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Natural births: giving Birth in water and at home

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Natural births: giving Birth in water and at home

The moment of birth is unique and very special, and always we should be well aware of the ways to give birth, so now it becomes something very magical and full of sensitivity and affection, and as long as the baby mother can enjoy to its full beautiful time of the first meeting. Currently there are many ways to give birth, the most popular is to go to a clinic and give birth in a hospital room surrounded by doctors and assistants. But this time we will speak of the great benefits of water birth and birth at home, which are two natural forms and bring great benefits for a child to the world.

The birth in water

The practice of birth in the water began in the sixties and since then began to experience the obvious muscle relaxation during birth, in addition to the reduction or cancellation of almost pain during contractions. Research in England and some countries in Europe agree that children born by this procedure remain at the meeting creates a better emotional relationship between mother and child. In addition, Compared with children born "normally", it is known that babies born by the water have an early psychomotor development. The reason is because the source is no longer a sharp point for the baby, who comes from an aquatic environment within the womb of the mother. In moving from an aquatic environment to another similar reception is much more pleasant for the baby.

If attracts you the option of giving birth in water, then you need to know the benefits that this option gives you and what you should take into account.

  • One of the main benefits of this approach is that the water relaxes muscles, so it has a relaxing effect and the birth pangs down considerably and the expansion happens faster.
  • You must ensure, that the water is not too hot at the start, it is possible that excessive expansion interrupted it. It is best to dive at first in warm water, heating the water and go slowly, as the hours go about giving birth.
  • Another great benefit that gives birth in water, is lowering the chances of the baby or the mother contracted an infection.
  • Childbirth in the water does not use any drugs or anesthesia.
  • At this time, you will need to take the best position for your baby is born. The most common is to crouch, so that the force of gravity helps the baby out.

The birth at home

The first things you need to assess are the options that exist in hospitals, health centers and places where they offer this service for assistance. Rate all the options and take into account the professionalism of each of the clinics or specialized health care professional. Some of them can offer an alternative that your baby is born at home, and talk and advise you of the many benefits this brings to you, whom you should talk with your partner or think yourself time in advance.

One option: at home

If attracts you the option of giving birth at home, could be very convenient, because the atmosphere is very conducive for the baby, and you can prepare everything so that when you find something truly exciting and full of harmony. This election is advised since the first time the baby is in the environment that will be the next home. If you choose this option, consider these tips:

  • In this case, you must hire the services of a professional midwife or a specialist who will attend at the time.
  • Be sure that it will be normal and does not require the intervention of certain types of specialists. We must consult with our gynecologist.
  • Make sure the space will grow best conditions of hygiene.
  • It is important to consider the possibility that there might be complications, so be prepared to be able to easily and quickly go to a hospital.
  • Having your baby in the house ensures maximum privacy, and you can share this important moment with your closest loved ones.

Here are these two options, but whatever you choose, it is necessary to consider humanized birth, the one where the woman has respect for the time to give birth and is considered in absolute terms, is always the best option.

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1 Reviews about Natural births: giving Birth in water and at home
on 30/08/2014
Fantastic article!! This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately. I really would like to have a natural, at-home birth (and yes, you're right, it is a "movement" right now, but for good cause!). I am afraid, however, of any potential complications that could happen. I have a doctor friend who said the worst delivery cases he's ever seen are attempted home-births gone awry.

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