reduce their growth in size to avoid difficulty in conceiving, along with other related symptoms.

Care and Dietary Changes

A healthy diet is undoubtedly necessary for any treatment to function, including natural therapies.  That’s why it is recommended to eat a diet rich in nutrients.

Fiber: Add more foods that are rich in fiber to your diet, and those that promote elimination of excess estrogen in the body.  This helps stop fibroid growth.  To consume more fiber, we recommend eating whole grains, like whole grain rice, rather than their refined versions, like white rice.

Fruits and vegetables are also rich fiber sources, which is why you should include sufficient amounts of them in your diet.  And lastly, oily seeds like walnuts and almonds, are rich in fiber.

Avoid refined sugars and saturated fats: Refined sugars and saturated fats could negatively affect fibroids.  That’s why we recommend limiting and moderating their consumption.  Sugar, caramels, sodas, pastries, and all other foods that contain sugar as a primary ingredient, all contain refined sugar.

Useful Plants against Fibroids

Using medicinal plants could help stop fibroid growth, halting their development.  Raspberry leaves, black cohosh, red clover, along with others, are all plants that are used for myomas.  You could also use essential oils like evening primrose.

Black Cohosh root: this root has been used for years by Native Americans.  It regulates the menstrual cycle and if effective at reducing uterine inflammation, and promotes uterine relaxation.  Currently it is used as an alternative hormone therapy.

Dandelion: This plant contributes to liver health – an organ that plays an important role in metabolism, and that can promote hormone balance.  Both the root as well and the dandelion leaves can be used.

Ginger: Consuming ginger has a lot of benefits.  Its medicinal properties are well known, and it improves circulation.  It promotes blood flow to the uterus, which could help reduce inflammation in the uterus and the ovaries.

Raspberry leaves: This plant can help tone uterine muscles, thereby promoting better blood flow and normalizing menstruation.  It is one of the best plants for uterine health.

Dong Quai: This plant increases circulation, which helps prevent tissue growth, and heals damaged tissue.  Good circulation also promotes toxin elimination and the elimination of metabolic waste, which is important for treating myomas.

Evening Primrose Oil: A rich source of Omega-3 and Omega-6, it is frequently used to regulate the menstrual cycle.  It promotes uterine health and can be used to treat uterine fibroids.

Uterine fibroid prognosis is usually positive, especially with an early diagnosis, so long as it is a benign tumor.

Unfortunately, both oral pharmaceuticals like phytotherapy or medicinal plant-based therapy frequently stop fibroid growth and evolution (they can even reduce their size), but rarely do they completely heal this condition.  If the fibroids are large, this condition could even need surgery for removal.    

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1 Reviews about Natural remedies to treat uterine fibroids
on 15/10/2014
These sound terrible. I would really like to know if the causes could be somewhat genetically linked, because my mother has actually had uterine fibroids before, and she says they are absolutely painful. She's even had to have them surgically recmoved. Thanks for the great information, I'm really glad to learn a little bit more about this condition.

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