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7 Natural Beauty Tips to be more beautiful

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7 Natural Beauty Tips to be more beautiful

We have the notion that in order to achieve beauty we have to follow certain standards, and also make us expensive products to get more out of our features, but, this is not always necessary, then, beauty radiates when we are well, happy and Healthy.
There are many simple and accessible options that we can use to be more beautiful and take care of our beauty naturally.

1. Eat healthily

Our whole body works thanks to the nutrients we consume day by day, however, we rarely consider that a healthy diet will help us to have a more radiant and healthy skin.

If you want to look more beautiful, do not hesitate to consider adopting good eating habits, remember to include products of vegetable origin in your diet with abundance, such as fruits and vegetables, whose vitamins and minerals will be indispensable for our skin to look healthy.

2. Drink enough liquids

Something that should never be forgotten if we want to look beautiful, is the correct hydration. Fluids not only help prevent dryness of our skin, it also helps us to eliminate toxins from our body, which will be reflected in our natural beauty.

Try to drink natural water, avoid sugary drinks like sodas and industrialized juices.

3. perfect hands

Our hands help us do endless tasks during the day, from loading objects to performing a small task with precision and detail, there is no doubt that in our routine, our hands do much for us, but we must not forget that Hands are our cover letter.

Whenever we know someone, our hands will be protagonists when we shake them, so it is important that we address them.
When we do cleaning, your hands may be exposed to chemicals, irritants that only mistreat them, it is advisable to use gloves whenever you do this type of activities, and if not possible, try applying a moisturizer then Of these tasks.

In addition, conserve your hands with a homemade exfoliation once a week, you can prepare it with a spoonful of coconut oil, a quarter cup sugar, and two tablespoons of honey, mix, and rub your hands with the mixture to soften them And eliminate dead cells.

4. Renew your hair

Bright and soft hair is always desirable, but many times, due to contamination, exposure to chemicals, the effect of the sun's rays, or the use of appliances such as irons and dryers to stylize it, our hair can suffer a lot Damage and look opaque, dry and brittle.
To renew our hair, always consider cutting the tips to remove the damaged parts, in addition, try to avoid exposing it to heat sources, and do not forget to apply protective products whenever you are styling it.

Apply once a week an avocado mask over the hair, cover with a bathing cap and let it act for half an hour before washing normally, you can also use argan oil to help soften and moisturize mistreated hair.

5. Protect yourself from the sun

Never underestimate the damage that the sun can cause to your skin and your hair, although a little sun is advisable, spending long hours exposed to this light source can be terrible for your skin.

Use a sunscreen product whenever you go out, try to apply it half an hour before leaving, you can also resort to wearing hats, scarves and sunglasses to take care of the sun.

6. Do not forget your feet

It is impressive all that our feet do for us, but, usually we always forget them. Very little of us have consideration for our feet, but having nice feet is possible if we adopt a routine for their care.

Choose always that you can comfortable footwear, avoid getting shoes that put a lot of pressure on your feet or that causes friction or lacerations, if your shoes hurt you, use pads, or try to soften them before using them.

It is important to have a shoe that is soft and comfortable to avoid roughness, but if you notice your rough feet, you can treat them by immersing them in warm water for about 10 minutes, and then exfoliate with the help of a pumice stone, dry well and apply some moisturizing product after.

7. Highlight your look

The eyes express much more than we believe, if our eyes look tired and opaque, it is natural that those around us perceive us that way.
To emphasize your look, there are many tricks homemade, but do not forget that it is very important to get enough sleep.

Applying a little castor oil on your eyelashes can be useful to stimulate your growth.
Another trick that can help us remove dark circles and bags in the eyes, are the green tea bags, after preparing your tea, do not get rid of the bags, put them in the refrigerator for a few minutes, then apply them over your closed eyes, they are refreshing and Will help to deflate tired eyes.

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