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Mom with gestational diabetes

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Mom with gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes mellitus occurs during pregnancy and usually disappears after its end. Often you don’t feel any symptoms so you should try some studies to determine if you have it.

Risk Factors:

  • Overweight and obesity
  • Age greater than 25 years
  • History of diabetes in parents and siblings
  • Baby weighing more than four kilos in previous pregnancies
  • A previous diagnosis of gestational diabetes

What to do?

If you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, its management should be supervised by a specialist and also you must follow the advices.

Take a careful monitoring of glucose levels, taking measurements several times a day, fasting and after meals. You can make these measurements using a device called a glucometer.

Follow a healthy diet, rich in whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Limit consumption of sugar and fat, always under medical supervision, and if possible with the guidance of a nutritionist or endocrinologist.

Exercise is essential because it lowers blood glucose levels and improves insulin sensitivity. If your doctor says that, you can do moderate aerobic exercise several times a week. If you do not have the habit of exercising, you have to start it.

If diet and exercise are not enough, you could require insulin injections as treatment, but only if necessary and prescribed by your doctor.

You're not sick, keep your spirits

Do not be discouraged, and take your pregnancy with the same joy. Gestational diabetes only means that you need to have more control and discipline and be under medical supervision, in the end the reward is one of the most beautiful moments of life.

Recommended Foods:

Do not forget to consult your doctor or nutritionist to give you proper guidance from your diet for your body. The following foods are recommended:


  • Eat them with nuts like walnuts or almonds, or some milk, to avoid that sugar (fructose) gets absorbed rapidly.
  • We recommend the pear, apple, guava, soursop
  • Apricot, peach, plum, nectarine
  • Red pomegranate
  • Grapefruit, lemon and lime
  • Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries
  • Avoid natural fruit juices
  • Avoid fruit in syrup
  • Make emphasis on consumption of different fruits


  • Chard, celery, watercress, cilantro, spinach, parsley, mushrooms
  • Artichoke, asparagus, tomato
  • Cabbage, squash, lettuce
  • Broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, onions, leeks
  • Eggplant, green beans, endive, hearts of palm
  • Brussels sprouts, artichoke hearts


  • Whole bread, rye bread, black bread, five grains bread, pita bread, whole wheat bread
  • Rice, grain corn, whole corn, baked potato, cooked pasta
  • Rolled oats, amaranth, pearl barley, tapioca
  • Whole grain crackers with low-fat and no trans fat
  • Avoid sugary processed cereals
  • Avoid sugar cookies


  • Beans, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, edamame, soy sprouts
  • Consume enough cereals and combine them with legumes

Food of animal origin:

  • Beef, chicken and fish
  • Fresh cheese
  • Milk, yogurt
  • Remember to choose lean cuts


  • Prefer vegetable oils, such as olive, corn, sunflower, etc.

To ensure a complete and balanced diet, it is recommended to give variety and consume enough servings, remember that a pregnant woman requires enough calories for the baby that is coming. You should not neglect your checks and controls.

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3 Reviews about Mom with gestational diabetes
on 17/07/2014
I've always wondered what causes gestational diabetes. Thank goodness this is only a temporary condition, rather than Type 1 or Type 2, which are chronic. Is there anything you can do to prevent gestational diabetes though? Is is an inherent sign of general illness, or is it just random? Thanks for the food tips.
on 04/05/2014
this can be a true problem if you are having a baby in that conditions you must be near a doctor all the time you can, and well, i dunno what i would to in that case.... too intense
on 14/01/2013
Nice tips I remember that I had this problem with my last baby and I was so worried, even though my doctor told me it was not big deal. Then I started a diet similar to the products explained here and then my health got better and my baby was born without problems. So if you have this problem, don?t worry and enjoy healthier food!

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