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Music for Pregnant Women

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Music for Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant, you've probably heard about the benefits of music on the baby and you want to start enjoying this therapy; however you must have patience, because you have to wait until 20 weeks to be sure that your baby can enjoy the pleasures of a good symphony.

According to experts, music is not only vital for stimulating baby's learning, but also the words and better if they come from the voices of parents. It is important that if you have not already done this and 20 weeks have passed, you should talk to your baby.

Although the baby still cannot understand the words, speaking will create a harmonious familiar environment, as he/she can capture the musicality, tone and feeling of words.

When the child hears the words and music, this action is obvious and is evidenced by changes in heart rate and breathing patterns. You can also observe how he/she moves their head, trunk, eyes, arms, legs and even has facial expressions.

This does indicate, according to scholars, that even before birth, the baby begins to learn and of course, everything depends on how we stimulate him/her, what kinds of sounds and their intensity.

Music for their ears

Hearing is vital for the baby, the tone of a calm voice or our favorite musical symphony help to relax, improve mood and provide a welfare state to the baby just like yoga or doing breathing exercises.

Be sure that your voice will be your baby's favorite sound in addition to providing a special connection between you and your baby; you are stimulating their sensory abilities.

Of course, if you hear a melody that makes you feel good and relaxed, remember to keep the volume low. It is believed that amniotic fluid could act as an 'amplifier' of certain sound frequencies, and try to avoid too loud compositions or with discordant notes, which instead of relaxing, would frighten or disturb the emotions of your baby.

What is the ideal music?

Some indicate that the type of music is the least important thing, it only has to be something you like and ha harmonious sounds, because you want to create an atmosphere of enjoyment.

However, some specialists point out that babies prefer soft music, melodic, yet complex as Mozart and Vivaldi and loud music like heavy rock generates rejection.

Even the neurobiologist Gordon Shaw of the University California Irvine, said that hearing classical music stimulates and strengthen cortical neurons and circuits used for mathematics. Music stimulates the inherent brain patterns and enhances complex reasoning tasks.

Also the sound of the instruments that are in higher frequencies causes a vibration in the ossicles of the baby's ear. And the very low frequency and severe are the most commonly perceived, but don’t are heard, as they are attenuated by the abdominal wall. For example the violin is heard, but does not cause vibration in the embryo or fetus, but hearing a cello causes vibration.

Anyway, remember that regardless of the type of music you choose, the most important are the emotions that are generated in the mother. If a certain rhythm or melody cause you pleasure or makes you feel better and let you express your love for your baby, please hear it, your baby will thank you.

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2 Reviews about Music for Pregnant Women
on 03/07/2014
How cute!! I've never had a baby, but I'll remember this when I do. They say that talking to a child when it's in the womb familiarizes it with your voice, which then creates a deep sense of trust and peacefulness in the child once born, and hearing the parents' voices. I've raised ducks before, and talking to them when they're still in the egg has the same effect. They imprint on you as soon as they relate the voice to the face after coming out of their shell. Mama ducks also coo to their eggs when they sit on them.
on 03/12/2012
When my wife was pregnant we used to listen to calm music to make her relax. But actually my wife love some hard music and she listened that too and I do not see problems with my daughter, she?s pretty healthy and intelligent.

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