Music: the pleasant alternative to the health Musik: die angenehme Alternative für die Gesundheit Musicoterapia: la placentera alternativa para la salud

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Music: the pleasant alternative to the health

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Music: the pleasant alternative to the health

Assuming that the malaise in health are rooted in the brain, music therapy, an alternative with enough presence in natural medicine, has developed a very pleasant and intelligent way in my opinion, to heal through music emotional states that cause diseases and ailments of all kinds.

What is music therapy?

It is the use of dosed music to provide health treatment, rehabilitation, education, and / or training of adults, teens and children suffering from physical, mental and / or emotional problems.

How it works?

Brain, through thoughts, sends signals that are transformed in various emotions. Emotions as a result may cause a series of reactions in the body, leading, when you are low, all kinds of ailments.

By music, certain sensations are sent to the brain that make states of joy, peace and deep relaxation, as the music used. At this time the brain sends a series of very fine and pleasant thoughts to the patient, and thus cancel out those pulses producing states not pleasant as tension, fear, distrust, anxiety, depression, etc., states that, when repeated, cause disease.

Music has really surprising results, as reactions in the nervous system, waking dynamic invigorated the senses and creativity, boosting intelligence and reasoning, and affecting mainly memory and intellectual activity.

When music therapy is recommended?

  • Tension, stress, anxiety: in these cases, the music therapists makes the patient listen to music especially for this, helping with the musical effect to counter the harmful effect that is sending the brain to the body.
  • Insomnia, nervousness, excessive preoccupation: the music is ideal in these cases, especially for the patient in such a state of relaxation that will sleep like a baby. The music choses by the therapist through an effect using string instruments and rhythms similar to those gentle lullabies. In cases of very tense, uses special mix music with nature sounds and electronic.
  • Depression, sadness, hopelessness: Here the therapist uses nostalgic melodies that gradually move towards a more dynamic and lively pace.
  • All diseases: Knowing that the diseases are mainly caused by the emotional state of the individual, music can be used to support healing of any disease.

Music therapy at home

If you would like to experience the effects of music on your health and your own home, here we give you some tips to orientate yourself in this alternative.

While working at home, sleeping or you're reading, use the following as you need music (recommended for music therapists)

  • If you feel fatigued, tired: we recommend String Serenade (Op. 48) by Tschaikowsky, Overture to William Tell by Rossini, Ode to Joy, Symphony No. 9, Betoven.
  • To relieve stomach pain: concert harp Haendel, Vivaldi Concerto for oboe.
  • To remedy the headache: Sueño de Amor de Liszt, Schubert Serenade, Hymn to the Sun of Rimsky-Korsakov.
  • To reduce strong anxiety: Concierto de Aranjuez by Rodrigo, Vivaldi The Four Seasons, The Linz Symphony, Mozart's K425.
  • To assist the depression: Piano Concerto no. 5 Rachmaninov, Music aquatic Haendel, Beethoven's Violin Concerto, Symphony no. 8 Dvorak.
  • To control hypertension: The Four Seasons of Vivaldi, Serenade no. 13 in G major by Mozart.

We invite yourself to discover what kind of music makes you feel good, because many times the same intuition is the best guide to what kind of music is needed to awaken pleasant emotions, and energy healing.

The music therapists who are constantly investigating the physical and mental suffering of individuals, each time try to find the music out to solve the specific ailments. Music can be combined with any treatment.

Music and pregnancy

Music can be used since the babies are in the warm womb of its mother. This alternative is really outstanding, helps your baby from early training to the high frequency of pleasurable music, which will influence the baby's development. It is recommended, in this case, the mother chooses the music that she likes better, especially one that is causing states of relaxation, peace and beauty, as this will enhance the effects on the unborn baby.

Children and music

Sleep is very beneficial to babies, from birth, with pleasant music, soft and a very low volume. In the market there are now lots of music for this purpose, both as to wake the sleeping baby or child in the morning, and to stimulate concentration when studying. And if your child is anxious, nervous, hyperactive or very bad behavior and really want something very soft and pleasant to remedy this situation, could certainly use a professional in the area of therapy music that supports you.

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3 Reviews about Music: the pleasant alternative to the health
on 27/08/2015
I completely agree with this article, music is SO therapeutic. And different music for each moment, it's incredible how music can touch our souls. I think music was creates to connect souls, to sing from one soul to another, and it's effective!
on 29/06/2014
And you can do it yourself at home right? There should be a book expllaining how it really works, could you please share that information? Thanks
on 30/09/2013
The music is amazing and it still surprise us even though there are now so many singers and styles, but the purpose is the same and is waking feeling in the person that is listening, maybe we have forgot to learn and enjoy the music but we can do it now following a therapy like this one

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