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Organic school menu

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Organic school menu

If menu is organic, Catalonia is showing major progress in this regard. And it is already 36 educational establishments that have incorporated organic food and fair trade products. The idea is to continue to work towards a model of school with healthier meals.

And this progress is the result of working together in what became known as the Bureau of Labor Local Groups for organic school meals: a group of 17 entities: associations of parents, consumer cooperatives, social organizations as “Entrepobles and Future Foundation”, the City of Sant Cugat del Vallès and the district councils of Urgell, Pallars Sobirà and Montsià.

Bringing food quality to the tables of the school canteen and respecting the environment, raise awareness among students and their families on issues of healthy eating, support to rural and small producers, and do all this in a coordinated manner are the objectives main.  

In this way, Catalonia has been incorporating organic food in school canteens. Moreover, this involves an educational purpose: the children learn a model of healthy food and supporting local producers.

"Banning transgenic crops and foods is paramount and essential to ensure healthy eating in schools and our homes," said from the Bureau, which has been presented publicly as part of April and passed for Food Sovereignty.

The idea is to use the school canteen food quality, seasonal, organic and local, that an ecological management of the canteen, which promotes responsible consumption and fair trade. I.e., an integrated approach in food, environmental, social and educational. And it took the initiative to promote sustainable dining also included working people at risk.

Next goal, the Bureau prepared a manual which is scheduled to publish the 2009 and want to help schools make the step and transform dining room.

Catalonia is now one of the autonomous communities with the presence of GM food crops, while the Spanish State is positioned as the leading producer of genetically modified maize from the European Union.

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2 Reviews about Organic school menu
on 15/10/2014
What an inspiring article!!! I don't have any kids yet, but when I do I have thought a lot about home schooling, and one of the biggest reasons for this is that I don't want my children to be eating a bunch of crap (the way I did!!!) in school cafeterias! It is absolutely infuriating that children are nearly force-fed some of the least nutritionally valuable food around!
on 07/07/2013
One of the best things that the humanity could do is changing the way of education to teach the children to protect the environment and enjoy a healthy diet and lifestyle. Children is the future of all the mankind and if we make them consciousness, we can make the difference.

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