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Natural Inn Las Dalias

Las Dalias is a center of natural therapies located in Traslasierra, Córdoba, Argentina, which offers relaxation exercises, meditation techniques, recipes, natural, organic food and yoga.

During your stay in the spa you will learn to take care of your health naturally, getting a full renovation of mood and mental energy. In this inn you can enjoy a different holiday, which allow you to restore vitality lost. Here we draw on the knowledge and you will discover through meditation exercises.

At the Inn and Spa Center-Natural Therapy, you can:

  • Prevent health problems from a holistic view, responding to the principles of Natural Medicine
  • Raise the immune system
  • Get aligned physically and psychologically
  • Revitalize
  • Resolve eating disorder and order food
  • Meditate and through this understand psychological problems
  • Relax
  • Physical activity
  • A time for creative leisure
  • Spa treatments with natural cosmetic

An inn to feel good and share 

Over the past 12 years, Las Dalias has hosted guests who seek to feel good again, is therefore to provide treatments for their physical and emotional part. The natural environment is that this center has the tranquility that visitors crave. The energy recovered based on healthy eating and physical activity will help supplement your rest.

Activities you can do at the inn

  • Guided hikes in mountain trails: The proposal is to meet various rural places, with 3 different circuits during a week. In the Traslasierra Posada, you will have the opportunity to enjoy unique spaces.
  • YogaFrom various positions, for those looking to relax the body give vitality and create a state of energy and vitality. It is achieved to activate blood circulation, balance the functioning of the organs, and unlock open all areas of the body.
  • Exercises to eliminate overloading: This is to transmit knowledge to help offset health problems. The class is divided into 3 parts: self-massage, pelvic movements, breathing exercises.
  • Dancing expressiveThrough various musical rhythms, seeks to express the feeling that the body creates music, allowing the release of emotional states blocked. From this work, calms the mind and creates a state of joy and vitality.
  • Talk Holistic Health-Nutrition: This is a group meeting, which aims to: a) the possibility of self-understanding and prevention of disease from natural forms. Learn to create a state of harmony and balance, including the beneficial aspects of the disease. b) Convey useful information about how to improve nutrition and eliminate habits that are harmful to health. It is also reporting on the therapeutic properties of natural-based recipes organic food
  • Talk and meditation practices: This is a group show and explores the possibility for human beings from what exercises of meditation offers, making contact, not methods or techniques, the background of their actions, thoughts and feelings. This will reveal the reasons underlying the roots that are in each and every conflict, disease and psychological relationship. It is revealing that allows transcend the conflict, by giving space to display, is expressed in the form of living beyond conditioned thinking.
  • Bathrooms streams in natural and organic pool: are excursions from the inn Traslasierra to nearby streams, which involve a little walk to get there to deep water. This water comes from underground rivers full of minerals, which have important therapeutic effects within a view with intense natural beauty.
  • Working Sense-Perception: Through games with elements of nature and outdoors, it tries to connect to the senses and development and creates a state of sensitivity that allows personal discover that sometimes is ignored by you.
  • Night walkThis is the night to enjoy and connect with the moon and stars. Traslasierra spa, Cordova is located in a geographical location in which thanks to its level of space you can see the Milky Way and other constellations of stars, allowing walking at night.
  • Dance party / games / Musical Show: In the center of natural therapies, one night a week is a group meeting by way of integration and fun.

List of SPA treatments

  • Corporal Peeling
  • Treatments and massages with clay
  • Aesthetic facial treatment
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Hair Treatment
  • Reflexology
  • massage with aromatherapy, shiatzu, California massage therapy
  • Reiki
  • Stone Massage and areas
  • Back massage

The Nature Center offers Food that Detoxifies-Natural-Organic-Revitalizer. According to the principles of Natural Medicine gives guidance, support and personalized diet for people with eating disorders.

Courses that are offered here, in addition to being healthy, natural and tasty, are a delight for the senses. It seeks to balance the various ingredients of a dish that is to generate the possibility of harmonizing physical and psychological. The type of food that is produced in Las Dalias, calms the mind, lowers anxiety, pleasure and in turn leads to increase the energy level. 

The power is based in grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, organic milk, eggs and fish in the area. Seeking to benefit the health and wellbeing, it does not offer alcohol, soda, red meat, chicken, butter, white sugar. For example uses quinoa, which provides Vitamin B, helping to improve the functioning of the nervous system as is useful in cases of depression and insomnia. Food used like pro-biotic yogurt to raise the immune system, prevent infections and help relieve irritable bowel problems, seaweed is used to help alleviate problems of hypo-thyroid, iron deficiency and calcium also millet to help solve problems of anemia and diabetes. Oils are handled only 1 cold pressure, avoiding the use of hydrogenated oils, margarines and animal fats. We prepare herbal teas, mountain, Green Tea, Red and cereal coffe. Example is the tea of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, red tea and mint, passionflower, and balm cedrón to help prevent insomnia.

The type of meals produced includes natural foods, organic foods are used, not processed with chemicals, GMOs and those who act as exciting nervous system , overloading the liver function and circulatory failure. In a nutshell the idea is to live a stress-free life with Organic Food.


It has 7 rooms (with private bathroom, heating and hairdryer), which can accommodate up to 14 people, making for a more intimate way, containment and personal care. Depending on their welfare, their comfort and health, all are pure cotton sheets, pillows stuffed with buckwheat husk mattresses and high density for a good sleep and relieve pain and cervical spine.

Wake listening to the birds, sit in a comfortable and spacious rooms in a comfortable house, surrounded by a park of 2 hectares eco pool and gardens.

Las Dalias’ purpose is that: you feel in a pleasant and comfortable way, so the facilities and services not only are designed to be in balance with nature but provide the comfort you need to feel healthy again .

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1 Reviews about Natural Inn Las Dalias
on 20/08/2015
A couple of years ago I became interested in Ayurvedic medicine, and it's interesting how even though this particular philosphy mentioned in this article doesn't directly identify with ayurvedic or Chinese medicine, it still shares the same base of wisdom.

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