Menorca has 269 plots of organic agriculture Menorca verfügt über 269 Parzellen für den ökologischen Landbau Menorca cuenta con 269 parcelas de agricultura ecológica

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Menorca has 269 plots of organic agriculture

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Menorca has 269 plots of organic agriculture

Minorcan field currently has 269 plots of organic production. Largest municipality that has this type of surface is Mahón production, as its 141 plots cover a total of 929 hectares.

Ciutadella, with 58 plots and 449 acres and Alaior, with 32 locations, which cover 367 hectares, are the other two towns that are leading the production of organic agriculture on the island.

Those are Mercadal three parcels and 209 acres, forges, 17 areas and 279 hectares, Sant Climent, two plots and 71 hectares and Sant Lluís, with 16 plots and 104 hectares are other areas in which this type cultivation.


The production data were reported yesterday by the director of agriculture, Sam Gomila, during the presentation of the workshop on Organic Agriculture held by the highest political institution of the island, Ferreries visited yesterday and today will be in Maó.

Activity with the participation of the insular Councilor d'Economics, Tuni Allés, Paco Casero, a member of the Andalusian Organic Agriculture (CAAE), Manuel Ariza, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Carlos López Jurado, president of the Consell Balear d'Agricultura Ecológica.

Ariza commented that "it is always positive on an island and Menorca taking into account the production, we speak of a territory which is a biosphere reserve and should not miss opportunities to sustain the agricultural landscape."

Meanwhile, Paco Casero said that "to maintain the current landscape of the island is essential to have a livestock industry in top form."

Clemente Mata reported that on arrival at Menorca, we have learned that the Council has demanded be GM-free zone, which together with the characteristics already discussed makes the island an ideal location for organic production.

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1 Reviews about Menorca has 269 plots of organic agriculture
on 06/03/2014
I have visited this place and they have done an amazing work with the whole system of production, being an island is difficult to maintain the income and outcome of products and money too, so they need to rely in the internal business and improve it for the good of the population

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