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Meditation and tips to attract money

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Meditation and tips to attract money

Since money was invented, we started to make a series of ways, strategies, ideas, tricks, etc., to get it. There are those who spend a lifetime in the head with ideas of how to make money and how to reach it, however, it may be that the "formula to make money" is not far from us, put away the map of fortune and money and think in our own beliefs and attitudes to it, because if in this world there is more money than we thought ... what is that keeps us from having it?

Mighty beliefs

A belief is a way of seeing and understanding life. Already talk a lot about them in workshops, books and conferences of personal development. The support beliefs and the way of living with them attract all types of experiences. We can say that there are two types of beliefs: the limiting and non-limiting. A limiting belief is the one that limits us to receive, being, experiencing or have something we want.

Examples of limiting beliefs to attract money are:

  • It's hard to have money
  • There are no jobs
  • There is no money
  • Everything is very expensive
  • Life is hard
  • If I buy "what" I want, I'm going to run out of money
  • You must withstand many unpleasant things to get money
  • You must compromise the values for money
  • I have to be a bit liar for good relationships and money

The list could be very long, but these examples give us an idea of all that somehow we received from the adults who raised us and what we accept as truth. So later we grew and we repeat behaviors, although these are not as optimal for our lives. 

A very effective way to start attracting money to life is to start getting rid of all the beliefs that do not serve us. One way to eliminate them may be watching how many types of beliefs we have about money, and start to replace them with new ways of approaching the money. For example: if I have the belief that the money "is hard to win," then you could start by repeating "Money can easily flow into my life." Or if we have to do things we do not like to get, we can start thinking "I make money doing what I love and make me feel fulfilled and satisfied than I am."

Start replacing old ways of thinking by new, it is difficult at first, because the mind is used to punish one way and the habit of thinking of a shape can be as difficult to change as quitting smoking or drinking. However, we must realize that our beliefs affect our lives in profound ways, and you should make an effort of will and stay as often observed, for the mind to stop repeating habits that not serve and only limit the ability to receive money and make life more prosperous and abundant.

Here are some tips for you to help to create prosperity thoughts:

Routine for prosperity: Leave a leaf on your bedside table which has written beliefs about money that are of prosperity. Example: "I feel that every time money flows more easily to my life every time I get the money I need more quickly to cover all my needs and what I want, money comes to me easily and shows me the way to reach it."This is just a sample, but you can create your own beliefs of abundance, write some that make you feel good about money. Thereupon read this sheet before falling asleep and in the morning, read it until you feel what you are saying and your mood will focus on your new beliefs.

Be Grateful: Thankful is an attitude that attracts more property to your life. Instead of seeing on the day you do not have, you should try to see what you have. Try to stay focused on the things that you like and want, and not pay attention to things you represent unnecessary or lack or limitation. Clap and congratulates those who do well in their lives and every time recognizes that fortune and luck are made to everyone, including you.

Program your cell phone to ring every few minutes, and write little messages of wealth as "I am prosperous and I am happy with my life" "I have a job that I love." "The universe is always in abundance and I am someone who knows so much about give and take ", etc..

Use half hour during the day to focus on images of abundance, can be pictures from magazines or draw pictures that can be symbolizing prosperity, and photographs of a lot of money, the car of your dreams, etc..

Every time you go to buy something, do not think "this expensive" or feel that it will be impossible to buy it. Avoid always look out for the price, first see if you like it or not, then look at the cost. If not enough, think "the universe always gives me to have everything I want. We will come for you. "And make pictures in your head where you look with what you wanted to buy.

Attract Money with Meditation

This meditation is powerful and you can do whenever you have a free moment, when you go in the car, when you're waiting for a date or bus, before bed, etc..

This is you struggle with a sense of abundance, and you imagine things that make you feel well, economically prosperous and fluid. For example, imagine that you go and buy everything you want in your favorite store, which you give to someone he likes, imagine that you give someone a surprise you have dreamed, imagine that you pay all your bills with ease , you travel where you want, etc.. Remember that it is to dream, and to maintain this state of abundance for as long as possible. If you want to make more powerful this meditation, also displayed a joy you give to someone you dislike: perhaps you say something nice, maybe you give a little detail, or even just smile at him.

Remember that life is a matter of how you look so if you want to transform any lack or limitation, it is necessary that approaches your mind to where you want to experience your reality. This is not something new, is an ancient knowledge that is now beginning to become very popular these days, and which today is often called the law of attraction.

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4 Reviews about Meditation and tips to attract money
on 04/10/2015
I am using this program last few months onwards and i received a good result, for peaceful life and health and money i suggest you to used this program
on 19/03/2015
So I totally believe that with the right attitude you can attract wealth and prosperity to your life, but I'm not sure if "meditating" on wealth, and writing yourself little notes 4 or 5 times a day is really a health habit. All it does is turn money making into an obsession, which will make you make more money...but then your values are all skewed.
on 28/02/2013
To attract the money you have to let it flow. The most important thing is to change those beliefs that keep us with fear as we will not get more money, poverty beliefs are what keep us suffering for the money, and if you want to change your limiting beliefs towards money must be a thought positive.
on 15/08/2011
Every thing free and easy it is coming from god but we don'care because it is free so we forgot it and no belibe in nothingand realy this is true i had several diferent experiences about using my main power;God blesse you go ahead i like to learn every thing tat we ignore because we don;t nkow something easy .

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