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Natura Spa Resort

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Natura Spa Resort

In Peñíscola, there is the leisure park, resort and spa, all in one! Natura Spa Resort offers a la carte health and beauty, active or relaxing rural and adventure holiday. It also has a varied offer in sports, health, recreation, aesthetics, dietetics and physiotherapy.

The place

Natura Spa Resort is located in a natural setting between sea and mountains in the country, on one of the most beautiful of the Costa del Azahar, in the picturesque and bohemian village of Peñíscola. It is a charming fishing village of narrow and white streets, along with stunning eucalyptus forests that form the natural park of Sierra de Irta. An ideal environment for adventure sports and outdoor activities. Very close to the famous wide sandy beaches of over 15km in length.

The idea is that visitors enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, in full contact with nature, and liable to forget the world ... Once in place you must live, relax and let go by a lot of sensations that will make you shake and rejuvenate body and mind.

Natura Spa Resort is an innovative model of rural tourism and adventure tourism (Paintball, Segways, kayaking, ATV, archery, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, scuba diving courses, water sports) tourism health and beauty, tourism, romantic tourism, residential tourism and cultural tourism congresses and incentives.

Spa & Wellness Center

Immerse yourself in bubbling water and let your body relax deeply. Our Spa offers a hydrothermal area where the route is 90 minutes of pleasure and has a drive pool with water and air with all sorts of underwater jets to massage the neck and body parts all while enjoying great views of the countryside.

Hydrothermal circuit pipe with cervical volcano bubbles, whirlpool, water beds, a journey of sensations, corridor running water. Finishing sauna, shower with temple and chromotherapy essences, aromatherapy steam, relaxation area with thermal loungers. Salon and Zen, where you can enjoy a healthy Ayurvedic infusion to your needs and a personalized cap, as well as tasting home-grown honey.

Natural Therapies, Treatments for Body Aesthetics, Beauty and Facials, Massages, drains, and Social Fantasy Makeup, laugh Workshop, Solarium, Fitness Center, Salon Zen

Natura Spa Resort is a unique complex for its size and facilities of great comfort with meticulous attention to our client.

With a team available to you and your family enjoy a healthy, clean and safe trip.

Spa Treatments

Body and special treatmentsA world of emotions ... a therapy for our souls.
The medicinal plants, mud and algae have been used since antiquity in the therapeutic and beauty treatments. The use of mud and algae with essential oils provides all-natural treatments that are perfectly in tune with what we are. Always applying 100% natural products, which act by stimulating the function of nourishing our skin, vitalizing and activating the process of cellular regeneration.

Body Treatments

MUDWRAP: The power of occlusive and thermal mud actives circulation, eliminates toxins, tones tissues, relieves illnesses, and moisturizes your skin. High slimming, firming and reducer power.

WELL MUD WRAP: remineralizing and detoxifying wrap. To restore, cleanse and soften the skin. Also provides soothing relaxation in sore and swollen areas. For this fantastic mud treatment is used world-famous for its healing properties and beauty. After covering the body with a mud mask is applied regenerative facial, followed by a cream all over the body. Relieves pain in joints and muscles, soothes and softens the skin, giving a great feeling of wellness.

LIGHTWAY MUD WRAP: Refreshes, relaxes tissues. Perfect for lymphatic drainage, passive, tired legs and to enhance lowering treatments.

SILHOUETTE MUD WRAP: remodel the figure and fights cellulite. Its power and heat is high mineral content that remove accumulated toxic elements, hydrating and softening the skin.

CHOCOTERAPHY: Involvement of cocoa for pure slimming action, firming anti-cellulite and favoring the production of elastin deficit that is causing the sagging in skin. Acts as a relaxant, while revitalizing the skin, leaving it lightly scented. The chocolate has antioxidant and energizing properties. An excellent therapy to raise the morale and combat fatigue.

HONEY WRAP: Wrap 100% natural honey from hives with a touch of petit grain and orange peel. Keeps the skin bright, radiant and free of grease. It stimulates the skin and makes an important antiseptic, as well as nurture. At present, there are many beauty products for face and body, for its moisturizing and soothing effects. Without hesitation we will offer our wraps as a star.

ALOE WRAP: wrap with refreshing Aloe, 100% natural blended with a decoction of medicinal herbs, lavender, marjoram and melissa (the jacket is ready to you). Aloe Vera penetrates the three layers of skin epidermis, dermis and hypodermis and expels bacteria and fatty deposits that clog the pores. While the action of natural nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, stimulates the reproduction of new cells, it is also an important cellular regenerator, healing and tones. A wrapper for its magical simplicity and great results.

