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MamaTerra: New proposals for the smallest

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MamaTerra: New proposals for the smallest

Biocultura Barcelona 2009 reaches in 7th to May 10th and, with the fair, also arrived in the Palau Sant Jordi Ecological Festival of Children MamaTerra.

Activity led by young artists, educators, engineers, biologists... that during the days of Biocultura entertain the presence of hundreds of children who attend the festival accompanied by their teachers or their families.

School gardens 

The most attractive is, without doubt, the organic garden, which fully involve the kids, with the tools, learning about edible plants, organic fertilizers, irrigation systems, beneficial insects, renewable energy, concepts as simple and affordable to a children's reasoning ability.

Healthy activities

The Games of the biocide, around the world with renewable energy, the game of Macedonia, cooperative games, workshops renewables (sun, wind and water), care and maintain a spirit of healthy physical activity. All games, created especially for MamaTerra, will present the concepts of sustainability, respect, multiculturalism, cooperation.

The kitchen area also draws the attention of the young and their families. Small Hands prepare rich and succulent dishes pointing recipes to moms and dad.... And a great cook, the Nuri, that he will automatically maintain the charm and attention of everyone. While, yes: there will be a reward after a good breakfast and lunch, in addition to taste the newly made.

Pedagogical suitcase: MAMATERRA IN SCHOOLS

MamaTerra will also be the venue for presentation of the case teaching "De l'hort to taula”. Basic tools to reach all schools in Catalonia for the next school year. This educational material developed by the Healthy Living Partnership forms part of actions in the Action Plan of Organic Agriculture Food and Generalitat from Catalonia and is co-funded by the Fundación La Caixa.

Mamaterra Schools Program

Thursday 7 and Friday May 8

1. Games of the Biocide • Sustainability

2. The school garden • Green Earth • Grooves and wires: ground water without chemicals • Detection • Hotel • Plúvium of insects or water harvesting • Compost: the cycle of material • Greenhouse • native seed • Gardens in the classroom, balcony or terrace • Schedule of school garden

2. Discover Experiments

3. Learn with Ecoline The enigma of the labels

4. L'estenedor • Catalog of educational experiences

5. Workshop kitchen floor, collects and eat ...

Program: Thursday and Friday (afternoon)

17.30-19.30h. Game: An unexpected visit • Around the World • A Game of Macedonia • L'estenedor: Catalog of School Gardens • The market for toys • Movies • Books pledged to imagine, to dream books • Domino • couples Ecoline • Vegetable soup: the enigma of the labels

Organic Gardens: Guided walks 

The manager of MamaTerra offers the possibility of their garden, where children can see and touch:
Land; grooves and threads • The Hotel • The insects of the quarter of the tools • The Plúvium or water harvesting • Compost • The campus of native seeds • The Greenhouse • The garden on the balcony ... And other surprises only suitable for people committed to the education of children.

Program: Saturday May 9

10-11.30h.: Workshops on water, wind and sun • • Circuit ecobici The Organic Garden: Guided tours • Painting Workshop: Hotel of insects

11.30-12.30h.: Cooking Workshop

12.30-13.30h.: Storyteller

15-16h.: Film Circuit • Committed • Workshop: The seed mamaterra

16-17h.: Workshops on water • The Organic Garden: Guided tours

17-18pm.: Storyteller • Painting Workshop: Hotel of insects

18-19h.: Cooking Workshop

19-20h.: Cooperative Games

Sunday May 10

10-11.30h.: Painting Workshop: The Art of Play • Workshops for water • Circuit The Organic Garden: guided tours Workshops • Water, wind sun i • Sustainability Workshop

11.30-12.30h.: Storyteller

12.30-13.30h. Workshop Talk • Kitchen: 20% Cotton, 80% serum. For Pep Caballé

15-16h.: Film Circuit • Workshops • Committed water, sun wind i

16-17h.: Workshop: The seed orchard mamaterra • Ecological: Guided walks

17-18pm.: Storytelling Workshop • Kitchen

18-19h.: Painting Workshop: Hotel of insects

19-20h.: Cooperative Games

All day

Help us to plant the forest Biocultura/ MamaTerra Games • cookware • L'estenedor: School gardens • The market for toys the Macedonia game • Domino • couples • My garden • vegetable soup • Books to imagine books • Learn to dream with Ecoline: workshop on eco-labeling • Presentation: What is organic farming

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1 Reviews about MamaTerra: New proposals for the smallest
on 28/05/2015
New proposals for the smallest what? This sounds super exciting, but I'm not quite sure what this is. Is Mamaterra an international gardening forum or something? At any rate, I'd really like to learn more about it. Any news on another coming up?

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