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Bio-energetic Therapeutic Massage: heal the body

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Bio-energetic Therapeutic Massage: heal the body

Bioenergetics is a revolutionary therapy based on Ayurveda medical philosophy, and its main objective is not only curing the symptoms but the root that causes the body any disease and pain, whether physical, emotional or mental. This technique proves to be one of the best friends of integrative medicine, as throughout it, the body can heal conflicts of the mind and the emotional world, helping the person to have a really positive and comprehensive recovery.

What is a bio-energy massage or therapy?

Through a special massage, specific points or nodes located in certain parts of the body are stimulated, releasing the pressure through the fingers, hands, fists, etc, tension and toxins accumulated in these points, tensions that impede or block the optimal function the body. When nodes or points are very blocked or stagnant with energy-charged, the body begins to weaken, down the antibodies and will cause all sorts of diseases and conditions. Receiving a massage of bio-energy not only manipulate and stimulate muscles, tissues, circulatory system, bones and tendons, but also works with the body's subtle energies, where all disease begins.

Why people accumulate tension on these points?

From childhood, we may be storing all kinds of anger, complaints, annoyances, disappointments, fears, doubts, etc., Emotions, which aren’t released and understood, cause tension that builds up in different parts of the body called Marma (or nodal points). As we grow and many times without noticing it, we learn to live with these tensions that are also known as defenses, since it is the way in which both mind and body adjust to living with certain emotions often creating resistance when it is uncertain as handling any situation that makes us fall into conflict.

For example, if we cannot express anger, then, we keep complaints and protests, which seem to be forgotten over time, but don’t, these remain in the body as heavy energy. This may not be noticeable at first, but many years controlling, denying or disguising the anger can lead to severe internal tensions and create what is known as blocking. This blockage may be shaping the physical body, so a good bio-energetic therapist can be able to read your body and understand what you felt in your life and where is your main lock. For example, a person with wide eyes may show signs of fear and chronic stress, while a person with very hard chest area might been hurt many times.

Marma: pressure points to release energy contained.

The marmas are pressure points on the body, there are 107 important points which are related to unions or meeting points of the five organic principles: bones, ligaments, vessels, muscles and joints. The marmas are where they cross or weave the channels or meridians of the body that connect to different systems or organs.

Bio-energetic therapy techniques

Massage therapy is better known, and uses various techniques for its implementation: the massage, acupressure, exercise and friction. All these techniques are designed to work primarily with the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Benefits of bio-energy session

  • Removes accumulated chronic tension in muscles, tendons, joint systems, etc., shrinking and slowly eliminating the mental and physical fatigue. These tensions may have been there for years, and one may be getting used to them.
  • Restoring a charitable bloodstream to organs and systems, making them flow nutrients, metabolites and oxygen to all cells and tissues.
  • It helps the blood to remove combustion wastes, accumulated toxins and harmful fats.
  • Increases immune system activity and create more white blood cells (WBC).
  • Helps the brain and nervous system to restore its healthy functioning, helps eliminate depression and crying content.
  • Removes stagnant emotional energy that causes the disease.
  • Increases the best absorption of nutrients and strengthens the body's vital components.
  • Restores physical, mental and emotional balance on the individual.
  • Unlocks and cleans energy and blood that have been deadlocked activity and helps the normal functioning of organs and systems.
  • Regenerates the vital energy and confidence.
  • Release anxiety, stress and anger stored.

Who can take a bio-energetic massage?

Athletes, young and generally anyone who wants to. It is especially recommended as a preventive method as an alternative way to heal any condition of either the skin, heart, liver, etc. Especially recommended in cases of arthritis, spinal problems, scoliosis, anxiety, and nervous system problems. Pregnant women should abstain and people with bone or muscle with severe injury.

Your body: extension of your mind

If you want to know how you have been thinking, pay attention to your body. Many times we lose sight of the body and become oblivious to their signals, then time passes and small signals become small symptoms, which, if not taken care of properly, they become disease.

The body is our primary orientation, reveals the emotional conditions, its anatomy becomes evident as we have been thinking. Many possible diseases can be prevented if the blocks of your body are detected early and help it to recover and heal. For this, notice your body more often, see that it responds to pleasure, and its movements, try to move or dance in different directions and see how you feel, perceive the pain and where you feel that your body is cold or withhold expressions and either love or discomfort; look in the mirror and see what your eyes say, look at your shoulders, your back, and see and feel what you say. And certainly don’t hesitate to try a bio-energy massage and note the difference in how you feel.

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2 Reviews about Bio-energetic Therapeutic Massage: heal the body
on 23/07/2014
Wow!! This sounds like an excellent massage! I've never heard of it, but I'd really like to search for a spa that practices it. I wonder...are there any secondary physical or emotional effects from releasing toxic emotions with such force? I know when you detox, you have to be careful not to overload the body. If you release too many toxins at one time it can really create some discomfort.
on 09/03/2013
I went to a place where they give therapies with bio-energy and massage, then I asked for information and they told me a lot of benefits that this technique can bring, so now that I read this, I?m completely sure that it would be a good idea to try one of these massages and then see the difference, I hope to try it soon

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