Music Therapy and its healing power Die Heilkraft der Musiktherapie Musicoterapia y su poder sanador

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Music Therapy and its healing power

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Music Therapy and its healing power

Did you know that listening to music is now a recognized medical therapy to improve many deficiencies in our mental or physical health? Actually, this discipline has spread around the world, sharing multiple benefits, such as raising morale and curing depression, and improving the character and education of children.

It has also been noticed that through this technique, the intellectual faculties of mental patients has enhanced, improving their ability to concentrate. Adding the the strong recovery of the people with paralysis or neuro-motor damage.

The list is long, but ask yourself, have you ever felt different listening to your favorite music? Did your mood improve while repeating again and again a symphony or a song?

A therapy for everybody

The music, the harmony of sounds, can be used in all persons, whether to relax, calm down, fall asleep, exalt, etc. We can also listen to something in a group; the methodology of work varies according to the need of each person. From a patient with Alzheimer's to one with a toothache.

It’s not the same to prepare a session for a person with autism that get excited a lot with music, than for someone with hyperactivity, which needs to calm down and work in concentration. To do this, you choose the most suitable music with the objectives to be achieved.

In music therapy sessions, musical instruments, edited music, recordings, body sounds, voices and other sound materials are used.

The performance space has to be bright, but not in excess, with a pleasant climate, and spacious, that allows the necessary movements.

The researchers report that they also use music to improve memory, reduce stress. Even there are positive results in the baby, still in the womb of the mother, also helps the pregnant women to control breathing rate and maintain a positive mental attitude.

Today we know that music has a number of physiological effects; influences blood pressure, stomach contractions and hormone levels. The heart rates speed up or slow with the rhythms of music. We also know that music can alter the electrical rhythms of the brain.

If you close your eyes for a minute you can listen to the world speakers, hammers, raindrops, children laughing, a symphony orchestra, moving cars, etc. Music therapy holds that hearing may affect health positively or negatively.

Mozart Effect

Specialists in this discipline use music to get obviously positive effects, based on studies like the one of the University of California, which showed that children who are exposed to the music of Mozart before an IQ test shows an improvement in score when compared with other group.

Thus, they concluded that the music of Mozart, for example, which is basically a series of complex variations on simple themes, activates neurological pathways that result in an improvement in intellectual capacity. It is important to recognize that most diseases have their origin in the mind and show themselves in physical illness.

Remember, when listening to music we are relaxing in this society that goes too fast. It is therefore important to disconnect from this from time to time, let's take a while to find feelings of self-realization and self-confidence.

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3 Reviews about Music Therapy and its healing power
on 19/02/2015
At the university I went to there was actually an audiology program that used music for recovery in patients. Music is the expression of the soul, so of course, if so many diseases originate from emotional imbalanes, it isn't a far shoot to understand that music can heal the soul, adn therefore the body as well.
on 01/06/2014
Pretty good information, does it work for any person at any stage of life?
on 08/12/2012
Music therapy is good for everybody! I recommend to listen to some relaxing music, like indie or new age, and relax your body while staying in a comfortable position, in the floor or your bed, while closing your eyes and thinking positive things of yourself. This will make you feel better.

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