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Manufacturing recycled paper

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Manufacturing recycled paper

Today, the future of forests and their role is not very promising, as if the pace and mode of consumption continue as before, the tree species useful for the manufacture of wood will decrease by 40%. If we face the next century with confidence and create a sustainable future for our children, we need to recover, recycle and reuse more waste paper to cover the needs and prevent the disappearance of our forests and fauna.

The manufacture of recycled paper requires only a newspaper, a blender, an oven tray and a mesh sling clipped to your specifications.

  • Cut sheets of newspaper into small pieces and place in a bowl with a liter of water. Once soaked for a few minutes, stir until a paste.
  • Fill the mesh on the tray and then pour a glass of water and another with paper pulp. This should be spread evenly over the mesh, giving it the shape you want. Its thickness depends on the further use that you want to.
  • Remove the cloth and leaning against one edge of the tray, leaving to strain. Once drained, the network is wrapped with the rest of the newspaper to cover well. It is deposited in the ground and is crushed by a weight (a phone book will serve), which is something quite heavy.
  • After an hour open the newspaper and the mesh is taken abroad to put in the sun. For two days, and with great care, we try to draw the blade slowly: it runs the risk of breakage. While this happens, we will obtain the final result, a sheet of gray shades, made from used sheets and used well to write about it.

Obtaining recycled paper on a large scale and with a technique meant the salvation of millions of trees whose final destination was to paper.

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1 Reviews about Manufacturing recycled paper
on 04/03/2014
Wow, if you see it that way, that could help a lot to anyone, and this is such a good thing and easy that yu can do anytime you are bored or you want to have extra paper, maybe it takes a Little more than just buying but think in the difference you are doing for the whole planet

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