Missing energy, sick, looking tired and aged? Cure Your Stress Sie haben keine Energie, sehen krank aus, müde und gealtert? Das ist Stress ¿Falto de energía, enfermizo y con aspecto cansado y envejecido? Cura tu estrés

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Missing energy, sick, looking tired and aged? Cure Your Stress

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Missing energy, sick, looking tired and aged? Cure Your Stress

Humans have developed different survival systems to adapt to the high demands of the times and maintain the hasty and competitive attitudes that modern society imposes. Over time, humans have lost the natural rhythms that were spontaneously, fluently and joyful before, turning these biological rhythms gradually into what is now known as stress.

Stress is a reaction of the body that appears when there is a danger near and we should clarify that the body does not recognize if we face a lion, someone scolding us or a financial or emotional crisis. The body reacts to the apparent aggression and gets ready for action, activating the endocrine glands which release hormones that increase heart rate, blood circulation breathing rate, etc.

In a second step, stress initiates a process of resistance, where the body tenses muscles and some organs or senses of defense as the eyes, which are filled with blood. It also reduces certain bodily activities that are not as necessary in stage of danger (as it reduces energy intake) as digestion, etc.

If stress remains in the body for a long time or it constantly comes, a third stage happens which wears joints, tissues, muscles, bones, etc., as well as the eyes and other senses, while cardiovascular activities are depleted, the blood pressure becomes unbalanced, the glands are exhausted and in general the whole organism deteriorates prematurely.

The adrenal glands and stress

Stress has a direct relationship with the adrenal glands, which direct the release of hormones that cause anxiety, worry, fear and stress.

The glands that stress primarily actives are: adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine.

These hormones affect: rhythm and myocardial excitability, blood glucose levels, pulse and heart rate, increased body temperature and muscle activity, affect the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, etc.

All these reactions leading to the hormones are important in dosages suitable for the organism, but are harmful and even lethal at high doses.

Stress, in traditional Chinese medicine, affects the basis of life and health, which is defined as the balance between Yin and Yang energies that circulates throughout the body and is essential for health, both physical and spiritual. When this balance is broken and there is either an excess or deficiency of these energies, decay and disease begin.

There are some factors that can affect the proper balance of Yin and Yan. External factors are the cold, heat, wind, etc., while internal factors are emotions like fear, sadness, anger, joy, etc.

Stress, fear and worry, constant and permanent, disturb and affect internal organs QI mechanisms causing them to lose the normal rise and fall of body energy, and this happens when you feel a large number of diseases, premature aging, the decline of the will and intelligence, as well as depression, apathy, lack of drive character, constant exhaustion, moodiness, etc.

How to cure stress?

If you suffer any of these symptoms you may be suffering from stress, which can be cured by simple shapes. Here are four basic recommendations to be able to eradicate this disease from your life.

Four recommendations to cure stress:

  • Avoid competitive attitudes, constantly competing causes everything that you've read. You don’t need to stop doing the things you do, you can do the same things you do but with a different attitude, keep away thoughts from your mind that can haunt you during your activities trying to be "perfect". The fight of being "something great" or indeed remarkable wears yourself and can make you age prematurely.
  • Give yourself time to eat, relax and watch the ceiling. No need to be constantly doing things, do not think that if you sit down to relax or simply do nothing, you will be a little loose or productive. The leading companies in the area of creativity give their employees time off where they do nothing but simply think and devise new things.
  • Learn to know more and develop your confidence, if you do not trust you and in the process of life, you're always worried, fearing the things that will come, you need a change. Fear and worry can be eradicated from your everyday life if you cultivate the skills and potential that is within you, and if you learn to discipline your thoughts. If you reject the "negative" thoughts constantly, these will always lurking. It's best to replace them.
  • Avoid junk, processed and refined food in your diet that only demineralize and damage the nervous system, especially sugar and white flour. Many of the depression, stress and anxiety are due to nervous system that are malnourished and poorly oxygenated, so the circulation is important. Do exercise to gain nutrients and oxygen.

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3 Reviews about Missing energy, sick, looking tired and aged? Cure Your Stress
on 25/07/2014
Stress plays a huge part in aging; not only that, it's just no fun! I always think it's incredible to compare before and after pictures of the presidents when they get sworn in and sworn out. Stress takes young, alive, and vibrant people and turns them into middle-aged or old people. Why do it to yourself? It's a choice...
on 23/06/2014
on 09/02/2013
It?s very difficult to keep a normal lifestyle having a good mood or attitude during the day, so I really recommend reading this article and finding new ways to understand life and what we are supposed to do in this world. Just keep relaxed, avoid getting in troubles and bad food to maintain a healthy body and mind.

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