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Natural laxatives, bowel and Your Skin

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Natural laxatives, bowel and Your Skin

Evacuating the large intestine is a function of the body, if not carried out normally, can cause severe health problems and even aesthetic as allergies, obesity, skin problems, diverticula, lower defense system and a large list of ailments. In general, you should defecate at least twice a day, but when this happens or even spend 2, 3, or more days without a bowel movement, it is necessary to take certain measures, since this is a warning that, in addition let us know that the colon is not working properly, warns us that we may be carrying food or life that are holding the natural mobility of the gut, and you must know that the more time digested food spend in your intestines, the more toxins and toxic waste is absorbed, which among other things makes your skin look irritated, with rashes, pimples, dry, withered, and so on.

Your skin and your bowels

Many times we try to tackle problems of the skin with creams and treatments, but a real skin problem is attacked from a deep cleansing of the intestines. Otherwise, you can use many remedies, but you'll see that any will work because the problem is that, your intestines are not adequate to remove debris and irritants, toxic and greasy, they have to leave somewhere, and then they do this in the skin. So if you have skin problems, in addition to using natural creams, you should consider the following, especially if you tend to be constipated.

What to do?

When we are constipated, it is inadvisable to use drugstore laxatives, which irritate the bowel artificially to move, and so you can evacuate properly. However, the intestines will eventually get used to this type of laxatives to move artificially, that is, your bowels will become loose and require increasingly stronger laxatives to move.

If you really want to go give strength and proper functioning to your intestines, and make your skin clean starting from the bottom, it is best also to drink more plain water (at least a liter and half a day, as this stimulates healthy transit and expulsion of feces through the intestines and colon) and exercise (helps the natural contractions of the intestine), consider these natural laxatives that will help soften stools and make it easy to expulsion:

Flax: is an excellent natural laxative and can be taken in many forms: a teaspoon of flaxseed oil a day or two of seeds mixed into vegetable juices or smoothies like aloe, which accentuate the benefits of flaxseed and also endow the intestine.

Probiotic foods: kefir, yogurt, Buttermilk and fermented milk products containing added lactobacillius are excellent to kill bacteria and toxins in the gut and help expel toxic waste.

Garlic: Garlic in the morning and fasting is an excellent remedy to treat constipation and to help expel all that is left behind there. In addition, garlic has antibacterial properties, so it will also help to purify parasites, bacteria and others.

Herbal tea: Take two cups per day of these teas, which has properties to prevent constipation: chamomile, oregano, condurango, cilantro or mint. If you cook beans, add a sprig of epazote.

Lemon: Lemon is the doctor number 1 in natural medicine, it cures a multitude of ailments, including constipation. If you want to use it for therapeutic purposes, squeeze the juice of two lemons in half a glass of warm water and drink it every day fasting.

Aloe juice: an extraordinary plant to keep the bowel in excellent condition. You can add this juice to smoothies, tea or just take with some water or fruit.

Syrup: If you really want a cure thoroughly or have allergies or skin problems, severe obesity, the diet of syrup sap is a very good alternative to deep cleanse your intestines and as a result your blood will be purified.

Apple: fruit is a laxative with excellent nutritional properties, among other things, helps the intestine to prepare the bolus to be discharged the next day.

Carrot: if you want to keep your bowels functioning properly, making vegetable juice a day where you include fresh carrots and fresh alfalfa sprouts or what you like, which will keep your bowels clean and help you evacuate normally.

Grains: rich source of fiber, naturally promoting bowel evacuation.

Insoluble fiber: green beans, spinach, wholemeal pasta, lettuce, wheat bran, tomato, etc..

Remember that all these have natural laxative properties and may enhance their benefits to your body if the simultaneously help with a set of habits such as exercise, drinking lots of water and avoid eating a dairy, refined sugar and animal meats: these food all they do is clog the body's natural functions, decaying, and gradually degenerating.

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3 Reviews about Natural laxatives, bowel and Your Skin
on 22/08/2014
The best laxative that I have ever found is also the easiest one. If you ever have problems going to the bathroom, drink a full glass of warm water before breakfast, and then don't eat anything for the next 20-30 minutes. This stimulates the bowels, and while it doesn't produce diarrhea, it does create a bowel movement.
on 01/06/2014
since I've changed my diet to keep healthy my intestines , my skin looks a lot way better, I clean my body drinking pure coffee and my skin is so soft and shiny!
on 01/06/2013
I tend to have a lot of problems with constipation and this affect my life in several ways, I have a lot of pain and sometimes I spend days without going to the bathroom, it?s time to change this because I?m tired, I think I?m going to follow a diet which includes all the recommendations explained here and I hope to see results soon! Thanks?

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