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Natural center Tepoztlán

Spa complex and natural center Tepoztlán is composed of a group of therapists specializing in alternative medicine. The treatments applied here are ancient and efficacy is supported by science. These therapies are aimed at reviving the internal balance resulting in the individual's health:"We are more than body and mind but begin to heal body and mind" says the director of the Spa.

Naturist Spa

Some of the spa therapies are of (Sanitas per aqua) as hydrotherapy is an essential part of the program that offers Tepoztlán. Both the food as some other treatments are focused on re finding balance in our body closer to what nature offers us.

These therapies are intended to maintain our body, mind and spirit in total balance.


Therapy is liquid water and steam. Cleans, revitalizes, restores and maintains health. Compresses were applied by, jets and steam baths.

Benefits: Improves circulation, prevents varicose veins, helps in cases of stress and fatigue.


Therapy with mud and sludge. It has therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.
Benefits : Stimulates circulation, astringent, removes excess fat, moisturizes, strengthens and provides elasticity to tissues such as masks, often helps to eliminate the wrinkles, decongests, detoxifies and regenerates systems, calm the pain and is rich in minerals.


Clean intestinal cooling effects, decongestants and purifiers.

Cataplasm compresses and relieves tension and pain in joints and muscles. A compress is a piece of cloth soaked in hot or cold extracts applied to the affected area.


Exercise is absolutely necessary to stay healthy.

Benefits: better blood circulation, tones the muscles, prevent contractures and bone, reduces stress and depression, improves sleep and decreases storage of fat and fluid retention.


In a prudent and balanced sunbathing we prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and others.

Relaxation Meditation and relaxation

Knowledge is essential to counteract stress. By achieving this state we down the levels of adrenaline and consequently lower blood pressure, muscle tension releases and improves digestion. It also increases the immune system and reduces the risk of getting sick.

Learning to draw the attention of the mind to release the distraction and stress and filling it with calm and peace are the goals of meditation. Enjoy a guided meditation daily during your stay with us.


Through of smell we can evoke certain memories and moods. The essential oils used are of excellent quality and have a therapeutic role for their active ingredients.

Updated guidance on alternative medicine

When deciding to try new techniques that will lead us to a better physical, mental and emotional awareness important for ourselves and being aware of our health, which deteriorates, and we can do to recover and maintain.


Let be free with the sounds carefully selected to guide you to a state of relaxation and harmony. We know that music does physically and emotionally, changing the mood and releasing endorphins.


Plan includes a diet of simple food, pleasant and healthy, including fruits, juices, vegetables, legumes, salads, whole grains and seeds.

Other Therapies

  • Bach Flower
  • Reiki: Imposition of hands in order to stimulate healing by releasing energy from muscle aches and tension, increases vitality and energy and organic psychic, mental and spiritual relaxation.
  • Massages
  • Auriculotherapy
  • Cones (ear) Ear-coning Diagnosis
  • HLBO Guidance
  • Special nutritional problems (anorexia, bulimia, obesity)

Advantages of place

You will find the environment in a holistic manner to solve the health problem with the best resources, taking your body, mind and emotions to a state of our health.
We care for your staying to have better results.

Getting here

We must get to Tepoztlan, Morelos. Del Norte
by the Mexico City of the South and East to Cuernavaca Puebla - Atlixco - Cuautla.
Whether by road Mexico - Cuernavaca (share), after the diversion to take the Tepoztlán, Oaxtepec . On the road Cuautla - Cuernavaca (share) in the second stand is Tepoztlán. And of course to Cuernavaca mexico (share) 10km walk and fin Tepoztlán, Oaxtepec, passing the first house immediately to the diversion Tepoztlán. For
Xochimilco - Milpa Alta - Tlayacapan, Oaxtepec reach across the entrance to the sports IMSS 200 meters to the right take the road Cuautla - Tepoztlán. And face the wall to the right on this Tejerías The entry of crane Tepoztlán.

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1 Reviews about Natural center Tepoztlán
on 13/06/2015
I read all about these natural centers and it makes me so excited to go to one! I'm going to spain this summer for my honeymoon, and both my fiance and I are super excited to get great massages. Thanks for the wonderful information.

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