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Natural Medicine at CEA-NATURE

CEA-NATURE is a Private School of Vocational Non-Academic Education, created in 1983 and developed since then, learning courses accredited by FEDINA (Spanish Federation of Graduate Schools and foreign non-state Schools).

And since 1993, approved by S.I.V.A.T.E.C.S.A. (UNION OF TECHNICAL VALENCIAN HEALTH ALTERNATIVES), approved by the Ministry of Labor).

CEA-NATURE formed in 1994, GFI Group (Formation), a division for the teaching of alternative and complementary therapies at the University. As a result, signed on October 7, 1994 an Agreement with the University of Alicante for the teaching of acupuncture techniques, Chiromassage, Homeopathy and Natural Therapy through the Postgraduate Courses of the University.

Since 1995, it has completed various courses to university degrees in Chiromassage.

In 1999, CEA-NATURE became part of the World Council for Vocational Training (CMFP) for better development of technical education and vocational and social improvement of our students.

Relationship with other institutions

Following the policy to open a youth, NATURE CEA has signed a collaboration agreement with the IVAJ and since then the holders of a JOVE card have significant discount on our courses.

To facilitate the achievement of agreements and cheapen the claims of our students, we are affiliated under the arbitration system of CONSUMPTION (Department of Health and Consumption).

CEA-Nature works for several years with the European Foundation of alternative medicine (FEMA), with the CEA-certified NATURE apply and validate a certificate of this foundation.

Also works for several years with the Institute of Training and Social Studies (IFES) and together with Independent Union of Professional Employees (UPTA) performing the training courses funded by the European Community.

Past 2 years, CENTER STUDIES CCC was working with CEA-NATURE, taught workshops and Master of Naturopathy course, grouping currently several hundred students throughout Spain.

Our courses

All our courses have been developed by a team of professionally reviewed pedagogically and technically supervised by doctors, psychologists and graduate students.

Since its inception, CEA-ido NATURE has introduced some vocational courses and studies that society and the sector have been generating alternative and need, and in addition to the classic courses of naturopathy, Chiromassage, acupuncture and reflexology, incorporated in recent years, courses floral therapy, reiki, etc.

We have also incorporated personal development courses for the general public and for professionals such as scientific astrology, medical astrology, etc.

Our Motto: "Our students are our best advertising”

Since the creation of CEA-NATURE, each year our records are reviewed, corrected and expanded to accommodate new knowledge and experiences.

In recent years, all of our students receive additional teaching practice, consisting of technical outputs to sporting events, marathons, institutions, etc. Or field trips or visits to laboratories for medicinal plants.

NATURE-CEA is honored to have received congratulations from various authorities and public health professionals on the quality of our technical and vocational graduates.

Our students are our best advertisement: Nearly 60% of new students arrive each year for recommendations of students and graduates of CEA-NATURE in previous years.

Distance courses

Our distance courses information:

A. You can register at any time of year.

B. You will be assigned a personal tutor that specializes in the study to guide you and you can consult any doubt.

C. After studying every topic, you will have to do some self-assessment exercises.
The student has the resolve page and he or she evaluates his or herself. In this way he realizes if he has assimilated the concepts of the lesson and can continue forward in the study, or has to go back. Correct to find that if you have any questions wrong, you should review the relevant part.

D. You must perform the assessment exercises for each item and send you the correction, comment and rate your tutor.

E. You must perform one or more seminars on the premises with your teacher to give you the technical vocational diploma in your professional development.

NATURE-CEA Group has decided to offer training to those interested in our courses to distance the opportunity to access one of the offers described below if you register at:

Naturopathy at Distance


  • Free Bach flowers course at distance
  • Homeopathy course at distance with 50% discount.

Homeopathy at Distance


  • Free Oligotherapy course at distance
  • Free course of Bach flowers at distance
  • Free course of phytotherapy at distance

Acupuncture at Distance

  • 30% discount on the amount of the course.

This promotion is not combinable with any other offer, grant, discount or promotion. The courses are conducted by the same student enrolled.

Face-to-face Courses

Courses in the presence of long duration, from one to three years, usually begin in October or November of each year. Except for that Naturopathy that can start at any time of year, because of continuous education.

Some courses may start at other times of the school year.

Classes are held one or two days a week, or weekends. In the details of each course are these.

Small groups

Courses are of a limited number of places, i.e. the groups are small.

This facilitates the student's personalized attention, immediate response to each of the questions that may arise, the academic orientation in each subject, and a close relationship between teachers and students.

Teaching Materials

Teaching material consists of one or more books by subject. It is a material of excellent quality, prepared by the faculty and which is added each year the latest techniques. Just as the literature for each course.

Some of our courses such as Reflexology, the student is given a massage cream for the placement.

Nature Clinical

Annexed to CEA-NATURE and with over 18 years of experience, NATURE clinical, which have spent thousands of patients since its inception.

Here, most teachers work together, which allows us to have a great experience, which is trying to convey to all our students.

Patient or client is seen as an integral and holistic treatments are a combination of therapies as diverse as medicine, homeopathy, psychology, massage, reflexology, Auriculotherapy, osteopathy, flower therapy, and so on.

We find it in a medical team specializing in comprehensive medical examinations and from the viewpoint of natural and biological medicine, not aggressive.

The Nature Clinical seeks to harmonize and reconcile the great benefits of modern medical diagnosis (analysis, ultrasound, CT, etc.), with the ancient therapy (Naturopathy, Auriculotherapy, etc.), and the most modern (Floral Therapy, NLP , etc..) without neglecting the physical factor, the energy balance of biodynamic and manual therapy (Chiromassage, Reflexology, Osteopathy, etc. .).

Please contact us if you are interested in receiving any treatment. 

Or call (34) 96 394 44 87

We will be happy to assist you.

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1 Reviews about Natural Medicine at CEA-NATURE
on 01/10/2015
Excelletn news! I love seeing that more and more natural centers for healing are opening, and that there is so much more awareness blossoming throughout the world. I even think a lot of "conventional" medicine practices are choosing to integrate natural medicine as well.

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