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Mallorca: first eco-cooperative

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Mallorca: first eco-cooperative

Loving and wanting to live in Earth, respecting it, is the kick that has generated a group of small farmers that has managed to market fruits and vegetables grown on Majorcan land totally using organic methods.

Through this union, in Manacor is developing the only cooperative of organic farming that currently exists in Mallorca. Thus, about 10 people working on four farms located in Mallorca Capdepera, Manacor, Vilafranca, and Montuiri Esporles, make up this new co-operative which is already distributing its products through different points of the island.

The cooperative is a very practical way for those who wish to start marketing their production within the market. This work is not new among many workers and lovers of the countryside. Even several years, many of those same producers now want to sell individually in the cooperative markets, restaurants or directly to consumers. This spirit has not changed, only now you will be taken forward in a coordinated and organized.

"The idea of the cooperative was founded with the growing demand for a break with the old guidelines and laws set by the large-scale trade,” exposes Mateu Noguera, integral to the future and coordinator of the cooperative farm. And one of the main objectives pursued by this cooperative is trying to break with the speculation made by intermediaries of fruit and vegetables.

An interesting promotion

The system of work involved, and engaged for several months, is a kind of ecological basket. With this promotion, which is sold at two different prices, 15 and 20 euros - including the price of transportation - are breaking with the idea that consuming organic products and local is expensive for a family type.
These baskets, which are distributed at a very affordable price, include all kinds of seasonal vegetables and fruits in season. For example, in winter are more cabbage, spinach, carrots and squash, among others. In summer the prevailing red and green peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini. In the case of potatoes, onions, lettuce, among other basic vegetables, are present in all seasons.

Thinking about the consumer

Another objective is to promote the production of new products that can be grown on the island
In this way "we can get the producer to reap significant benefits," says Noguera.

The growth and consolidation of these small farmers has been growing thanks to the formation of consumer groups. Three years ago was born in Mallorca Cooperative Agrohoritzontal also pioneering initiative in the island was created to support and defend, through consumption, local and organic products. There is currently a Network that includes a total of 14 consumer groups, five are located in Palma and back to the foreign. Thanks to these groups who advocate organic farming, farmers can maintain their prices and live a more dignified way.

Making a change

The new members of the cooperative are convinced that the work they do could help change one of the major aspects of economic and social model in which we live and that is in crisis. “If we manage to consume organic products and local, something as easy as going to the grocery store and supply everything you need for food, we give a very important step toward change," said Noguera.

Specifically, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries announced last week that the area devoted to organic agriculture is 23,007 hectares, 15.5% a year ago. The increase has been possible thanks to 93 new farmers and ranchers have joined this way of working the fields. The archipelago has a total of 563 producers involved in this production, which represents an increase of 16.5 percent over a year ago. Mallorca has 427 farmers, with 79 Menorca, Eivissa and 55.

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2 Reviews about Mallorca: first eco-cooperative
on 16/10/2014
Making the change is such a big step, and it's so hard for an entire country to make that first big step. It's such a complicated process, and I think the best thing to do is to take baby steps. It sounds like this group of small farmers is going to be a good first step, I'd like to hear how this idea has come along over time.
on 20/10/2012
I enjoyed reading about the co-operative in Mallorca, where I live, but would have appreciated a contact telephone number/email/address to find out more about them and to be able to order fruit and vegetables. I look forward to some form of dialog. Thank you.

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