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Natural remedies against Colds

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Natural remedies against Colds

Sounds the alarm but you do not want to wake up, head hurts and you did not rest well at night because you could not breathe properly. You look in the mirror and have a red nose, eyes a little swollen; What is the first thing that you do? ¿Running out to buy a pill? ¿Staying at home to rest and buy lots of fresh fruit?

What is a cold?

A cold is an infection of the airways that affects the nose, throat and / or ears, which is manifested by the drainage of excessive mucous secretion, sneezing, body malaise and runoff nasal.

Why do we get colds?

One of the main factors that lead to colds is that when the body is very full of toxins, the nose is the way in which the immune system uses to clean the body of toxins that cannot be discarded by the normal process of elimination. A cold speaks of a weak immune system, too contaminated waste which makes it prone to viruses. When a body has a weakened defense system may be many reasons:

  • An incorrect diet based on "flling" and not to feed the body.
  • Excess in starches, refined sugars, fried and canned products in the diet
  • Poor digestion due to the bad combination of food and excess of them.
  • Fatigue is one of the most important causes of colds
  • The thoughtless use of medicines
  • The use of drugs, alcohol and snuff
  • The stress and mental exhaustion caused poor assimilation of nutrients
  • Stress and anxiety deplete the body and irritate preventing proper absorption of food

excess acid due to depletion

The important role of nasal secretions

The most common is that, just feeling the symptoms of colds, we run to buy a few things to eliminate the symptoms, this is certainly a cruelty to the body. As we explained earlier, the cold is one way the body is making a strong effort to eliminate excess toxins that are poisoning the body in some way, causing what is called internal fever. When there are many waste in the body and unable to be disposed of properly, these begin a process of putrefaction in the body, with the result that there is a rise in temperature in the body and gets more prone to viruses of all kinds.

The internal fever could cause serious consequences if the body does not eliminate the toxic leftovers of the body. In its role of balance and health constant, the body uses all its resources so that the body is clean, and is one is the cold, which is not only a symptom that may sound annoying, but represents a strong warning to those who suffer it, having a cold is not to take pills, syrups, etc., to sedate the body of the annoying symptoms, is committing a great need for your body, which, feeling that disposal route is also blocked, it will look very soon manifest itself in a subacute form.

Raise awareness of what is a cold

This is not just wanting to avoid the discomfort and nasal discharge, there is a deep consciousness of what the body makes when it is "upset", thinking we upset the body without noting that every inconvenience is a result of carelessness and neglect attitude on our part. By violating the principles of body balance with incorrect living habits, we are attacked by the imbalance that manifests as a disease.

When we have a cold, it is imperative at this time to help your body eliminate toxins, rather than simply impeding the process of purification, with pills and sedatives, which only numb the symptoms. Be very aware that if you constantly break the body's effort to seek balance and health, then we can be sure that later will caught a more severe illnesses and ailments such as asthma, fever, arthritis, and sinusitis, the latter with symptoms that manifest with chronic catarrh due to having violated the natural law of the body. Maybe the pills and medicines can make us feel better at the moment, but when things are easier, great results are most terrible for the body.


  • The best thing for colds is to make awareness of what is happening in the body, and then help you in your process of elimination with the following recommendations:
  • The first thing is not run to the pharmacy to find medicines for agreeing to start and give your body a rest and reconciliation with its equilibrium, always remember that a tired body cannot function properly .
  • If you have a cold, then avoid eating foods containing refined sugars, which are fried or have experienced some type of processing such as breads, biscuits, soft drinks, canned juices, candy, chips, etc.
  • At this point you should consume healthier and clean products possible as are the fresh vegetables and oilseeds.
  • Avoid tiring at work or with thoughts that make you tense during the day or cause you anxiety or mistrust, during the day if you're tense and anxious, at night it is very likely that you cannot rest. This not only will lower your defense system, and irritates your nervous system.
  • Avoid eating too much, not only now, but as part of your routine and drink a lot of pure water.
  • Drink in the morning and a fasting any citrus juice, it is important that the juice is not combined with any other food, so your body can perform at their maximum benefit from cleaning. Wait 20 minutes to eat something.
  • Citrus fruits are great for purifying the body. Please try using the juice of two lemons, dissolved in half a glass of warm water and drink it on an empty stomach every day.
  • Do not dinner much, no sleep and avoid watching news, read things that nurture your spirit and bring you comforting thoughts.

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4 Reviews about Natural remedies against Colds
on 10/12/2014
Hmm...that's interesting. There's a lot of ways that we (in the US) see illness, and I'm not really sure that it's a good way to do so. A lot of times we completely ignore what our bodies are trying to tell us through illness, and that is that something is not working right. We get sick, and it should be a sign that we need to strengthen something, not cover it up.
on 04/05/2014

just think of these.. if your body is full of toxins then you cannot defend yourself against the many illness that can happen near you,, and you can avoid this just by consuming good food, doing exercise and tips like that..

everything is about the prevention

on 02/09/2013
Many doctors have told me that the colds are just momentary and necessary for the body so you should not cut the symptoms as this can lead to bigger problems and now I have just confirmed that, so the next time I catch a cold, I am not going to buy all the pills I find
on 02/03/2009
mi cuerpo tiene un exceso de catarro aveces es verde pero en su mayoria es como trasparente y es muy molestoso aveces boto como si fuera una goma de catarro pero es muy frecuente no se si es que estoy pasado de algo en mi cuerpo

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