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Lymphatic and muscular Rejuvenating Face Massage

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Lymphatic and muscular Rejuvenating Face Massage

The face is a very sensitive area where not only moods but also our health, quality of blood, absorb nutrients, good circulation, body hydration , etc. are reflected . All this affects the appearance of our skin, if it looks healthy, young, tired, dull or wrinkles, etc. . , Especially due to all these factors.

In the face have a good amount of muscle , nerve and blood vessels endings that can help activate and maintain its functions very positively by the facial lymph massage, combined with a muscle massage , which are a perfect blend with which we can help our skin to heal, to look younger, renewed , fresh and shiny .

The benefits of lymphatic facial massage are:

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • Helps to improve the overall appearance of the skin, helping to eliminate toxins by activating the blood circulation.
  • When blood activated, accumulated toxins are removed much more easily , which helps the skin look clean.
  • It is a very positive therapy to help naturally reduce dark circles or eye bags, treat edema of the face either by fatigue or by reaction.
  • This therapy is ideal to help fade facial fatigue, helping to look fresh and rejuvenated skin .
  • Facial lymphatic drainage activates the lymphatic system which is responsible for collecting the fat macro molecules that accumulate in the tissues of the skin, which are carried by the blood to be removed more easily.

Muscle massage

Combining facial drainage massage with one muscle, we will be helping not only the skin but to drain toxins and firm muscles make the face look firmer and younger. The benefits of massage include muscle toning, exercise facial muscles that never move and that eventually become loose and fallen, activating blood circulation and thus the irrigation of nutrients and oxygen , which promotes regeneration cell .

Proper use of these therapies

The facial muscle massage can apply daily, or ask someone every two weeks or a month to give you a massage on your face. The daily massage is simply to move the muscles of the face in a certain way. For example: do you chew gum like and you open your big mouth, making gentle pressure on your cheek with your index and middle fingers. Then frown on your forehead but use your index and middle fingers to gentle pressure on the eyebrows, so that you feel the muscles in the front work.

The lymphatic massage

In this energetic and circular massage on the skin movements are performed, is rhythmically with a very soft, almost imperceptible pressure, generates a sense of relief, in order to move lymph . There is also the technique of pumping, where the palms are used to pressure and pump the skin gently. We recommend using oils or soft and soothing creams. This massage can give it every 15 days.

At home you can also make a gentle lymphatic massage , wash your face at night and after applying a soft cream put your palms on your cheeks, forehead, chin and lower eyelids and gently press down , making a sort of pumping . This will relax your muscles and give proper circulation.

Always remember that before you start a session to wash your face and moisturize with a special oil, beeswax, aloe, almond, coconut, etc.  massage.

To complement the massage and circulate nutrients for your skin, we recommend one hour massage before you drink carrot juice with alfalfa or cactus or aloe with celery and lemon, or pineapple with celery, lemon and chia. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking up to two liters of pure water, and never be dirty or sleep with your face makeup as this generates many impurities and pores do not breathe well at night. The best routine is to wash the skin with mineral water, put on royal jelly, apple, aloe gel or snail cream. Then, take gentle lymphatic massage, and practice gym to tone facial muscles. See how your skin looks more and more rejuvenated and healthy.

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5 Reviews about Lymphatic and muscular Rejuvenating Face Massage
on 16/09/2014
This sounds really, really good. I'm planning on doing a detox in a few days (in accordance with the season changes) and I'm looking for some alternate therapies to do to myself to help with the cleansing. This sounds just about right, but do you have any information on how to perform this massage on oneself? Thanks!
on 14/06/2014
The content of the article is very interesting. However, I spotted several grammar mistakes which hindered the thorough comprehension of it.
As I have already mentioned, the content was very useful to create awareness on how to treat my facial skin so as to have a radiant appearance.

on 12/06/2014
After reading this article I feel like having a rejuvinating face massage. Will try this at home with my local herb products!
on 12/06/2014
I usually have one face massage per month. Since I work long hours as a translator, I have some sleepless nights, but I try to keep my skin soft and fresh with facial treatments i.e. skin massage, night lotion, etc.

Before I used to apply more make-up to cover up, sleep with make-up on my face or cover my eye bags with a skin corrector, but with time my face started to look a lot older and dry.

My favorite massage type on this article would be the lymphatic drainage massage to get rid of the toxins and cleans the skin. I can totally guarantee a facial treatment (massage) takes 10 years off your face. I love it!

on 12/06/2014
This article is very poorle translates and barely legible. Apart from that, lymphatic and muscle massage sound great.

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