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Natural options to supplement your diet

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Natural options to supplement your diet

To consume a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals is not always necessary to consume pills or powders to supplement our diet, since there are natural supplements that can help us to perfectly meet our needs for these nutrients.

Today we sacrifice our nutrition for some extra time resorting to the famous "fast food", which has pushed us to eat a diet high in protein, fat and carbohydrates but generally poor in vitamins and minerals. The solution came in the form of supplements, which are very well known too, but we may find useful options in other alternatives that have always been available and that nature has given us.


This is a natural supplement, rich in vitamins and minerals, hormones, enzymes, and other components that act as natural antibiotics. Pollen contains amino acids and also vitamin B12. It is energising, revitalising and contributes to physical and mental performance of children. Granules can be consumed in a teaspoon each day and this dose may be incorporated into making desserts or sprinkled on fresh fruit.

Royal Jelly

Rich in vitamins such as A, B, C and E as well as minerals including calcium, phosphorus, copper, iron, silica, potassium and sulfur. It is useful against physical and mental fatigue and is also recommended in cases of anemia, as it contributes to the formation of red blood cells.


In general, algae are known to be rich sources of amino acids and spirulina is no exception, as it can provide between 20-400 times more protein than some meat sources. It is also rich in vitamin B12 and minerals.

Brewer Yeast

This is a natural source of vitamin B, which has gained popularity in recent years. Suitable for skin, hair and nails, yeast adds protein and even minerals like selenium to our diets. It is advisable for people who have physical and mental wear in their daily activities and can be used as an affordable option for those interested in gaining muscle mass, as long as you maintain a proper eating plan.


Ideal for those seeking a supplement for reducing appetite, fucus is a type of seaweed which, as well as being rich in vitamins A, B2, C and E, it is rich in algin, a polysaccharide that promotes satiety. This seaweed is also recommended for its purifying effect in the blood because it facilitates the formation of hemoglobin and reduces blood cholesterol levels.

Flax seeds

These seeds are a rich source of healthy fatty acids such as linoleic acids that contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Flax seeds are indicated to treat constipation problems because they are a rich source of fibre, as well as to promote good digestion. They can be crushed and sprinkled on soups, juices, yoghurt and desserts, or simply eaten instantly.

Alfalfa sprouts

They are rich in protein and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus and zinc. To enjoy their benefits, you just need to include them as part of smoothies, juices or salads in your diet.

Most of these foods can be easily included in your diet and are generally considered safe for consumption. However, do not forget to check your tolerance, starting with small doses of food before building up to a more regular pattern of consumption.

If your desire is to get an adequate intake to get specific therapeutic benefits of each of the aforementioned natural supplements, it is important to consult a specialist.

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6 Reviews about Natural options to supplement your diet
on 24/03/2016
This is a really concise and informative list, although quite basic, of some of nature's best dietary supplements! So many people go for the easy and "more convenient" option of eating a horribly unhealthy diet of fast food and then supplementing it with pills and powders bought online or at a health food store, when it is so much easier and healthier to obtain a healthy and balanced diet from nature herself. Thanks for the information.
on 08/08/2014
I hadn't ever heard of "pollen" as a supplement (or royal jelly for that matter), until I started reading this blog. I've done some research online, also, and yeah, it looks like these are super great supplements. I think it gets to be a bit excessive, however, when you start talking about all the milieu of supplements available, and all the reasons they're good for you, when really, if you just focus on a fresh, unrefined diet, you should be getting all the vitamins and minerals you need.
on 29/08/2013
You do not need nothing of these if your diet is varied and you stay away of the bad foods, but anyway is always gald to have a list of good products that can save us in hard times, and maybe they are the best for children since we do not always control what they eat and do
on 28/08/2013
Like a previous person said, spirulina is the best option when needing something to boost your life, this algae is perfect to achieve many things, and to be very healthy almost all the time, full of minerals and more, and well thank you for sharing this with all of us
on 26/08/2013
I have tried fucus as a supplement and to reduce my weight and I have got really good results, so I recommed it if you need more minerals in your diet and seaweed is perfect in this case, and also I recommend pollen especially for children that need a natural boost up to improve their lives
on 14/08/2013
I was thinking of taking some supplement like spirulina, a friend of my wife recommended me to improve my performance at work since I have to spend a lot of energy while doing it but I was not sure if it was the ideal thing, now I?m thinking about it and I?m a little bit sure.

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