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Natural center based in Quantum Physics

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Natural center based in Quantum Physics

Vittalys is a natural health center that has as main objective the restoration and maintenance of health through the application of the principles of quantum physics. Vittalys was founded in 1997 and is led by Paulina Villanueva, entitled Biophysics at the University of Chile Santiago with specialization in Biophysics VEGA Akademi, Schiltach Germany.

Center is a group of professionals of different specialties such as Medical, Dentists, bioenergy, and bio-physical, with studies in Chile and Germany.

Vittalys has modern facilities equipped with high technology in biophysics . In the clinical diagnostics and treatments performed, seeking essentially the physical and mental wellbeing of people, understanding that the body is a bio-energy whole being.

First seeks the origin of the disorders that produce disease, which in most cases are started as an energy imbalance , which then ends up manifest in the physical .

The factors most commonly mentioned influence the energetic blocks are:

  • Psycho-emotional problems
  • Problems resulting from inadequate food
  • Spotlights
  • Dental (Amalgam for example)
  • Biological rhythm disorders (sleep)
  • Genetic factors (inherited)

The great advantage of this system, is enabling absolutely individual diagnoses and treatments according to individual needs, with the understanding that there is no disease but symptoms.

Quantum Conception of man

To understand how the human being is inserted and interacts with the life and the nature going to use certain principles or laws of relativistic in quantum field theory. 

As this document is not intended as a quantum physics course, only to expose some general concepts quantum enable us to better understand the scientific basis underpinning the work in the area of diagnostic and therapeutic Vittalys.

According to modern quantum physics and the material structures are different forms of energy. This was amply proved by the physicist Albert Einstein when he applied his famous and known equation: E = mc2, where E is the energy of a system (material) which has a mass (m) and (c) is the speed of light squared. This somewhat complicated equation for those who have no knowledge in quantum physics that mass (matter) and energy are dual expressions of the same universal substance.

This "energy field" is the original source of we all compounds. It is the foundation of all existence and life. The sun's heat, the gasoline in our cars we occupy, the electricity we use in household appliances, the energy that keeps living systems are different forms of this "energy field."

This means "field", as the motion of subatomic particles (photons, quark), which interact with each other constantly creating and destroying matter (dual wave / particle), remain the basis of material existence. As Carlo Rubia, Nobel Prize says (director general of CERN in Geneva, Switzerland),"The material particles are a minority, there are nearly one billion (9746 x 10 raised to 8 ) many times more interactive (bosons and in particular photons, ie energy) that particles with mass (nucleons, ie, solid). "

Given our ability to perception we see only a small part of total reality (spectrum of visible light), i.e. one billionth of total existence.

Following this, we can establish that all material processes are regulated by energy processes.

Body physical energy

Human being is rooted in a reality that is all. The entire world and all that exists is completely interconnected , we speak of individuals isolated or separated from a distortion of reality, as the quantum physicist David Bohm . This so-called "energy field" is holding the huge and complex interaction between all that exists. Life is expressed and manifested as the flow of energy, maintained by the constant tension between two poles.

Body human is an open system, i.e. one needs to maintain adequate and continuous exchange of energy with the medium, to maintain their regulatory mechanisms and therefore their health.

Vittalys Treatments

Treatments’ first objective is to regulate the body's energy processes, which are altered in various diseases. These disturbances in the energy lead to biochemical changes in tissues, organs and body systems that are later translated into signs and symptoms. According to Pischinger , these disturbances are concentrated at the connective tissue (matrix) and then generate major functional changes in cells of tissues.

Thus, psychological problems, emotional stress, diet, heavy metals, environmental toxins, microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites), inoculation prior, allergens, etc. are factors of stress on the body .

Therefore, the early stages of treatment are based on these charges  to eliminate chronic stress on the damaged area, with measures such as changing or adjusting diet, depending on your metabolism as measured by the STT team Vega (Vega medizin) in the diagnostic phase, followed by stages of detoxification to eliminate the toxins circulating in the tissues, which takes place in a very efficient team matrix regeneration therapy and hydrotherapy colon (intestinal washes) through the use of specialized equipment such as the Colon-Hydro Eichoterm in cases of constipation and impaired function intestine. It is interesting to note that dental therapies such as removing heavy metals ( elimination of mercury from dental amalgams) are also known as detoxification therapies, and are conducted when detected or blockages of the meridians.

Treatments also include the regulation of bodies which we call "pockets or areas of disturbance," through therapy information system (bioresonance and magnetic fields) with the latest generation machines, developed from modern quantum physics, as is the team Vegaselect , which will ordering and harmonizing those altered vibrational frequencies of diseased organs and systems with specific programs for different diseases .

Was also address in treatment, the emotional patient , which are largely responsible for the destabilization energy of the organism and diseases commonly trigger or contribute greatly to their development, for this we have a very helpful team in chromotherapy that through color and sound frequencies succeed in patterns which impact on the body.

Different treatments are supported with other related therapies such as homeopathy, the Homotoxicology, The herbal, the Bach flowers, and orthomolecular replacement Organotherapy.

Cross Southern 133, room 501, Las Condes,

Santiago de Chile, Chile. 
Tel 2635748 - 2079889

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1 Reviews about Natural center based in Quantum Physics
on 01/06/2015
This sounds really interesting. Quantum physics is interesting in the first place, so it's even more interesting to think of a natural healing center that has been based on this science. Quantum phsyics has a lot of growing to do in the next few decades, it's really exciting.

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