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Meningioma: diet and healing juices

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Meningioma: diet and healing juices

Meningiomas are benign tumors that develop in the thin membranes covering the brain and spinal cord (meninges), they usually grow slowly and do not invade the surrounding normal tissue (malignant tumor) and it is very rare when thay extend to other parts of central nervous system or body.

The symptoms of meningioma depend on where they are developed, the very small do not cause symptoms, the big ones can cause changes in symptoms and characteristics of the skull bone, which is observed by X-ray, a meningioma covering  the frontoparietal parasagittal may cause progressive spastic weakness of the legs and incontinence, and then, mental dysfunction, seizures or persistent headaches, pressure inside the skull (vomiting, swelling, or protrusion of the blind spot in the back of the eye). In case of meningiomas, you must pay special attention if there are changes in visual acuity and / or hearing.

Natural Cure

The body has healing abilities which can be triggered by changes in lifestyle, both physically and emotionally. Diet certainly plays a key role for the cure of diseases; if you complement it with these dietary advices with emotional awareness and practice of some alternatives you can see how your body gradually recovers its health, balance and joy.

Purification fasting

Fasting serves to detoxify the body, repair and regenerate tissue, rejuvenate and heal systems and organs. In addition, it nourishes the body with new energy and brings back to life and strength. To practice a healing fasting, we recommend to do two or three days of a purification diet eating only fruit, choosing from grapes, pineapple and oranges. You can eat as much fruit as you want during these days, and all it will be your only food.  You will start this diet by taking two tablespoons of olive oil on an empty stomach with half a clove of raw garlic, and a glass of warm water. During the days of fasting with fruit, drink two liters of water metered during the day. When you start this diet, try to do it on days where you're not in a hurry and can take the opportunity to rest of stressful and uncomfortable situations.


Once you finish this healing fast, then start a soft diet for a couple of months or until you heal. On this diet, avoid the following foods: red meat, sugar and refined flour, cow's milk and derivatives, fried sausages, junk or processed products. You can include as much as steamed vegetables, soups, broths, whole grains and dairy milks such as soy, rice, birdseed, etc.

Some dietary supplements you should include in your diet are:

Chia (in seed or oil), olive oil extra-virgin (one teaspoon daily, fasting), vegetable milks, amaranth cereal, pollen, spirulina tablets (take two during meals), evening primrose oil (follow dose in packaging). In addition, you should drink green tea, two cups or three a day, 20 minutes after eating.

Herbs and teas to treat meningiomas

Here are some herbs that will help you restore your immune system and help the meningioma to disappear. Prepare a tea and drink it by choosing any fresh herb, three times a day (you can alternate them and choose different herbs during the day).

Fruits and vegetables to dispel tumors:

  • Garlic and onions
  • Lemon
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Grapes, pineapple and oranges
  • Aloe Vera (aloe) or nopal
  • Graviola or soursop
  • Red tomato (try to get organic)

Healing juices to treat meningiomas

NOTE: avoid sweetened juices, you can use honey 100% pure, avoid refined sugar, light, and other brands that only harm the body and unbalance it. Avoid mixing fruit with other foods, fruits has to be eaten alone on an empty stomach, and you have to wait half an hour before eating anything else.


You need: a cactus, a tablespoon of chia, the juice of two lemons, a piece of pineapple. Honey to taste. Mix everything in a blender with a glass and a half of water. Sip slowly, without strain.

Drink this juice fasting three or four times a week.


You need: a glass of fresh carrot juice, ½ cup of aloe juice, a sprig of celery and a tablespoon of flaxseed. Mix everything in blender, strain and drink at the moment.

Take this juice in the evenings or to accompany the meal.


You need: a seedless guava (only the pulp), half cup of grapes, a glass and a half of water, a teaspoon of bee pollen and honeyto taste.

Mix everything and "sip" with a spoon in mid-afternoon (after two hours of eating) for dessert, it is possible it gets thick. Take this juice with one or two tablets of brewer's yeast.


You need: a glass of orange juice, the juice of two squeezed lemons, a tablespoon of flaxseed, pollen and honey to taste. Mix everything and sip slowly.

Take this juice fasting alternating with juice number one.

