Mental diet: the power of creative thinking Geistige Diät: die Kraft des kreativen Denkens Dieta mental: la fuerza del pensamiento creativo

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Mental diet: the power of creative thinking

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Mental diet: the power of creative thinking

Do you want to lose weight and no diet works for you? Have you tried to do something in your life and simply it does not happen? Do you want to change any circumstance that is overwhelming or uncomfortable, and even if you try this haunts you everywhere? Do you want to project more beauty? Do you want to heal and you cannot? Then maybe you need to combine your intention with a little more knowledge.

What is the mental diet?

Emmet Fox issued some years ago a book called The Mental Diet for 7 days. This diet was to try to keep for a week, a thought merely focused on what one wanted, and not paying attention or getting hooked emotionally in those things, people or situations that one won’t. During this diet, one should not respond to the circumstances one would not, had one to keep mentally strong and just set in your mind what you will want to perform. To do this diet, you had to keep silent, that is, that you won’t tell anyone that you are doing this exercise. This was done in order to scare off curious and people who believed this were possible, and that the trainee could perform the exercise with more concentration and power of credibility.

However, Emmet Fox emphasized that the diet was not easy to carry, it was even harder than climbing Everest, one of the hardest things to achieve is to prosecute thought to where you wanted, namely to develop a strong will. However, once one had mastered his mind and was able to keep focused on what he wanted for more than a week, then things changed almost by magic, the person had to fight any circumstances but was simply transformed.

What we want to achieve and Mental Diet

This thinking is that powerful and can even change the circumstances, whatever, is something that may never sound like a powerful truth until you practice it and see the results. And since this is a world of exploration and experimentation, there would nothing bad that, from time to time, to combine weight loss diets, treatments to heal, the functions of our work, with thoughts only focused on what we want, not what we do not want. This would mean that instead of seeing the scale to see how much weight did you gain today, or you look in the mirror and see "how much you need to lower abdomen, or focus your attention on the pain of illness or deficiency, you start making images that you want to see. For example, think in the body that you want, or how you would feel if you were healthy, or what would you do with the money already have available, and so on. These holograms are mentally "maybe the kick you need" to achieve all that you propose, then we must not forget that everything that is created begins with ideas and thoughts.

This mental diet, of course, must be accompanied by an intention in your action, that is, if you want a film body, if you form the mental idea of how you want your body looks, you should support this exercise and quality diet. And if you want health, you should back up your images of health with proper treatment. If you want financial abundance, you must then give the task to accommodate your mental images in the work that you like and enjoy doing, so that the demonstration is made faster. If you are in a job you do not like and you feel compelled to go, then your wealth will slow, because the joy is what will nourish and smooth your creative thinking. All these details will accentuate the power of your mind.

So you can begin to experience all this and start to realize if it's true or not you have a great potential to create your life and heal. Giving the opportunity to explore new things opens the mind and makes it flexible, so why not give yourself a chance? In fact, as a great teacher, you have nothing to lose but doubt. But you do not lose anything, but so what if it works? Then you have won something more than you might expect.

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3 Reviews about Mental diet: the power of creative thinking
on 29/04/2015
What a great article! And such great "food for thought!" I love the concept of going on a "mental diet". In fact, I would dare say that perhaps mental diets (in our society) would be even more effective than "food" diets. So much of our unhealthy relationship with food comes from a mental illness, and perhaps a mental diet would heal us in that way, to allow us to heal physically as well!
on 04/05/2014
maybe I haven't taken this as serious but now that you mention, the mental activity can be improved for real, and with this all the level of your living, this can be so good, I would like to do it now


on 01/06/2013
Great article, and the words really inspired me, I actually don?t know if I could maintain a diet of this type but it is so true that we shouldn?t miss the opportunity to try something different, something that helps us and makes us grow as humans. This really sounds like something important to try, so surely I will have to!

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