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Natural remedies to prevent and avoid hair loss

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Natural remedies to prevent and avoid hair loss

Hair is, say, the face mark, is one aspect of our image enhancing features and provides a certain presence. Hair is such an important factor in the image it is worth recalling people like Samson, a god who knew well that if something happened to his hair, his enormous strength would be vanished immediately. As many already know, Samson left seduced by Delilah, who strategically gave love to God to tell the secret of his strength, and later betrayed by it, cutting the hair to make fun of him.

Much of it is currently known about when hair loss in either men or women, it is indisputable that, apart from mythology, hair is synonymous with strength, i.e. not having a stronger, thicker and has plenty hair, among other things, because of tensions and other concerns that, in substance, only show some "weakness" emotional explained below in more detail.

It is known that a healthy and beautiful hair is not a matter only of using a good shampoo. A beautiful and healthy hair is the conclusion of a number of factors involved such as diet, emotions, environment and physical activity to health and general of the individual. Hair loss seems to affect more and more people, including women who have made some years in the world of pressure, stress and anxieties that entail the world of business.

However, if you feel that your hair is becoming thinner, or is lifeless and dull, do not distress, because this would only worsen the situation. It is best to start before the escalation of the problem to take on this. Here are some foolproof tips to help you regain the health of your hair and prevent its collapse.

1. Scalp

To have a wonderful hair, the most important thing is to start by having a healthy scalp. This is achieved mainly with hygiene. Wash your hair every day and give a gentle massage with the fingertips, so that garbage, dust, fat accumulated there can be removed easily. We recommend, and also wash the hair with a shampoo that is mild. Most shampoos sold in stores contain irritating detergents that irritate the scalp.

2. Movement

It’s is worthless eating well if you do not have a good circulation. Your head remains in a position almost anti most of the day, so if either does not stimulate your circulation with exercise, often fails to nourish hair and oxygen properly. We recommend, in addition to practicing exercise, which lie before you fall asleep leaning on a table, i.e. down inclined to stay with your feet above your heart. Seize this moment to breathe slowly and relax the scalp giving a gentle massage.

3. Diet

The consumption of quality food is essential. Seek to include in your diet zinc-rich foods like asparagus, parsley, borage, figs, potatoes, eggplant, etc., which have properties to hair loss. Hazelnuts, walnuts and soybeans, on the other hand, contain copper, a mineral essential for healthy hair and strong. Avocados, brewer's yeast and oats are also foods that strengthen it, and the blue fish (salmon, tuna, etc.) that contains essential fatty oils to give health, shine and elasticity to the hair.

4. Brushing

Brushing is something that long hair wnjoys. Even stroking the hair from your lover, something that stimulates them to grow. You should try brushing your hair at least twenty minutes a day, with your head tilted. This will help promote circulation and remove waste from the scalp.

5. Emotions

As explained above, the hair is synonymous with strength. This means that when we feel some weakness or deficiency, then we fall in situations of stress, anxiety, nervousness. This, though not notice, shrinks scalp, and this strain, if constant, is gradually closing the hair follicle of the hair, which leaves "hanging" until it falls. The scalp is often in tension but we do not notice. Therefore, we must observe and occasionally say "relax." If you experience a feeling of relaxation, then you need to check more often the stress is your body hair. On the other hand, you should avoid much time studying and intellectually focused on something, as this strains over your head.

6. Phytotherapy

The sage is one of the most effective plant for the hair: you can add a little tincture of shampoo or rinse for the hair shine. Birch, nettle, basil , aloe and rosemary are ideal for preventing falling.

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1 Reviews about Natural remedies to prevent and avoid hair loss
on 13/06/2015
I think a lot of times it seems like girls lose a lot of hair, but the truth is, when you have long hair, it just looks like you lose a lot. Even justa few strands ball up into a big-ish looking ball, so if you think you're losing hair, it might just be because it's long.

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