Organic food = more health Ökologische Lebensmittel =  mehr Gesundheit Alimentos ecológicos = Más salud

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Organic food = more health

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Organic food = more health

Recent studies have concluded that "organic is better." So says Susanne Bügel, Director of Section of Human Nutrition at the University of Copenhagen. Research published in the journal Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture , expressly says "Even if the mineral content is the same, organic products may be healthier."

The conclusion is evident since during the past few days had been published in various media that researchers at the University of Copenhagen stated that fruits and green vegetables have the same content in minerals and trace elements than conventional products. Thus, for example, the newspaper Welt published the news with the headline "Green is not better ". While in Spain, the news was announced in the newspaper El País under the headline "The non-organic crops are healthier". The controversy arises in spite of Dr. Susanne Bügel, director of the Human Nutrition section of the study, says that "Even if the mineral content is the same, organic products may be more healthy". for his part, Ulrich Hamm, Professor of Agricultural and Food Marketing at the University of Kassel, said: "Whoever buys the organic market is not looking for a higher content of minerals, but fewer pesticides."

Reports from Germany. The director of the State Office for Chemical and Veterinary Control (CVUA) from Stuttgart, Mary Roth, do not hesitate to say categorically that "organic is better." It is proven that the green fruit and vegetables have a much lower content of pesticides. According to measurements carried out by the CVUA, the amount of pesticides under conventional fruits and vegetables is significantly greater than that found in fruits and vegetables grown in an environmentally friendly way. From this office reported that the conventional fruits and vegetables has a content of 0.4 mg per kg of pesticides, while fruits and vegetables grown organically contain only the 0002 mg / kg. While Roth also said that despite that figure is high, conventional foods do not pose any health risk.

While there are still people who have doubts, it is necessary to clarify that demand for organic products worldwide is growing. Despite the fact that organic products have higher prices than conventional products, more and more convinced that when people buy an organic product is doing something for their health. Thus, in Germany, the annual growth rate in recent years has been between 10% and 20%.

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1 Reviews about Organic food = more health
on 08/10/2014
Exactly!! I love that people are starting to realize this!! And along with the health benefits of eting organic, let's talk about the psychological benefits of growing your own organic food!!! Growing and eating organcially should be an integral part of our daily lives, and should form the basis of our health. Prevention is far more important than finding cures for illnesses.

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