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18 Reviews about Meningioma: diet and healing juices
on 18/08/2017
Hi Kaz,
Sorry to hear about your situation. There are so many people who get diagnosed when they get a head injury. I have not had any head injuries and still I got the tumor.
Mine wrapped itself around a carotid artery and presses on my right optical nerve. Surgery is too risky.
I looked into radiation therapy, but the cons out weigh the hope of any pro.
My only symptom is double vision. I wear glasses with prizms to help with that. It causes eyestrain and I'm not able to work full time. Still trying to get disability.
I'm interested in the juice recipe but can't seem to get an answer to what kind if cactus it refers to.
Keep informing yourself. You are your own advocate. Keep me posted on what you find out. ?

on 15/08/2017
I was kicked in the head and knocked unconscious by one of my horses he broke my jaw and teeth and I bit quarter of my tongue off. Thank god for my horse I wouldn't have known I had the tumour. I'm waiting to see my neuro surgeon. I was having head aches for a couple of years and I just thought , "I'm a person that just gets head aches". I was in a severely violent marriage for 16 years where on several occasions I was knocked unconscious does anyone know if trauma can cause these tumours or not.
I wish all of you or your family members one of these horrid tumours all the best
Kaz xx

on 15/07/2018
Lots of people say they get these tumors in the same areas as the physical trauma. It is not FROM the trauma itself, but from the x-rays and dental x-rays. This is why you don't get answers from doctors about what causes it.
on 07/08/2017
I've asked the same question twice within 2 years and no response. Why am I not hearing back???
on 03/08/2017
My daughter is 40 and has Meningioma she is scheduled for surgery in 8/17th. We have already been informed that it can't be totally removed due to the location. Can anyone give me advice on caring for her afterwards. Foods, juices and vitamins the could help with her healing process. Is there some food it to definitely stay away from. Really need advice.
on 27/07/2017
I have a Meningioma in my cavernous sinus area. Too difficult for surgery. I am interested in trying your recipes but need to know what type of cactus are you referring to and how to prepare it?
on 20/07/2018
Victoria I have a meningioma in my cavernous sinus area too, I am wondering how you are getting on and what treatment you have had for htis
on 15/08/2017
Hi Victoria,
Mines at the posteria fossa where the cerebellum is. Is that similar to yours. If it's too difficult to operate have you had any treatment? I see my neuro surgeon next month and I'm feeling really anxious.
Kaz x

on 26/05/2015
I have meningioma and would like to try this. Has anyone tried it and willing to share their stories?
Also, what type of Catus do you use in Juice 1 and how much?

on 17/11/2014
Oh my gosh this sounds so, so scary. I couldn't even imagine every having brain tumors. In fact, I am so freaked out by it that I've drastically reduced my cellphone time use, and when I do talk on the phone, it's always for less than a few minutes, and I always put in on speaker phone so the phone isn't up to my head. I'm going to start drinking some of these juices, they sound fantastic.
on 22/06/2015
If you drink diet soda, Stacy, you might want to consider giving it up. I read where women working in funeral homes were at high risk due to the formaldehyde they worked with routinely. Supposedly, diet soda become formaldehyde once it enters the body. I've been a heavy diet soda drinker for years. I was diagnosed last November with a meningioma, and the risks are the same whether I have surgery or not, so I'm in a catch 22 situation. I have given up the diet soda, cell phone is on speaker most of the time, and I am looking into juicing & possible supplements. There's nothing I can do about the tumor, but I am hoping to delay its growth.
on 26/05/2014
My mom got Diagnose with Maningioma, it size is 2.4*2.0cm. Said Gama knife can be use to this size, Now some of the Doctor wanted to have a surgery, but am not convince with the surgery as my momo is 73yrs, Please sugest me, I am confussed, Some doctor said age is not the the factor. Please help my mom
on 25/08/2016
Age is not a factor. It came hereditary too. I was diagnosed with ten at 27yrs old. They cluster and everything. Gamma knife is painful to some and others not. Had gamma knife and surgery. I need to have another gamma knife but they need to put me to sleep that is the most painful thing. You might want to get checked for it. Surgery can help. and gamma knife.

on 22/06/2015
Get a second opinion. I am 67 and I am putting my surgery off for as 9ong as possible because the risks are the same either way. I am not having any symptoms, so monitoring seems to be the logical thing to do. My Dr. concurs. If Mom's is growing and causing her problems, surgery may be her only option. I do suggest that you educate yourself via the web. Hopefully, it will rid you of some of your fears. I will tell you that meningiomas are pretty popular these days, and there are numerous Dr.'s who are very skilled at removing them.
on 09/08/2017
would like to know where there is a skilled surgeon to remove a tumor like this?

on 12/11/2014
I have been dignozed with Maningioma, it was bigger than 2.4*2.0cm and have both undergone surgery and gama knife, i believe ur mom size is treatable by gama knife, I had 2 gama knife sessions (3 months in between) hair falls after the operation circa 2-4 weeks and regrows after 6-8 months. Wish ur mom heals well.
on 01/03/2013
Hi. Has anyone tried this? I have a meningioma, and would like to see if this has worked for anyone. I truly believe God created cures for all things.
on 08/12/2012
Het good morning how are you going Nice article, even though I do not have tumors or problems, it?s good to know that we can fight this kind of trouble by changing our diet with such amazing recipes. Everything can be done by our own body, we just have to take care of and listen to it.

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