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Macrobiotic is Easy

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Macrobiotic is Easy

Making macrobiotic is easy, inexpensive, healthy, fair, with solidarity, fun, eco-wise, good, holy, exciting, productive, profitable and more, even rare.

Easy: Eat when hungry, sleep when you are sleepy, defecate regularly, study when necessary, speak when we are asked to speak, keep silence when there is nothing to say, Where is the difficulty?

Cheap: get satisfied with anything, be entertained with more vulgar, heal without doing anything special.

Healthy: You never get sick and if you sense that there is a disease, before you manage to develop. There is no fear of getting nothing no man can see what health around the world under the guise of disease.

Fair: If we cause destruction, we get destroyed. If we cause harmony and peace that we collect it... Where is the injustice?

Good for others: We teach each other, parents to children, children to parents, women to men, men to women ... everyone knows their stuff better than anyone. We welcome the success of others and also the failure of the lesson we can learn and correct

Fun: Yesterday I was poor and now I'm rich. Some time ago I was ready and now I'm dumb. A few hours ago and now was night and there is light rain .. How much change continuously! What a fun and entertaining!

Ecological: No express or subjugate the earth. Without what appears to exterminate the enemy of our views and ambitions. Recently, there is food, clothing, houses, leisure and everything that is not desirable destructive. 

Wise: Not knowing to read or write, being the most stupid the world, if is happy .. that is to be wise. After knowing it, forgetting it, that's the way.

Good: No need to be rich to have poor or slaves, nor wise, and fine scholars who have for fools, rude and vulgar primitive. Not wanting to have anything and have it all. The envy, pride, greed and all the inventions are not really bad.

Saint: Abandoning the struggle between the sacred and the profane. Stop judging what is good and what is wrong without losing the sense of our origin and destination. Remain in peace without stopping to act. Without trust need for the subject of confidence ... this is more difficult, but where begins the true macrobiotic.

Exciting: I do not know at what point never appears fortune and death. Not knowing when the routine and boredom .... Not knowing what is more exciting. It is a treasure to keep.

Productive: with a few grains of cereal and what the nature is free, there are millions of grains without the need for large effort, without much expenditure on insecticides and refrigerators. The grain gives us maximum power, balance and health. The macrobiotic requires fewer all, because what we wear is becoming increasingly insufficient.

Rare: When you start to like what nobody likes, to calm down where others are easily overwhelm, where to entertain all find an unbearable loneliness, not to fit into any label, and social Above is happy… We are becoming rare.

Experimenting diseases, sufferings, conflicts, etc. is not intrinsic to our nature. In fact we believe the voluntary and do not try to learn and complicate to be increasingly entertained. We do not like the Peace and Health, Satisfaction, Love, Justice, and so on.

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2 Reviews about Macrobiotic is Easy
on 16/05/2015
I agree that the article is not made explicitly clear, but I think I understand roughly what you're getting at, and I would agree that living life "simply" is definitley the way to go. I do take naps whenever I'm tired, and I eat when I'm hungry.
on 01/07/2013
I actually don?t understand very well the point of this article but explains macrobiotic as something different and rare and many friends of mine have recommended me to try something exotic like this one. I?m very interested in the productive topic and wise, but you should explain a little bit more.

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