Natural Remedies for pimples, acne and granites Natürliche Heilmittel gegen Pickel und Akne Remedios naturales para las espinillas, granitos y acné

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Natural Remedies for pimples, acne and granites

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Natural Remedies for pimples, acne and granites

Black spots and pimples are a problem that mainly affects teenagers. To fight it is very important, above all, keep your face clean and try to wash your face two or three times daily with water, so that the water contains normal chlorine to avoid drying skin. However, in addition to cleaning, we recommend you follow these very effective natural remedies to make your face look very healthy and beautiful.

Natural Remedies

FOOD: First, to maintain a well balanced diet and natural as possible. If you're a teenager, there is much hormonal activity within yourself, you should emphasize the care of your diet. It is wise to avoid, as you possible, consuming refined sugar and its derivatives, as well as cow milk, sausage and fried products of animal. You do not have to kill yourself or starve and to stop eating what you like, you simply should strive to a balance in what you eat, including every day at least two glasses of fresh vegetable juices. You can choose the vegetables you like, but ensure that one of those two is carrot juice, which is highly effective for skin and helps to remove excess fat.

Why nutrition is so important to remove blackheads and pimples?

Because when you see that there is pimple on your face, you're just seeing the result of something that happens within you. In this case, if your intestines are accumulating too much fat or waste material, and are not sufficient to evict, then the skin is affected first, which is an organ that helps, among other functions, to dislodge debris in body. If your bowels are clean, your face will be too. Foods to keep your skin clean and well nourished, and should not be missing in your diet are: fresh vegetables, apples, flax, chlorophyll, alfalfa, lemon juice, brewer's yeast, tomato, avocado and almonds.

DRINKING WATER: a clean and beautiful skin has to do with good hydration. Water helps the intestines are cleaned frequently. We recommend that you drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Why taking them off by yourself or using pharmacy products is bad?

Because, as we have explained, the problem is not in the skin, but is a reflection of the internal body. If you attack the problem solely from the outside, what you're doing is to cover the sun with the finger: you may remove one or two pimples, but your body won’t heal itself. Furthermore, by trapping, can hurt your skin and cause scars which are difficult to remove.

GREEN TEA: is a really beneficial effect on the skin, especially to help treat diseases such as pimples, eczema and acne. It contains many antioxidant properties that are 20 times stronger than vitamin E. If you drink one or two cups a day may be helpful to prevent and combat acne.

CLEANING (use of garlic and lemon) as we explained at first, you have to maintain a good hygiene to wash your face trying two or three times a day (ideally every time you wash your hand, wash your face, but not with tap water but with mineral) After washing, dry gently with a clean towel and apply an aloe cream. At night, a very effective remedy is to dilute the juice of a lemon in half cup of water droplets and apply over the pimples and acne. The lemon is a natural antiseptic that helps dry the pimples from the natural. You can also do the above but with a clove of garlic, which is also a powerful antiseptic. Cut in half and rub lightly on the acne. Leave it all night and wash your face the next day.

EMOTIONAL FACTOR: And finally, try to avoid feeling angry or embarrassed by your face look or it would be one of these emotional disorders of the skin which are the same rejection and a little taste or anxiety that causes irritation when a "contact" with others. Therefore, we recommend that you look ways to relate what you find pleasurable and learn to focus on those feeling that produce peace and joy for what you are and make you feel the confidence to express yourself in creative ways.

CAUTION: If you look very red bumps or shins with a strange mark or that do not dry easily, despite a further fat-free diet and maintaining good hygiene, you should consult a professional dermatologist.

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2 Reviews about Natural Remedies for pimples, acne and granites
on 17/09/2014
These are most definitely excellent suggestions, however, I have had pimples for quite some time, and I think really the only thing that has helped was I stopped using the chemical soap my dermatologist prescribed me (I opted to stop washing my face entirely), and I have followed all of these suggestions, and now, after several years, my face is finally clearing up.
on 08/07/2013
I have a problem with my skin pimples and I think it is genetic because my mother used to have the same acne, now she?s better but she still has the mark of the bumps in her face and I do not want that for me, I tried some remedies but nothing worked so I opted for the natural medicine, I?ll let you know if I see results

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