Natural Therapies

Let yourself be wrapped by a multitude of floral aromas sandalwood and...

Natural therapies that will help us connect with our inner energy and to find our balance:

AROMARELAX MASSAGE: Massage that makes soft the congested area of the body, working with relaxation techniques, essential oils and aromatic essences to balance the contracture and provide a pleasant sensation of wellbeing and relaxation to the senses. Applications in body are for therapeutic purposes.

ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE: Discharge muscular tension, from the sacrum to the cranial-nerve endings of the plant foot, including back and limbs.

FOUR HANDS SHIATSU MASSAGE: synchronized massage with two massage techniques of pressure on energy channels of traditional acupuncture.

CHAKRA STONE MASSAGE: A combination of massage, relaxation and Hindu rhythmic application of hot and cold volcanic stones which warm vibrations and their properties for the bones. Aromatherapy, reiki and chromotherapy thereby achieve relaxation and stimulation of our senses and a mind-body balance.

SERENITY SPA MASSAGE WITH HERBS: Discover Anti-Stress treatment that balances your senses and help you unwind. Balancing and relaxing treatment based Phytoaromateraphy. Stimulation and relaxation through technical manuals and eastern mixed use Pinda (linen bags filled with hot sand and natural flavorings). Restores energy and vitality improving oxygenation of the skin. Indicated to protect the respiratory system. We have developed a massage with Pinda herbal remedies and essential oils, ideal for relieving daily stress. Highly recommended for smokers.

SPA GEMOTERAPHY: Combination of Gemoteraphy (gems, tips of quartz, pink quartz, white quartz, red blood cells) and Aromatherapy. Reactive functional skin, and repair based on the hyper decongestive of mineralizing elements for a perfect mind-body balance.

SPA WINETERAPHY: Treatment with anti-aging and antioxidant red grapes. Grapes are rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and anti-free retrieval. To prevent the sagging of the skin and restore collagen and elastin fibers. Improves the circulatory system, reduces free radicals, leaving skin a vitalized and reinforced with soft natural flavorings.

SPA ENERGY CITRUS: Treatment anti-aging, antioxidant, circulatory tonic firming. All energy from the sun in the essence of citrus to restore energy and vitality.

SWEET HONEY TREATMENT: antioxidant, nutritive, regenerating, hydrating, toning, soothing, All the benefits of honey combined with the philosophy of Natura Spa Resort, a true pleasure for the senses.

CHOCO HONEY MASSAGE: Cocoa! Source of happiness! Very rich in positive, unique, magical, unrepeatable. Rich and smooth, comforting and indulgent ... This sensational treatment is based on a massage with chocolate using 100% natural cocoa, cocoa butter and almond oil, which not only will leave your skin fully hydrated and toned, but achieved a complete relaxation. All the pleasures of chocolate with only 0 calories!

Area Spa

When you reserve your treatment, you get free access to all spa facilities as sauna, steam room, whirlpool, therapeutic showers, hydro pool, Fitness, Salon Chiquipark and romantic.

Laugh Workshop

The daily stress that we suffer today is reflected in many aspects of our life, nervousness, sadness, depression, etc.

The use of multiple therapies to reduce this type of situation is increasingly common, it is shown that has a positive impact in improving our quality of life in many ways: work, friends, home, family.
Laughter is innate in humans, and is a good way to keep the welfare and health both physically and psychologically.

The laugh is mainly based on the game, which externalized "child in all of us" and ponder, while we spend a pleasant moment. The purpose of the person performing the therapy of laughter is to learn to access a different and better vision of itself, its capabilities and its environment.

Physical: Strengthens the immune system, eases digestion, strengthens the heart, improves breathing, reduces hypertension, increases physical and mental activity, combats insomnia and pain, decreased aggressiveness.

Psychologically: the self-esteem, is effective against depression and sadness, fighting fears, phobias, shyness and strengthens bonds.

Natura Spa Resort

Azahar Residential & Holiday Park
Ptda. Villarroya, s / n
12598 Peniscola (Castellon)

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2 Reviews about Natura Spa Resort
on 18/05/2015
Wow that sounds like such an awesome pllace! I've never been to a spa, but I have had a massage a couple times performed by licensed specialists, and it really was amazing. I would be interested in learning the art of massage and healing for myself.
on 07/07/2013
A place like that sound amazing, good to visit it with your entire family because everybody can do their activities and enjoy in the same place, like sports for the boys and natural beauty treatments for the girls, and then exchange haha, I would love to visit it, forest and beach sound amazing!

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