Model Skin: 7 Secrets to heal and beautify your complexion in hot weather Eine Modell Haut : 7 Geheimnisse, bei warmen Wetter ihr Gesicht  verschönern und Piel modelo: 7 secretos para sanar y embellecer tu cutis en épocas de calor

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Model Skin: 7 Secrets to heal and beautify your complexion in hot weather

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Model Skin: 7 Secrets to heal and beautify your complexion in hot weather

In hot weather, skin benefits from the sun and days of walking outdoors, but the skin can also feel very dry and rough if you do not take appropriate measures, especially in dry areas with low humidity.

If you want a skin like a model in sunlight, you just need to use these secrets that the famous women use to stay beautiful and young looking.

WATER AND FRESH JUICE: If there is an elixir for the skin, juices and pure water are the answer. Fresh vegetable juices contain a lot of enzymes that help the body repair, digest, absorb, purify and regenerate tissues. Nutrients in freshly made juices are unique and the skin absorbs them quickly to hydrate and defend itself from the sun, the wind and irritants such as dust. These absorbed nutrients can also help to repair cells promptly and effectively. Some of the juices which you should not leave out of your diet in hot weather are: cucumber with celery, carrot or alfalfa and aloe, cactus with lemon juice and beet juice with carrot and jicama. Fresh vegetables can also be combined in salads and garnished with extra virgin olive oil. Do not forget to drink two liters of pure water daily. Furthermore, these salads and juices are healthy, they will help heal acne, red spots, rashes, rosacea and other blemishes.

GARLIC AND ONIONS: These two vegetables are allies of the most healthy and beautiful skin. We know that the smell of garlic is unpopular with many people and the same goes for onion, but if you can manage to eat it in some finely chopped salad in the afternoon, you will see how good it is for your skin. These two foods contain powerful antioxidants, tissue is repaired very quickly, they help fight skin problems plus they make skin look smooth and young. Believe it or not, this is one of the secrets of many people with enviable skin and it is very simple and affordable to do. Eat a piece of onion of the size of your hand daily either in salad or carrot juice with celery.

MASSAGE AT NIGHT: Another super effective remedy in hot weather is to massage or pat your skin at night. This will help improve circulation and oxygenation to your skin, carrying nutrients throughout your face, helping to prevent wrinkles. In addition, we recommend tipping your body by lying against gravity, i.e. with your feet higher than your head. Stay in this position for about 20 minutes a day while gently tapping your face with your fingers.

CLEANING AND SOFT SCRUB: If you want to enhance the massage, clean your skin with oatmeal before giving the massage, putting some oatmeal on your hand and gently rubbing it on your skin. Once you finish rubbing it on, rinse your skin with mineral water and top up with a little aloe or snail slime, or alternating each day. After applying the cream, lie against gravity and give yourself the massage, very gently stretching the areas where you have wrinkles.

FACIAL GYMNASTICS: Move the muscles of your face daily, opening and closing your mouth, moving your lips from side to side with the mouth closed and raising your eyebrows while pressing gently with your fingers so you do feel a little pressure. Look for more exercises on the facial gymnastics network, as this certainly keeps the skin hydrated and rejuvenated.

REJUVENATING ENERGY: A secret that hardly anyone knows to rejuvenate the skin and keep it fresh and vital throughout the day is passing your hands over your skin in the evenings, visualising your skin as young looking, healthy and beautiful. By talking to your cells and making them feel that you are happy with you, that you like the contact you have with who you are, and without touching your skin, this will give out a positive energy which your skin will absorb. You could also try to visualise heat coming out of your hands which will feed into your pores and nourish you skin's cells.

RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES AND FOODS: We recommend taking supplements such as yeast and spirulina every day, as well as plant-based milk instead of cow's milk, honey instead of sugar and no white flour: the best breads are whole grain. A whole avocado a day is one of the most efficient remedies for the skin, and pineapple fasting helps evacuate toxins from intestines and blood, helping your skin look healthy and full of youth.

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5 Reviews about Model Skin: 7 Secrets to heal and beautify your complexion in hot weather
on 20/01/2016
On the whole, this is a pretty good article with lots of tips that I (mostly) already do myself. The sun works absolute wonders for the skin, and quite often we compensate for the drying-out effect by slathering on protective sun cream, so we end up having really nourised, moisturised skin in the sun. However, it is important to note that many people are not blessed with living in hot places - do you have any tips for looking after your facial skin in cold weather? Thanks!
on 12/08/2014
Thank you so much! it has been so, SOOO hot here lately. Today it got up to 97, and we don't have any air conditioning. I work at home so I"ve just been sitting here with the fan on, and an ice pack in my lap, trying to stay cool. I guess I haven't thought about the effects this could have on my skin, but I'm glad you talked about this because it's gotten me to thinking. Thanks so much for the tips!
on 07/07/2014
I do everything you mention here except for the massage on the night, I think I should apply that too!
on 27/03/2014
The visualization is a technique that I haven?t tried but many people have told me good results about it, I am not very sure so probably I should try it before saying my opinion, but reading this gives me the idea that this can work since good attitude can move mountains.
on 27/03/2014
One advice is to clean your face every day with water or mineral water to avoid the impurities in the face and pores, because if the pores are clogged then you will have problems with black spots and things like that, and well, you should at least try to take care a little if you do not want end up with many wrinkles.

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