Mediterranean Food increases the quality of life Die Mittelmeer-Ernährung erhöht die Lebensqualität La Alimentación Mediterránea incrementa la calidad de vida

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Mediterranean Food increases the quality of life

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Mediterranean Food increases the quality of life

Through an information moment of the older group, know the importance of the welfare in the Andalusian cuisine

The Mediterranean diet emerges as a decisive factor for the increase in quality of life and welfare of the older group, which can therefore see increasing their life expectancy if the daily diet based in products that make up the cuisine of Andalusia. This was revealed in the V Day Cycle Conferences Healthy Eating hosted by the Institute of Food Mediterranean (IEAMED), an entity attached to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Andalusian and managed Business Development for Public Land and Fisheries in the Civic Center Beiro of Granada.

There, Grenadians were the largest of the paper of 'healthy Mediterranean diet and longevity', with the president of the Association of university degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics of Andalusia (ADUNDA) Luis Morán Fagúndez, explained the importance of escaping from unhealthy products. The speaker recalled, in this, that a food chaired by legumes and cereals, fruits and vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products, without forgetting the vital olive oil, helps decisively to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and the emergence of serious diseases like cancer.

This, together with the additional practice of any physical activity and the traditional nap, acts as a primary agent, which is supported by numerous scientific studies, for the brake of aging on the struggle of larger framed by the boundaries of what is known as a healthy longevity. Hence, the insistence by the IEAMED, the need to follow the citizenship of the strictest possible way, the parameters of a eating healthy, balanced, varied and complete as is the Mediterranean diet. The incalculable value of the benefits to health without forgetting the rich heritage and culture with which it is associated, becomes, in this line, a clear justification for continuing the path of promoting quality products for Andalusians.

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1 Reviews about Mediterranean Food increases the quality of life
on 29/09/2015
I believe that there are a variety of "diets" out there, or food philosophies rather, that are healthy and wholesome. There is not only single "diet" that is the best, I think the best way to eat is to eat fresh, locally, to ensure that your foods have made it from garden to table the fastest, adn that they don't contain chemicals or preservatives.

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