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Montse Escutia, MamaTerra, and organic gardens

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Montse Escutia, MamaTerra, and organic gardens

As part of last fair, Montse Escutia, author of "L 'Hort ecològic school" (The school organic garden) said in an interview in Biocultura that "the interest of educational institutions through the orchards is increasing".

In her latest book, the author says that for her "the garden is a revolution, is much more than a piece of land where food is produced. It is a weapon to combat the degradation of the world, soil depletion, water pollution, nutritionally enrich the food we eat ... "with these statements makes clear that she loves the organic garden.

The author, performs tasks in front of MamaTerra and BioCultura the selection committee. ICV and also militates is part of the municipal bodies of Progrès that governs the city of Castelló d'Empúries (Girona).

An excerpt from the interview conducted by members of Biocultura in its latest edition.

About the book

The school eco garden / L'hort ecològic school ... Was a book necessary?

It was a necessary book for the publisher (heh, heh). It is the most prestigious editorial on education in Spain and Latin America and had none on a subject that increasingly takes more strength. Although Spain had a few quality publications on the subject there was no book format, but rather manual. The book is designed both to be useful as a textbook in school but also so that everyone can read it without it being too technical. In fact there are already several people have told me that they have read but do not work entirely within the school.

Interest in organic school gardens

Has greatly increased interest in school gardens from educational institutions?

In recent years, interest has been overwhelming, is increasing. An issue that seemed totally marginal to something that is totally out of fashion. Today we hardly conceive a school without garden. Well, maybe I exaggerate a little, but the truth is that the movement is taking lots of power and institutions are responding very positively.

Like Angeles Parra says, "a garden, for a child means more than just learning agriculture as taught to expect, especially in the culture of" now ", the" now "?

Absolutely. It is one of the topics that is stressed in the book. That one of the keys to success of a school garden is interlayer activities where others get immediate results in the need to wait. Thus the expectation and keep children's interest in the garden but also teach that do not always get a result at once in life and be patient.

This represents a very complete and very clear guide. Did you made it thinking more about children or teachers or vice versa?

It has been basically thinking of teachers. Although the book illustrations are introduced to make it more readable, the text is intended for adults but probably a teenager can read it perfectly. And as I said I wanted to escape from excessive technicalities expressly to prove their reading as fun as possible.


MamaTerra enters increasingly in schools?

MamaTerra is a project that grows daily. And now, with the educational kit that we have prepared loaded with materials for working with children organic garden, we believe that it will be more known. We would like to be a reference for all schools that have or want a garden.

Would you expect that in the not too distant future all schools have their own organic garden, even and especially urban schools?

Every day is growing. And I think that one day that in designing the school garden will be an element as it is now the computer room. There are solutions that can grow in most places. I've heard of a school that plant vegetables at the foot of the street trees in a big city.

Environmental Education

Montse Escutia is agricultural engineer specializing in environmental management and organic agriculture. Since 13 years coordinates the formation of the Association of Fitness. She has written articles for numerous magazines and freelances for the Castilian edition of The Ecologist. She joins the team that developed the project focused on MamaTerra organic garden as a tool for environmental education.

The school garden book done

Actually, this is a book dedicated to the school garden, but is extensible to any garden with a family. Here are all the tricks, all teachings, all the basics and more. From composting to the design of irrigation, pest control from how to how to develop a schedule designed thinking in schools. Texts, pictures, comparisons, charts, drawings ... all that regards the garden among the easiest of students and teachers.

The book is now available in Castilian and Catalan. The web can ask the publisher and / or also will be available in bookstores this fall sector. It is also sent, the Catalan version, schools in Catalonia and is part of the material.

"Educational kit" De l'hort them home, the Association has developed Healthy Living MamaTerra stamped with the collaboration of departaments of Education, Agriculture
and Environment of the Generalitat (within the SAP, Pla d'Acció per al'Alimentació i
l'Agriculture Ecologiques 2008-2012) and Obra Social "La Caixa" and that will be distributed free of charge to the Learning Resource Centers Catalans.

Source: Communication Biocultura - Healthy Living

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2 Reviews about Montse Escutia, MamaTerra, and organic gardens
on 29/04/2015
Very interesting article. I actually started gardening a few years ago, implementing organic tactics, and integrating principles based on Permaculture philosophies, and I have found that so many people take such an enthusiastic interest in learning more and more about it! We have ducks, perennials and annuals, fruits and vegetables, flowers. It's great!
on 01/06/2013
Wow, this is amazing, I?d love having a garden when I was on high school, maybe many people would find it weird but well, you can change the people?s mind with help and other things like this one, teaching the effort that takes to grow a plant and when you taste it surely I t has other special flavor, I hope that this appear in every school in the world.

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