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Merkaba Meditation: the carriage of the ascent

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Merkaba Meditation: the carriage of the ascent

The Merkaba is an electromagnetic field around the human body and interacts with our vital energy and connects us with the magnetism that keeps the balance on planet Earth, so it keeps us in balance with it. This concept is not new, has been used since ancient times and mentioned in books like the Bible and the Torah, where there are references in the Mer-Ka-Ba. The first refers to this energy field as "the wheel" and the other as the "Big Carriage" or "The Throne of God." In ancient Egypt also knew aest concept, which was the original pattern of all life in the universe, called the Mer-Ka-Ba, three words that arming one: Mer, which means a special kind of light that rotates on itself, Ka, which means one person's individual spirit, and Ba, which means the physical or tangible reality (or the interpretation of the spirit in the physical body). A rotating light carried the spirit and the body of a reality (or world) to another couple; Egyptians defined the Mer-Ka-Ba like that.

Currently and in most cases, this powerful energy field has an almost zero or very slow movement, causing imbalances and disharmony in the world and people. The Earth's magnetic field undergoes changes and transformations of different types, is affected by the equinoxes, solar flares, a slower rotation of the planet, as well as climate change and the evolution of the planet itself. This whole series of changes create changes in energy and can affect the behavior patterns of thought, behavior and way of life for us all.

Throughout history, there has been talk about the Merkaba as a vehicle that allows a person to either ascend or descend to different realities. However, it seems to be more than a vehicle of ascension, in fact associated with the original pattern that created all things and all universes, both visible and invisible.

Currently, there are teachers who are dedicated to working with the Merkaba and through awareness exercises and meditation can help people ascend to a three-dimensional plane carrying over to the next level. This is called ascension, a conscious state where the human body becomes light, is a renaissance that is achieved through mindfulness meditation, which is aimed at the integration of spirit, mind, heart and body , arranged in a pattern of light so that the body can transcend human limitations of this reality.

The geometric nature of the Merkaba

This electromagnetic field, which holds about four degrees Kelvin, and which is predominantly in the microwave range (at least in the third dimension), is entirely geometric nature, is a sacred geometry that has as the core or root of every form contained in creation. This field is extremely complex to describe, but it is known that runs through all possible dimensions and parallel universes, and may perhaps change its nature to any other appropriate relief. It is situated around the body as a network of connections and three-dimensional geometric, sometimes dormant, awaiting the appropriate time to get moving.

Merkaba Activation

To activate the Merkaba, or initiate a process of ascension or enlightenment, it takes a lot of the individual consciousness, intention, personal changes, breathing exercises, as well as meditative understanding of certain principles, which help change the perception of form person, in translation or perceived reality, this change in perspective is what initiates the activation process of the Mer-Ka-Ba. This field integrates aspects of both feminine (intuitive, receptive) and masculine (active and dynamic) of our mind and spirit.

There is now a shop called The Flower of Life, which guides this process through a special meditation, which brings you not only to intellectual understanding of this process of awakening, but the experience, feel your field around you, and a connection with your divine or sacred geometry. This meditation includes a special form of respiration, accompanied by visualization exercises that help to awaken the energy of the heart, mind, lead to clarity, an understanding beyond what words can take you.

However, the Merkaba, a living and not mechanical field can be activated also through simple and spontaneous actions that can be applied in daily life, actions and performing activities of daily life with conscious, focus on the present , practicing understanding and with sense of gratitude, strive to enhance understanding of self and developing confidence and compassion. A pure soul or mind can activate the Merkaba inadvertently finding the simplicity of life, in actions that promote the synchronicity of mind with the heart, recalling that one of the main objectives of the Meditation is to make awareness of what we do and think, observe and provide feedback on the mind from that observation, knowing that any time in our life is worthy of meditation, which should lead, among other things, a feeling free, spontaneous and uninterested in doing things we do.

When achieves a certain state of consciousness, the person’s Merkaba is activated, energy begins to ascend from the base of the spine by twisting the spine. This process has been described in other cultures and other names, is an awakening of the powers of human beings who are asleep, it is a leap in understanding (concept related to "quantum leap" in quantum physics).

In short, the Merkaba is a dimensional gate to open this door requires understanding, an attitude and perception to discover the power of your mind, and its extraordinary abilities.

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2 Reviews about Merkaba Meditation: the carriage of the ascent
on 13/08/2014
I've never heard of this method of meditation, it sounds a little difficult to get into. I wonder, are there any recommended tapes, books, or seminars to go to in order to learn a little bit more about it? But I really like what they say about a clear soul being able to activate this energy naturally, unintentionally, just by being pure. This is really the secret to life, and I think we've all experienced times of clarity where we feel completely at peace and whole. Excellent article, great information.
on 05/05/2013
This article made me think a lot, maybe I should find a better way to change my problems in my life by relying in alternative options to reach the happiness, looking in a different way, because people try to find happiness and I?m sure that it?s not in things, money and even love but in ourselves.

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