Natural Cosmetics: Facial cleaning and natural cosmetics Naturkosmetik: Kosmetik Gesichtsbehandlungen und Naturkosmetik Cosmética natural: Limpieza facial y Cosméticos naturales

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Natural Cosmetics: Facial cleaning and natural cosmetics

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Natural Cosmetics: Facial cleaning and natural cosmetics

Since ancient history, the illusion of showing a younger and beautiful skin led experts and wise men, who understood the power of nature to heal diseases, to find ingredients to prepare ointments and oils that have the power to detain the passage of time or at least to look younger the longer possible.

This deep knowledge of the natural environment has been the basis for medicine and cosmetics we know today. Most of the active ingredients used in cosmetics and modern medicines come from the comprehensive study that was conducted throughout the history of many plants and algae.

The development of science and technology have synthesized the active substances of most plants and algae that are known, achieving high concentrations of active ingredients that enhance the therapeutic properties of the products. However, many of these substances from plants that are not "synthesized" in a lab, because they are too expensive to produce compared to the ease in the collection.

The Natural Cosmetic exploits the properties of entire plants or the most valuable parts of these to enhance the moisturizing and nourishing effects in products. The natural character of its formulas is given by the use of these plants, which have been chosen for their outstanding properties to be highly effective hypoallergenic products.

The effectiveness of our products has not been tested on animals in any way, since the effectiveness of each of its ingredients are known for a long time and is supported by the study and investigation of their properties.

Facial Cleansing

The skin is the largest organ that covers our entire body and ensures its protection. More than just a wrapper to the body, it plays a role as a barrier against germs and prevents the water entering our body.

The skin needs to breathe to be clean. However
excessive hygiene can cause disorders that damage the normal functioning of our skin.

With a proper cleaning, you remove waste, makeup, sweat, dust and other contaminants in the environment, as well as natural segregated oils and dead cells.

However, excess cleaning reduces the defenses of our skin, and exposes the effects of aggressive agents such as sun, pollution and infections. In our skin there are billion of bacteria that our body needs to maintain healthy skin, and excessive cleaning may reduce the activity of these bacteria.

Clean your face twice daily. More than twice is not recommended. If you have dry skin, it dries further with cleaning products, and if you have oily skin, glands are stimulated and secrete more oil and the skin becomes greasier.

Night cleaning is very important, because during the night the skin relaxes the tensions and it is the ideal time to promote the nutritional effects of creams.

After a break of one night, skin secretes natural oils and residues which are desirable to remove. One morning cleaning is necessary to remove oils and residues, and prepares the skin to apply a day moisturizer with sunscreen or makeup, which should not be occlusive.

About Cosmetics...

The sensitivity of the skin against water loss is determined by many factors, both internal and external, such as diet, age, stress, hormones, snuff, drugs, changes in temperature or humidity, the sun and many others. It is for this large number of factors, often uncontrolled, which makes it necessary to use cosmetics to retain moisture.

A moisturizer contains in its formula substances which take water molecules that are in the air and store them on the stratum corneum (the outer layer of skin). It also provides components that help keep water.

As the outer layer is involved in the level of hydration, the dermis (middle layer) gives the skin elasticity and its properties provides water reserves for the formation of new cells. Collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis skin stabilize and prevent its deformation.

Cosmetics, in various ways, provide nutrients and "regenerative" substances which are essential to the formation of these fibers and collagen. To facilitate the penetration of these elements or to drive to their destination, the formulations are supplemented with liposomes, nanospheres, etc. which act as vehicles or catalysts to enhance and invigorate the production of collagen and elastic fibers.

A good cosmetic should favor cellular respiration to maintain the functionality of the system; it should deeply moisturize to maintain skin elasticity and must provide cells of the nutrients needed for optimal development of new cells. In general, there are specific products for every skin type because everyone has different qualities to retain water, feed the cells and regenerate the skin.

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3 Reviews about Natural Cosmetics: Facial cleaning and natural cosmetics
on 09/12/2014
I'm really glad I read this article, but I was really truly hoping to read some information regarding how to make your own homemade cosmetics! I definitely already follow most of these guidelines, and I'm ready to take the plunge to start preparing my own face masks and cleansers. Do you have any recipes?
on 02/01/2013
Hello, it?s nice to know more about the cosmetics and how to make them our friends instead of our enemies, which can hurt and damage our skin in several ways. We have to learn the proper use of cosmetics and try to avoid the intense chemicals. Keep on going and Happy new year
on 25/10/2008
tengo 15 años y me exfolio con azúcar y limón todos los días porque tengo barritos y me dijeron que así mi madre dice que esto me hace mal porque la irrito y se produce mas grasa que me aconsejan?

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