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Mouth sores and lip: Say goodbye to these remedies

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Mouth sores and lip: Say goodbye to these remedies

The ulcerations of the mouth are also known by other names such as abscesses, anchovies, sores, fires, etc., which are usually manifested in the mucosa of the edges of the mouth either on the tongue, the cheeks, the corners of the mouth, inside the lips, gums, etc.. They are very annoying, and often burn or hurt when sprout out of the mouth and can be a cosmetic problem for many.

Lip and mouth sores

Although apparently they look the same, we should not confuse lip sores and mouth sores. Both are in a sense different and are characterized by blisters appear as a yellow or whitish center, with a well-defined red border.

The lip sore (herpes labialis) flows with several blisters that gradually are becoming larger and which must be cared for since they are caused by a virus and usually contagious.

Several factors can cause canker sores as aggressive brushing, misplaced dentures, trauma (biting the inside of the cheek to eat), food allergies, stress, among others.

Why these ulcerations sprout?

Usually, the canker outbreak is due to several causes:

  • Lip sores are caused by herpes simplex virus and usually appear on or around the lips, the corners often. They tend to be contagious.
  • Low intake of vitamin C and A create a weak immune system.
  • Poor assimilation of nutrients.
  • An inflamed intestine.
  • Very prolonged infections and fevers.
  • Excessive stress and lack of rest.
  • When there is acute inflammation in the mouth that can be associated with food allergies as eating irritating, chocolates, etc. Although you should know that avoiding these foods won’t fix the problem.

Emotional Cause: mouth is the way we express ourselves, we say words, kiss and chew the food we eat. When one of these ulcers appears in the mouth, it may be that something is not flowing in the right way. For example, if we're not saying the right words or feel that "when we open our mouths" we hurt someone. It may also be due to explosions of anger through the mouth, i.e. expressing our anger often with offenses, or keeping them. They can also indicate lack of flow of our love or feeling unable to express our love through the mouth, either with words or kisses.

To effectively treat canker and indeed eradicate them from your life, you need to consider:

If canker sores occur most often: especially if are lip sores, in this case, you must attend the diet, increase the intake of vitamin C, drink two liters of pure water a day, removing poor quality products and avoid bad food combinations, such as combining many foods at once. It is important here to consider it as a misunderstanding emotional anger can lower our defenses and predispose the body to infection and this type of outbreaks. Avoid putting ointments, alcohol, acetone and aggressive remedies for skin that is the only thing that would cause your mouth to become more sensitive to canker sores and get irritated easily. See recommended accessories.

If there are not frequent but are voluptuous and large: in this case change your diet and apply colloidal silver on the sore, two or three times a day.

General Remedies

  • Increase intake of vitamin C in orange juices, guava, tangerine, etc. We recommend you go on a diet one day eating only pineapple for your blood and intestines get purged. Avoid taking vitamins on tablets, the best way to nourish the body's nutrients is food, never change juice or fruit by taking tablets, better include both in your diet to increase the effectiveness of the tablets.
    Take a teaspoon of colloidal silver daily three or four times which helps your mouth to cure the sore more quickly, preventing it from coming back.
  • Use lemon infusions of propolis or echinacea, will really going up your defenses and canker will heal faster.

Food supplements and recommend to include in your daily diet to prevent canker sores are:

  • Raw garlic is an excellent natural antiseptic, which increases immunity and is one of the best bactericides and antibiotics. It should be raw and preferably at night, along with a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon.
  • The carrot juice or salad is great for strengthening the skin.
  • If you want to disappear very quickly canker, eat an orange into segments and apply a little of the juice and the peel over the sore.
  • Raw onion, cranberries, chlorophyll and green tea will help to eradicate both mouth and lip sores.

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3 Reviews about Mouth sores and lip: Say goodbye to these remedies
on 15/08/2014
Oh my gosh what a great article! I"m so glad I found it! Both my fiance and my mother in law suffer from really bad canker sores. They look so painful and they hurt them so badly. It's terrible to watch them go through it. The only thing they can do it apply this numbing gel to the inside of their mouths, called Kanka. It looks and smells terrible, but it's better than them not being able to eat because of the pain. I'll have to give them this article to see if any of these remedies help.
on 04/05/2014
on 21/03/2013
This is a really annoying problem! Sometimes sores just appear when you have a date or a meeting and then are uncomfortable, however there is not really a cure for this problem but the prevention with a proper intake of vitamin c, just take a lot of oranges and lemons during the day.

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