Multiple sclerosis: fear, resistance and cure with Traditional Chinese Medicine Multiple Sklerose: Angst, Widerstand und Heilung mit Chinesischer Medizin Esclerosis múltiple: miedo, resistencia y cura con Medicina Tradicional China

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Multiple sclerosis: fear, resistance and cure with Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Multiple sclerosis: fear, resistance and cure with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Multiple sclerosis is a condition that occurs due to erosion of nerves because the immune system attacks the myelin (the cover that protects nerves). This condition’s common symptoms are: decreased energy and motor coordination, limbs act differently, etc.

This condition, in traditional Chinese medicine, is the result of a series of emotional, dietary and spiritual problems. It may also be due to a febrile condition (in body temperature), which increases due to, among other things, an excess of toxins accumulated in the body that causes a considerable increase in the organism (or internal fever). This fever creates an infectious environment perfect for incubation of all kinds of germs and bacteria.

This infectious process weakens the muscles and their control, among other things. These imbalances, provoked sometimes by poor diet, are closely related to a loss of spiritual focus, making impact on the emotional world of the person. When people lose focus and feel scattered, "loosely connected" with the essentials of life. This loss of meaning or connection reaches the person generating some mental toughness and a will of iron due to a way of seeing life in fear and resistance. This predisposes a sharp inner tension as the person feels "attacked" and sends a message to the body of "exaggerated or hardness protection", affecting internal organs due to the stress that this causes.

These emotional imbalances could occur due to a frightening experience that the person lived, or something that caused a major upheaval that led to fear. Somehow, the person was "locked" in a strong need for defense or protection.

Fear is an emotion that burns fluids and vital essences of the body, which are essential to nourish the body and maintain a spiritual center connected to our reality. When we lack inner peace, there is a stirring in the body that disturbs and generates internal destruction. The fear, then, attacks our nerves, which are representatives of the communication in our body, and suffer this emotional disposition of not wanting to communicate or move toward life. This affects the nerve transmission to the muscles, which is a symptom of multiple sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis is something that can be inherited, but we must remember that we not only get physical traits parents, but a provision or emotional energy from them; inherited fears, guilt, and other strengths of our family tree.

This heritage is what somehow, as a spiritual entity, we choose for our evolution and growth.

While diet is an essential factor in the cure of this condition, spiritual or emotional factors are important.

For this, we should include in our diet enough minerals, calcium and vitamin C and E, that are essential for the cure of this condition. One type of calcium, calcium AED (colamine phosphate) is an element to cure this condition. It should be noted that for a mineral to be absorbed well by the body it requires a good diet with enough vitamin D, C and B complex.

On the other hand, this disease should be seen as an opportunity to go inside ourselves and see what affects us, explore our fears and learn new ways to face them and feel alive. Remember that the body is a wonderful machine capable of self-healing and self-repair; only needs the elements, the disposition and the knowledge to be able to put to work. Combining a spiritual or emotional work with diet, the cure of this condition is certainly quite high, and it is a basic factor to avoid a chronic disease.

One way to begin to treat this condition from its root is starting to recognize the fears and work with a new connection with them. They say that the best way to work with what causes us fear is to face it. And I’s true. We must learn to see our fears and start cultivating new thoughts about it, remember that there is something within us that can transform any environment and focus our thinking on things that inspire confidence and joy.

The disturbing experiences become a blessing when otherwise we focus and learn from them. Everything in our life is there for us to grow, and everything can make us bigger if we understand them as part of a spiritual nature that wants to show us something we didn’t know. Fear appears when you think "life attacks me". But life cannot attack, it is there to be lived and understood, and we have a mission to learn to use our talents and potential, and every experience is the challenge to try.

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2 Reviews about Multiple sclerosis: fear, resistance and cure with Traditional Chinese Medicine
on 22/07/2014
Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine are both so interesting. They both seem so effective and practical. They just make good sense. It's true: the best way to cure something is to face it. That's a universal law that's applicable mentally, physically. And I'm glad that they address the physical impact of fear on the body here. Nicely done
on 13/11/2012
Multiple Sclerosis looks like a heavy problem that affects our entire body and mind in certain way. I think the best is to avoid it by eating a proper diet and making exercise, but the mental and emotional factors are important as well, since our body gets affected by our bad thoughts.

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