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Mamaterra. Green Festival for Children

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Mamaterra. Green Festival for Children

Mamaterra is the festival of ecological consumption that is held in Madrid and Barcelona designed and intended for boys, girls and individuals responsible for their education.

Children are consumers of the future and also the inheritors of the planet. The festival invites fathers, mothers, educators and kids to elect a responsible and respectful relationship with the environment.

The project


Title: Green Festival for Children. "MamaTerra."

Mode or priority thematic area: Environment

Place of activity: Pabellón de Cristal, Casa de Campo (Madrid), Palau Sant Jordi (Barcelona)

Addressee: Children, families and educators

Other partners in this project: Biodiversity Foundation Fitness. Terra Foundation.


Children are consumers of the future and also the inheritors of the planet. Therefore it is necessary to begin to participate in environmental awareness and health is so important to have a present and a future worthy. Since the association believe that there is not enough to claim they need to offer alternatives and solutions to public consumption without thinking. The festival is a showcase where parents and children have found alternative and consumer products that respect the environment that have covered all aspects: organic food, hygiene products, clothing, school, birth, toys, books, music, cultural activities, etc. The children have participated as actors in the various activities and workshops, becoming agricultural engineers, renewable energy experts, artists ...


Children have played an important role in the commitment to sustainability and the decisions and attitudes of parents by encouraging consumption patterns for a more just world. For this has been quite successful the attention that the festival has among children, as important for their future health. Needless to affect the growing number of diseases associated with a poor diet that are increasingly affecting the pediatric population. Therefore, this project has been designed to inform the families, parents, educators and the children all consumer alternatives that exist today in the market and allow more responsible decisions.


General: Being organized within the framework of the fair Biocultura, a festival designed specifically for children, parents and educators to find alternatives where consumption and leisure activities , educational and cultural institutions that promote respect for the environment and healthy eating has been very appropriate. In fact, Biocultura is a great platform where the participation of families had always been very active. This Festival has emphasized this fact and has a great call.

Specific Objective 1 :have been made known consumer products that respect the environment through a window indicating where you can buy and also get information at the exhibition and Biocultura, also during the year. Have included organic food, cosmetics and natural health products, textile products, recyclable diapers and clothes, shoes, etc.

Specific Objective 2: To promote culture and raise awareness from different cultures through music and a music festival, held the Festival of Songs Cradle of the world, where different artists have performed with music. Since love and tenderness, delicate songs that have whispered to spend two evenings were very pleasant and enjoyable for children and adults. Approximately 700 people participated. The invited artists are: Marina Rossell and Eduard Hiniesta, Las Migas, Rule Cumbá Trio, Lea & Bohemia Camerata Shalom and Rosa Zaragoza with her group of mothers and children. Songs with melodies Flemish, Catalan Traditional, classical, Cuban....

Specific Objective 3: have been three meals (a snack each afternoon), where children could learn and enjoy organic food from them. It has become a fair trade with chocolate, another with yogurt and crepes with fruit juice and other fruit and cake.

Specific Objective 4: Renewable energy and recycling. Have organized several workshops and other activities for children with the idea of promoting respect for the environment. Resulting in toy manufacturing with recycled materials, renewable energies. Also, related to cooking workshops, children have been able to use solar cookers and ovens, to see its performance, understand the mechanism and make an approach to a non-polluting source of energy and inexhaustible as the sun.

Specific Objective 5: There have been various talks and workshops for parents and educators on topics related to raising natural children, healthy diet and complementary medicine: Day "Learning to be parents' day nursery, day on responsible consumption, talk on the role of television in the education of small, sustainable school meals, organic garden in the 'school, etc ... Participation in these activities has also been very important, about 800 people have followed these activities.

Specific Objective 6: Children have been enjoying its own space to play with action and responsible environmental message: puppets, clowns, several story-tellers, traditional games, Mr basurilla (garbage and recycling), the water drop (need for good water management), the solar electric vehicles, playing tricks with recycled materials etc. .....

Specific Objective 7: A room has been allocated to audiovisual area with the intention of promoting the values and respect for the environment through the cartoons and documentaries with a child language. There have been approximately 30 passes, with over a hundred children.

Specific Objective 8: The reading room has also been very popular. To encourage reading among children, but in this case to a reading with a sense of responsibility. To stories that claim the environmental and human values have been the protagonists. Also in this area have different story-tellers by some professionals and others that have been small players and readers.

