Mayan Prophecies and December 21st, 2012 Maya Prophezeihungen  und Freitag 21. Dezember 2012 Profecías Mayas y el viernes 21 de Diciembre del 2012

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Mayan Prophecies and December 21st, 2012

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Mayan Prophecies and December 21st, 2012

The Mayan calendar ends on December 21st, 2012, which is located in an era called "Fourth Creation". The Mayan prophecies said that the end of this calendar would be a new beginning when the human race could go the way of its own evolution by a new path that would lead to deeper understanding of forms and the creation, to understand who we really are.

The prophecies say, in some way or another, that the foundations on which modern man values ??are based, will fall into a kind of chaos, so that men could front and consider their own value systems and be a stimulus to reorganize their own ideas about themselves and life. This chaos or internal reform could take many forms, humans could "start from zero", i.e. start a "new calendar" starting a new era where some extraordinary event causes a new opening of consciousness.

"The end of the world" is not what the Mayan prophesy, but the transformation or awakening of consciousness. What human race value now, soon could be worth almost nothing. The attachments to the material, to comfort, to old ideas, to decadent philosophies, to feel victimized, etc.,would transform by the entry of a new evolutionary cycle. Everything that men have been fighting for, everything in which humanity spend time, desires of possession of goods, competition and all those things that you "respect" because yo were raised that way or because someone "said "are things that will  change very soon. The indifference to ideas, ways of being, thinking, etc, is one of the strongest things that will move in this coming cycle, because the attachment to things prevents the creative potential awakening of each person.

Suffering, pain or Creation?

This day announced by the Mayans, will awake the extraordinary powers in humans; it has been announced by other cultures and will be the beginning of the era of awakening of consciousness or the unknown God, which will bring peace , harmony and a new way of understanding and creating reality. The victimhood, the idea of ??the villain or the rescuer of the world, that has been performed by mankind for thousands of years, will disappear dramatically, and those with closed minds and no wish to transform into a new creative consciousness or cling to their old habits and customs, will suffer pain, and lack, as that's their decided lo live this way. You can not be a victim and creator at the same time. The victims are limited by complaints and claims, lack a control of their own nature, they create their lives from a lack of power and esteem and are subject to misfortune since they have not realized that they create reality and have chosen their games and dramas to grow in consciousness.

The Age of Light

While Mayans told that December 21st is she culmination and the beginning of an era of transformation, we can see now how this is already happening little by little since time ago: we note the bad economic systems, the religious and political imposition of "truths" lack of strenght, nonconformity showing the entry of changes is more present than ever in people, especially on young people, who fight society and ask for better educational systems. It's like a wise and silent nature is touching our back making us aware of the great changes that will come.

Protests, rebellion, pain, lack, limitation, disease, economic failure, etc., are conditions that have been announced in the Mayan prophecies, and educational, economic, social systems, and personal values ??must be changed and transformed from their depths therefore otherwise, consciousness can not fit into a new creative dawn.

The sky and the Mayans

The Mayans were great observers of the sky. Through the movement of the stars and the events of the galaxy, the Mayans warned and prevented the man from hazards or events that would to come. The Maya built observatories where they studied the sky and unpredictable phenomena such as comets, which represented changes coming to the human race in motion and balance by transforming structures.

One of the Mayan prophecies warns of a comet that will appear these days next to come, whose influence would require building new forms of international cooperation and global communication, where people will end a world government and transcend the idea of borders or the separation of nations.

However, until now, it has not been detected a dangerous comet in the Earth orbit that could come in December 2012, which may also lead us to consider that if the human race is growing and changing in consciousness with current experiences, perhaps chaos is not necessary, because if we are the creators of reality, then the same energy of the people and the planet is also changing events that could result in chaotic end.

On the other hand, people say that for 13 years the light emitted from the galaxy to the planet Earth started a synchronization with the God inside everybody, allowing us to voluntarily access an internal transformation that leasd to new realities. All human beings have the opportunity to change and break their limitations, receiving a new meaning through a new approach of the experiences that happen.

What to do to approach with harmony to this new creative energy?

Change the way you see things and you will change reality. This is a truth that we should not forget. Life does not exist in a state of perfection but of transformation. If you do not change how you react, see things and think, then reality will reflect that you admit it as truth. Your mind must be open to experience the new, as only new experiences make us grow as people. For this, we must learn new knowledge, stop complaining and start to love oneself, leaving aside criticism and starting to understand life by understanding us first.

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3 Reviews about Mayan Prophecies and December 21st, 2012
on 24/01/2015
I remember there being a lot of controversy when this came around. a lot of people were scared because apaprently Mayan calendars didn't forecast beoyond that date, but...come on! They can't make calendars for the rest of time! They just didn't have enough time, there would never be enough time!
on 20/12/2012
Our race was created out of love so it is so hard to believe that suddenly this race that has been around for already so long in the planet will be vanished just like that without a deep reason. However through history it has been demonstrated that we didn't honour our planet in the way we were supposed to. Taking care of our very own place in the universe, be kind with one another and work al together for the best. We certainly did not honoured these duties yet. Hopefully, we can do much better, because there is enough people interested in a great change and transformation of our race. However what we need is a big and deep reason or experience for the awakening to happen, like a global experience that affects us all can blow our minds, and bring us close to a great transformation for all mankind.
on 11/12/2012
Hey nice article let me tell, I was just searching for information about this topic, I actually don't believe that a great chaos or problem will come but it's a perfect time to understand the true meaning of life, that is beautiful and we must enjoy it and learn as much as we can. I hope that something happens, not something big, but something that will blow our minds!

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