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Natural Remedies to Remove Warts

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Natural Remedies to Remove Warts

Warts are caused by a form of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), and more than 60 varieties of it. You can develop a wart from skin to skin contact, but it usually takes prolonged exposure to an infected person so that there is a contagion, or you yourself can transmit it to other parts of your body, scratching other areas, with shavers or even biting your nails.

Types of warts

Before trying to get rid of the wart, you must be sure that it is actually a wart. The three most common types of warts are the common wart, the planter wart and the flat wart.

Common Wart: Found in areas where the skin is injured, for example bitten nails. Often they look like they have a small seed in the center, they are small, skin-colored, rough to the touch and often protrude from the skin level. They are common in children and people with weak immune systems, who are more susceptible to viral infections of all kinds .

Planter Warts: These warts do not protrude above the surface like common warts. They usually appear on the areas of the foot, and are normally gray or brown in colour, rough to the touch, hard and sometimes painful. It may feel like having "a stone in your shoe".

Flat warts: These usually appear on the face and neck, but can also occur on the hands, knees, wrists and forearms, and are common in men around the beard area probably due to shaving, and in women; usually on shaved legs. They are small, skin color, gray or brown and are usually smooth .

There are other types of warts, so it is important to see a specialist to give you a proper diagnosis because it may seem like a wart, but could also be something more serious.

Natural remedies for warts

There are some remedies that have been found to be useful for removing warts, many of them are usually very affordable, but they require consistency.

Baking powder: Mix baking powder with castor oil until you form a paste. The mixture should be applied on the wart overnight and covered with a bandage. Remove the next morning and repeat as needed.

Baking soda: Dissolve the baking soda in water, then wash your hands or infected area with the solution, allowing it to dry naturally. Repeat frequently until the wart is gone.

Garlic: Try rubbing garlic or onion on the area of the wart. Eating fresh garlic on your salad also strengthens the immune system, which in turn can be helpful if you want a wart to disappear.

Cover with vitamin C: Thanks to its acid pH, vitamin C can help remove a wart. Try making a paste with a tablet of vitamin C and water and apply it on the wart, leaving it to act for at least 20 minutes, repeat daily until the wart is gone .

Vitamin E: Another popular remedy against warts is vitamin E. It is recommended to cover the wart with the contents of a capsule, rub the oil on and then place a bandage tape over the top. The procedure should be repeated 3 times a day: Remove the bandage and let it breathe at night, then repeat in the morning to remove the wart.

Castor Oil: The acid in castor oil probably irritates the wart. The oil treatment works best in small flat warts on the face and back of hands. Apply castor oil on the wart with a cotton swab twice a day.

Lemon: Squeeze a little lemon juice on the wart, and then top with a little fresh chopped onions, let stand for about 30 minutes. Use this procedure daily for two or three weeks.

Aloe: The benefits of aloe vera to treat skin conditions are well known and in the case of warts the following remedy should be used: Divide a leaf of aloe and take the juice from the pulp using a cotton ball. Wet and apply the cotton ball on the wart and cover with a bandage or gauze. Repeat every day until the wart disappears.

If you have applied these wart remedies and the wart still persists, it is likely to disappear by itself, otherwise try consultation with a specialist for an assessment.

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6 Reviews about Natural Remedies to Remove Warts
on 03/03/2016
Warts are pesky little things which can take a really long time to disappear - especially amongst children who are constantly touching and playing with one another making it really easy to spread them. I've also heard of treatments to burn or freeze them off but didn't see that mentioned here - do you have any more information on that?
on 18/09/2014
I am so glad to see that there actually ARE natural remedies for warts! One time when I was a young child - I think I was maybe 5 or 6 years old - I had a wart on my finger, and my mom took me to the doctor to get frozen off. They told me it wouldn't hurt, but I remember it being so incredibly painful, and it scarred me for life! haha, so if my child ever gets warts, I'll keep this info in mind.
on 04/05/2014


on 09/11/2013
My wife warts on the neck, there are two of them, she hates them but we cannot affort an expensive treatment to take them off, so I was looking for something and I have found this, very important to me, thanks a lot for halping me, my wife is very happy and we are going to try the remedies right away!
on 05/11/2013
I didn't know that the warts were caused by that! I mean, there are some people that have them and they do not seem to have the other symptoms, or maybe this is true but you just don't figure out that they may have HPV, this is very interesting and new to me, thanks for sharing this information, but i am glad of not having warts
on 12/10/2013
I have a wart and I think it might the common wart but it looks really uggly andI want to get rid of it right now! It is in my arm so I think the skin is stronger in this área and it may be easier right? Could you please give me a great remedy for the arm or all of them would work?

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