Natural Cosmetics (2nd part) Natürliche Kosmetik (Teil 2) Cosméticos Naturales (2ª parte)

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Natural Cosmetics (2nd part)

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Natural Cosmetics (2nd part)

Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus)

Natural antibiotic proven effective. In it leaves, like flowers and fruits, there is an antimicrobial substance, which acts as a bacteriostatic antibiotic that prevents the replication of many pathogens.

The nasturtium is one of the few plants with known substance capable of producing a natural antibiotic action, which does not destroy the bacterial flora, does not cause allergic reactions or sensitivities and is easy to implement.

All plant parts contain a glycoside sulphide, the glicotropeolina which, by the action of mirosina, an enzyme in the same plant, produces, an essential oil of sulfur with powerful antibiotic action.

It favors the functions of the skin due to its high sulfur content. Applied locally has a healing effect on wounds and ulcers. It regenerates and restores its smoothness to dry skin, but above all, encourages the hair bulb (the root of the hair) and revitalizes the hair making it grow.

The effect is bracing and invigorating perhaps due to its high content of vitamin C.

Asian Centella

This is an exotic plant belonging to the family of Umbelliferae and used topically since ancient times in India and Madagascar for its healing power. Asian Centella, as described in it, covers the content in fibroblasts towards the synthesis of collagen. Moreover, this plant contains essential oils and acts as a blood anti-inflammatory.

Coenzyme Q10

It participates in cell respiration and its lack causes aging of the skin. In addition to the coenzyme, it contains an extract rich in protein like collagen and elastin which will strengthen the delicate structure of the skin and prevent the aggression of external agents (UV, heat, cold and dry). This has high penetrating power to restore the lipid balance necessary for proper cell renewal.

Equisetum arvense

It regenerates tissues. The whole plant is rich in minerals, especially silicon and potassium. It also contains saponin (the equisetonina), flavonoids, which owes its diuretic effect, various organic acids and resins. It has remineralizing, cleansing, diuretic, hemostatic and healing properties and applications.

The role of silicon in the tissues of the body stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers that form with age and lose elasticity and consistency. Silicon promotes the regeneration or "reconstruction" of our tissues, for without it we cannot perform the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers (catalyst). Therefore it improves flabby skin and makes you recover a smooth and elastic skin, reducing stretch marks and wrinkles caused by aging, obesity or sudden weight loss, pregnancy, muscle tension, and so on.

Hammamelis (Hammamelis virginiana)

It belongs to the family of Hamamelinacea and is native to North America. In its content, there is tannins, glycosides and hamamelina, this plant has the ability to rebalance hydrolipid, the mantle of the skin to regulate the dilation of the pores (astringent effect), which decreases as a result, the excess fat. In turn, these components will ensure a decongestant that also acts as a tonic-venous vasoconstrictor acting as a regulator of irrigation peripheral.

Harpagophytum procumbens

Over 40 active ingredients have been discovered in it, such as monoterpenes glycosides from the group of them must iridoides. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. It also has healing, lowers cholesterol and uric acid in the blood. This power plant has anti-inflammatory effect, both ingested and applied dermatologically, it has cleansing and antispasmodic actions. Among its many properties is the regeneration of elastic fibers that form the arterial wall but stresses its healing power, applied to the skin is an excellent healing of all kinds of wounds and skin ulcers.

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1 Reviews about Natural Cosmetics (2nd part)
on 03/02/2014
It would be nice to have a great garden full of these plants that are needed to keep a nice an healthy skin, but most of us do not even know what are they for or even how they look, or taste, maybe we have not seeing them in our whole life, and this is a mistake of the world that is leaving nature behind

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