Menopause: hot flushes, Osteoporosis and more Wechseljahre: Das Hitze Gefühl, Osteoporose und mehr Menopausia: los Sofocos, deficit de Calcio y más

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Menopause: hot flushes, Osteoporosis and more

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Menopause: hot flushes, Osteoporosis and more

Around fifty years, as biographical autumn, we pick the fruits of earlier stages, adding to the experience, the unknown and collectively rejecting age and death. Maturity in women is marked by the climacteric (hormonal change, ending the rule).The physical body is in decline, but the spiritual is going to encounter the One back home.

Menopause is the loss of the ability to procreate. This age can cause uterine myomas that may be considered, unconscious desires for pregnancy, ovarian cysts, reflecting that she lives back to their femininity, because ovaries accumulate the energies of the earth.

The female human is the only living being who lives menopause. The rest of the animals die with their faculties intact but reduced reproductive system over the years. A part of this anthropological assessments cessation of menstruation characteristic of human beings should lead to ask why such natural vagaries.

We know what differentiates us from other animals is the internalization of an ego, self, they do not have and share with the rest of the species.

There is no doubt that menopause represents a saving of women and are focused in advantage to grow spiritually.

It is worth mentioning that at menopause, the bloody and neglected days of menstruation, are supplemented by more reflective days, tinged with anguish and despair, sometimes accompanied by symptoms such as sweating, flushing and crying irrational all symptoms that only belong to the realm of the human. Sweat is linked to fear and crying to the awareness.

After the absence of estrogen, natural protectors of women, they must refine diet and the ecological quality of products that consume. With maturity when menopause comes, women are prepared to take the evolutionary leap to prepare to live the spirit of the beats without interference from the body, by which all pass sooner or later.

The data for the absence of estrogen is important to understand it from another point of view is that when estrogen disappear, hormones that protect women from bad influences, this live a deformation of the body, the result of inappropriate lifestyles.

The hot flushes

Hormonal changes take place in the body making blood vessels lengthening irregular and unpredictable manner. Sometimes the face red and the woman cannot sweat or perspire easily at all.

The remedies for hot flashes would be this:

  • Constancy of glucose, avoiding sweets, potatoes, coffee and refined grains, all of which alter the blood glucose levels and eventually cause us harm annoying and worst of a malnourished brain.
  • Include vitamin E in the form of cereal seeds, sesame, pumpkin and oils in general.
  • Include soy products like tofu, tempeh or miso which are rich in lecithin and phytoestrogens. Avoid most animal fats. The snuff, to reduce the production of hormones and inhibit the movement.


Clinically, it is not a disease but a progressive bone loss. This always comes from years ago.

Osteoporosis is a painful and debilitating disease. The appearance and self-esteem of a woman may experience a drastic change when osteoporosis reaches an advanced stage, women tend to feel awkward, unattractive and old, experiencing stress, anxiety, feelings of helplessness and fear of future. This loss of self is more problematic that the physical.

Slender women, with small bones, are at greater risk than large, because they have less bone to lose. When you decrease the level of calcium in the blood, certain hormones and glands respond by removing what they need, the available bone stock.

Current Medicine provides estrogen, this ignores the change and can live as when young, women are in a state of delusion and illusion, this hormone replacement therapy is very dangerous and in my view should be considered well.

Well, There's a shortage of calcium. What to do? Provide more calcium?

The calcium supplementation has no effect on osteoporosis, the body rejects it accumulating in the form of stones in the gallbladder (with an excess of cholesterol) in the kidneys (calculations), or even blocking arteries.

Once detected, osteoporosis can be controlled and remedied to some extent, the healthy food (avoiding excess protein and fats that the acidic blood and consuming calcium from the bones) and balancing exercise, the pillars to work best. As a summary it is not about worrying about eating more calcium, but not to lose by an inadequate diet of meat, sweets, milk, tomatoes and potatoes.

The overcome states of anxiety and depression always go through the consumption of cereal cream for breakfast and cereal grains in food or boiled dinner along with vegetables to feed the majority, this diet will create a stable blood glucose. This stability is altered by the consumption of sweets, refined grains (white rice and white bread), honey and fruit.

We are socially oriented to youth and the image... and other cultures as Asian or African... at this age begin to live, because aging and death is not associated with negative ideas.

It is positive to be aware of:

  • Menopause is not the beginning of the end.
  • You won’t get old more rapidly after menopause.
  • There should not be increase in weight or become depressed.
  • Responsibility to hear the spiritual dimension of menopause.
  • Share knowledge gained with others.

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1 Reviews about Menopause: hot flushes, Osteoporosis and more
on 02/12/2015
I love being a woman, I love getting my period, and I am also excited for menopause! Even though these times may be uncomfortable or difficult for some people, the fact is we are women! We are alive, adn we will experience this, so just enjoy this sign of life!

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