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Migraine treated with Chinese Medicine

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Migraine treated with Chinese Medicine

In consultations for acupuncture, migraine is a condition found very often.

Why do migraines appear?

Chinese medicine holds that migraine is a pathological state due to the imbalance of internal organs, altering the flow of Qi (energy) and blood, and obstruction of the meridians (energy channels) as result from:

  • Alterations of the emotional
  • Constitutional weakness
  • Irregularities in feeding
  • External factors

The disturbance of emotions, especially anger, irritability, and frustration block the liver generating too much Yang, and it rises. Yang's rise upsets the top of the body resulting in impairment of Qi and blood circulation and blockage of the meridians of the head. And as every blockage causes pain, this will be pain in the head. Yang's rise affects the most Yang part of the body, head.

"Yin and Yang are not material entities, or forces, or mythical concepts... are only concepts, properties or tags suitable for understanding the workings of nature and the human body. Yang is realed with fire as Ying with water. Yang is rise Yin is declining. Yang is light on Yin is darkness ... "

Constitutional deficiency or depletion of Yin can be caused by a chronic or prolonged disease, messy life, irregular periods, Yang feeding, excessive tiredness or stress. Yin insufficiency causes predisposition to an excess of Yang. (The water does not extinguish the fire)

In conclusion, the Liver-Yang rising causes blockage in the meridians and this blockage causes the migraine.

Why some people have vomiting and  paralysis or flashes ...?

Depending on where it is may cause other effects as: flashes, hand paralysis, vomiting, irritability ...

If the blockage in the meridians affect vision, cause the sight of stars or flashes. The state of nervousness and irritability is due to Liver overactive emotional control. Nausea and vomiting may occur due to involvement of the liver to the stomach. In severe cases this rise of Liver Yang may be accompanied by internal wind affecting the nervous system and causing, for example, paralysis of one hand.

Why does it affect more women than men?

Female hormones play an important role in balancing Yin Yang. Therefore, the female hormone imbalance is another etiological factor. According to Chinese medicine, migraine and any disease appear when there are a number of factors at once. Although hormonal imbalance is not very important, can help increase a rise of Yang. In addition to the hormonal factor, women are more emotionally sensitive, more reactive to the emotions than men.

Can it be cured?

In general, removing the cause of the rise of Liver Yang, migraine can be cured successfully without too many complications.

The rise of Liver Yang can be balanced with Chinese medicine, You must lead a life governed in all respects, maintain optimal emotional state, avoiding stress, anger, sudden changes in the rhythm of sleep, wakefulness, fatigue, fasting, spicy foods or alcoholic drinks or fatty foods. You must add to your diet, citrus (especially lemon and grapefruit), plums, grapes, apples, kiwis, pears, celery, spinach, chard, artichokes, asparagus, tomato, chicory, endive, radish, seaweed, white fish, liver infusion (dandelion, mint, desmodium, etc.).

If there is Yin deficiency, you should get enough rest, and eat recommended foods high in nutrients.

If you have headaches during the menstrual cycle, the basic method to fight them is to regulate menstruation.

What treatment or measures may be more effective for migraine?

Although all the techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine are good for treating migraine, the most suitable are acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. WHO recommends acupuncture to treat headache and migraine.

During the acute phase, treatment is to regulate the Qi through the regulation of the Liver, activating blood circulation and pain relief to treat dysfunction of Qi and stagnation or blockage in blood vessels. In the early stages of remission is presented as a mixed syndrome of excess and insufficiency. Then the treatment will have to relieve blockage of Qi liver, regulate Qi and activating blood circulation.

The best treatment is prevention.

Mireia Masip Sales
Professor at the School of MTC
Guang An Men, Clinical Advisory

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2 Reviews about Migraine treated with Chinese Medicine
on 22/07/2014
Wow. I used to work at a clinic (Western medicine) and people would come in every now and again with these absolutely debilitating headaches and migraines. It was horrific just to watch, as they vomited, or couldn't stand up, or were sensitive to light or sound. All our doctors ever did were to give them a pain killer shot and say "come back again if it happens again". How sad. All those people suffering when they could take this into their own hands...
on 06/01/2013
It's important to know that our conditions and problems can be resolved by simple techniques as the Traditional Chinese Medicine, we are humans and we and our body is related with the energy, it works with energy and produce energy so it's important to control it to avoid problems as migraines

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