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My friend the soda

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My friend the soda

Soft drinks don’t only can taste very well but also are usually very nice and even faithful companions to quench the thirst not only of the body but other types of thirst. Among other things, soft drinks produced a special feeling of pleasure when the sweet taste barely wets the palate, which causes the brain to secrete substances such as dopamine, a substance known as the hormone of happiness.

The drink certainly produce a feeling of elation, that is, inject enthusiasm in no time, you just  try a few sips and you can feel something like a "rush" of energy, which is very useful when you are discouraged, depressed, or there are feelings of loneliness. The drink causes one to feel "on", the mere action of taking it's something that makes you feel good. In addition to this, and if that were not enough, this sweet drink indeed behaves very gentle and kind when we are anxious, desperate and do not know exactly what we feel, and then there is, in the refrigerator or in the store close, as a friend always current and trendy, waiting for one to come meet it a few sips, enough, nothing more, until what we want, in this case, to make us feel satiated or even emotionally calm.

Some people do not change soda for nothing. Right. They are right. Until there is something better, why change it? If it offers so many benefits, and also gives quick results, do not ask much. People say, " I have to die of something " "I have some vice or defect of having" And no matter what the reason or reasons you hear about the "bad" your drink is, this is still the vase on the table where we eat. In fact, refreshments is not something that is somewhat "bad or good," however, if you like soft drinks, at least makes this action an act of consciousness, i.e. understand clear what you take, for when someone wants to bother with your argument, you can answer firmly, "I know what I take and what causes to me. Thank you. But I drink my soda. So leave in peace." Then you will not be just someone who takes refreshment unconscious, but someone who takes refreshment conscious. And this changes the whole question, because then you will be friends for a drink that you know exactly what it is. This is especially important if you're a dad or mom and have children.

Soft drinks are beverages that are produced chemically and contain a number of factors which cause a number of reactions in your body described below:

  • Phosphoric acid: It is an extremely corrosive, fiercely attack the enamel of the teeth and severely affects the liver, which makes the person prone to diabetes and all sorts of digestive problems like indigestion, pain, indigestion, etc.
  • Malic and citric acid: if these items were favorable for the body, ceases to be so by the time they are processed. So are elements that become toxic only in the body.
  • Tar: among its many unpleasant reactions in the body, makes a person prone to cancer.
  • White sugar (containing at least 90% sugar): disrupts calcium metabolism (causes bones to become porous and brittle), steals B vitamins of the body, weakens the pancreas, causing all kinds of allergies and problems in skin, its abuse leads to hypoglycemia and a long list of diseases, organic and nervous system. In addition, sugar ferments the bolus, which impairs digestion because the food eaten is converted into alcohol. In addition, sugar affects the endocrine system, glands irritating as important as the pituitary, thyroid, hypothalamus, etc., which are totally related to vital body functions such as growth and successful development of many organs and systems. Refined sugar is the main cause of overweight, the destruction or weakening of the immune system and proper functioning of enzymes.
  • Caffeine (present mainly in dark drinks): is a stimulant that increases brain activity and reduces wakefulness. Abusing Caffeine raises the body temperature, respiratory rate and level of gastric acid, which can produce, after a while, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, sweating, diarrhea, despair, tachycardia, and so on. Taking frequent caffeine can cause severe gastric ulcers and elevated cholesterol.

In addition, soft drinks contain chemical additives such as preservatives. The dyes and artificial flavorings are composed of acids, the most important have been mentioned in the list, although there are many others which have not been listed as carbonic acid, erythorbic acid, tartaric, etc.


So now you know the composition of this sweet friend, and it’s your choice to choose the best drink for you. And if the next time you go back to the store to choose a drink, do not worry, you do it is a conscious action, one is always free to invite your friends to live one desires, especially if one already know them and so accepts. Choosing the kind of life is of each option.

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4 Reviews about My friend the soda
on 23/04/2015
Yeah..soda is tremedously terrible for the body, and it's really sickening to see how many people drink it like water!! Soda is NOT's TERRIBLE for the body! Cavities, obesity, all the sugar that you body has to filter out...not to mention all the chemicals and additives that go into them
on 06/07/2014
today is my first month without drinking soda, I used to drink it a lot, now I opted for pure water and I am a lot way better and I have reduced weight as well! that's amazing !
on 30/05/2014
at least you should opt for the soda that contains less energy sugar and color, you are not doing the right thing but not the worst...
on 05/05/2013
Well, I think that soft drinks are one of the worst things that human can produce because it really affects the entire body but well, it?s hard to avoid it because this kind of drinks you can find it in every place, especially when you buy food, so it?s hard to avoid them at all, but people should try that!

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