Menus for vegetarians, diabetics and celiacs in Paradores Menüs für Vegetarier, Diabetiker und Celiacs in den „Paradores“ Menús para Vegetarianos, Diabéticos y Celiacos en Paradores

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Menus for vegetarians, diabetics and celiacs in Paradores

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Menus for vegetarians, diabetics and celiacs in Paradores

Paradores of Spain this year will incorporate dishes designed especially for vegetarians, diabetics and celiacs (those who can not tolerate gluten) to the menu of their restaurant, which will become the only hotel chain in the world to cover such a variety of meals.

The director of Area Restoration of Paradores Victor Theodosius said it, who took part in Granada in a course on food and rural tourism and noted that the new dishes are being implemented in each of the establishments gradually.

Theodosius stressed that one of the most important bet of the Paradores is food, since this activity contributes nearly 50 percent of total income each year, "no other hotel chain in the world. "

"We sell nearly three million covered annually, of which 47 percent are passing," said the manager, who noted that when someone is on the road does not seek to stop at a hotel to eat, except when comes to a stop.

He explained that the key to the success of the Parador restaurants is that research and traditional recipes bring back the popular taste, but not without adapting them to today.

"Our first challenge is to retain the spirit of the traditional cuisine," said Teodosio, who noted that the recipe is updated, giving a composition.

He added that the menu of each of the establishments are made according to each region, so that almost half of the dishes are traditional cuisine of the region and within its leading products appellation of origin of the place.

He noted that, despite being based on tradition, we must move forward, so this year added to its offer specially designed meals for vegetarians, diabetics and celiacs.

"Many people say that we have restaurants with rooms rather than rooms with a restaurant," Teodosio ironically highlighted the importance of catering for Paradores.

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2 Reviews about Menus for vegetarians, diabetics and celiacs in Paradores
on 03/07/2014
Oooh, how exciting!! I would very much like to visit this part of Spain. It is just common sense to use food for healing, but it has become so common to treat eating as a pure pleasure of the senses, disregarding completely the nutritive value for our body's and mind.
on 11/04/2010
estoy interesada en el artculo tratamiento de la diabetis

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