Specific Objective 9: Area of cooking workshops. Workshops have been held continuously cooking organic, from learning to distinguish the products and ingredients on the label, to prepare their own dishes with organic products, the advantages of the environment to health, to improve the lives of Farmers ... Participation has always been full, around 50 boys / girls per workshop.

Specific Objective 10: Green Construction have been building workshops with straw and clay. Children have bricks manufactured with these materials. Material own land. More sustainable construction techniques, as well as to guide the housing so as to maximize sunlight, and the virtues of the elements.

Future of Mamaterra

The intention of Ecological Festival of Children is to be held annually in different populations. In reality is an alternative to the traditional festival festivals for children and others. In these festivals, apart from the Christmas atmosphere and spirit of a timid, children are taught only more of the same. Competitiveness, consumerism (the time of the year in which more is consumed ),...

Our children, the children of Mamaterra can learn by playing and consumption habits of behavior that makes them be so fun, responsible and respectful citizens, with solidarity ... Learning to estimate the Mother Earth (Mamaterra) is the best teaching and the priority that we have as parents, educators, government, media ...

Mamaterra also wants to become a permanent platform. Work is underway to establish the "Club Mamaterra”. Children could be involved and kept informed of all developments, interact with other children in internet forums and also organize small gatherings, excursions, etc.. It is an online magazine published monthly. In collaboration with partner organizations and companies will have access to gifts and discounts on products with the environment.

In this Club will have a space to parents and other educators with teaching materials and tips to educate them in a more sustainable and creative way. It has also created a specific material for conducting school garden with professional advice.


Saturday, November 1

11h. to 14h.
• Cooking Workshop. Avocado stuffed with pate, tofu, and variety of the garden.

11.30 h. 13,30 h.
• Family Game of the biocides.

12 h. to 13.00 pm
• Sun and Earth Cia: Treasures in the trash.
• Workshop: Artisan Bread. Rural Center: The Spirit of the forest.

13.30 h. to 14.30 h.
• Action Clowns without borders.
• Workshop: Development of organic dolls. Society of Natural Site.
• Zoom to the block.

16h. to 17h.
• Around the world sustainable.
• Design your garden.
• Workshop: The hotel of insects.
• Action Clowns without borders.
• Storytelling: Carmen Ibarluzea.

16h. to 19h.
• Cooking Workshop. Orange sauce with almonds.

17.30 h. to 18.30 pm
• Sun and Earth Cia: Finding another forest.
• Family Game of the biocides.
• Zoom to the block.
• Workshop of human values through the stories.

18.30 h. to 20h.
• Sweets Workshop Christmas. Rural Center: The spirit of the forest.
• Cooperative Games.

Sunday, November 2

11h. to 14h.
• Cooking Workshop. Filled donuts ... surprise.

11.30 h. 13,30 h.
• Family Game of the biocides.

11.30 h. to 12.15 hrs
• Storyteller: Carmen Ibarluzea.

12 h. 13 h.
• Artisan Bread Workshop. Rural Center. The spirit of the forest.
• Workshop: Development of organic dolls. Society of Natural Site

13.30 h. to 14.30 hrs
•Action clowns without borders.
• Design your garden.

13h. to 14.30 hrs
• Zoom the block.
• Blue Nile: World Music in Menudistán. S. Carlo and Gibril Wafir.

16h. to 17h.
• Workshop: The hotel of insects.
• Workshop: Human values through stories. Society of Natural Sito.

17.30 h. to 18.30 pm
• Game of family of biocides.
• Zoom to the block.
• Action clowns without borders.

18.30 h. to 20h.
• Workshop with Christmas Sweets rural Center: The spirit of the forest.
• Cooperative Games.

Saturday and Sunday, all day:

  • The detective and suspect products.
  • Urban gardens.
  • Ecoline.
  • A garden on the wall
  • Passacaglia: the car of fruit and vegetables.
  • Game of Macedonia.
  • Space Kids (games free library).
  • Children with responsibility. Foundation + trees.
  • Experiences horticultural school cubes.
  • Fruit soup.
  • Seeds of Mamaterra.

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1 Reviews about Mamaterra. Green Festival for Children
on 02/07/2015
How fun!!! I would love, love love to go to a festival like that..and I'm not even a kid anymore!! These things are always super fun to go to, and I think adults need to have a gestival for fun times too! As adults, we forget how to celebrate like children do!

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