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Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)

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Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)

MLD is a massage therapist smooth and painless which aims to treat disturbances of the lymphatic system. To better understand these disturbances, we must describe the lymphatic system and its functions.

Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is considered as an integral part of the circulatory system, as well as venous or arterial circulation, to the extent that it consists of a fluid or lymph, fluid to the blood via lymphatic vessels. The lymph transports certain nutrients such as lipids, distributes white cells for fighting infections. The lymph fluid is transformed also in interstitial fluid or tissue in the intercellular spaces. Part of this fluid enters the body through the capillary membrane, but the major part enters the lymph capillaries into lymph. Another function of the lymph node is to carry large molecules such as cellular debris, the fat globules, small particles of protein. The lymph is drained to the lymphatic vessels and circulates through the lymph nodal and returns the blood collecting in veins of the neck. The lymphatic system is a transportation system that has no secondary propulsion pump. The circulation of the lymph node depends on the pressure of the circulatory system and effect of natural massage of muscles on the move.

Lymph nodes are small oval structures. Blood is cleaned and filtered in lymphatic nodes where the cells join together to fight microbes. This filter prevents bacteria, cancer cells and other infectious agents enter the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body.

Edema, Lymphedema and cellulite

Edema is the retention of water and various substances in an organism or tissue (skin and subcutaneous tissue). This water retention occurs when the balance of substances filtered and reabsorbed at the level of capillaries is abnormal. Different factors can alter this balance, as the malfunctioning of the heart, liver, kidneys and the venous deficiency.

The Lymphedema is simply a deficiency of lymphatic drainage because it is unable to lead the excess water and debris into the bloodstream. Hence the inability to drain the swelling.

Cellulitis is the inflammation of connective tissue that gives aspect of "orange peel". The cellulitis consists in 4 steps. The first marked by a gradual decrease in veno-lymphatic that will create an interstitial edema (including connective tissue), the second is the formation of adipocytes cells "stuck" in this state elasticity of the skin is diminished. The third stage is the formation of micronodular, because these cells are micronodular, adipose tissue covered with connective tissue. You can feel on the skin.

Finally the last stage is the installation of a permanent or fibrosis true irreversible scarring in turn decreases the local circulation.

Lymphatic Drainage Technique

Lymphatic drainage technique is to bring healthy lymph territories to excess fluid accumulated in the areas of edema by means of manipulation or massage. Lymphatic drainage should be performed by a specialist or therapist specializing in Lymphology.

At a drainage session, there are different essential acts; the first, patient preparation is very important relaxation in a calm and comfortable way. Later the diagnosis of different areas of lock and finally the fundamental movements or massage.

Two movements are important. A motion calling for the evacuation of lymph to remote area to sick are to make vessels healthy.

Another motion captures or promotes the penetration of the lymph in the lymphatic vessels within the zone of edema.

Some of the signs in place of lymphatic drainage are such thick arm after breast cancer surgery, edema after varicose vein surgery or certain plastic surgery, the edema after trauma (fractures, sprains) and cellulite treatment help.

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1 Reviews about Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)
on 06/02/2014
I was searching information about this technique because a friend of mine followed it and she got good results, at least the problem has not gone beyond, and her skin is looking better, she had a problem after a surgery but mine is just and aesthetic option to look a better skin

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