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"Lealtad" Foundation

“Lealtad” Foundation, founded in 2001, is an independent non-profit foundation whose mission is:

"Developing the confidence of individual and corporate foundations and associations that meet the purpose of social work, development cooperation, humanitarian aid and / or environment. This is to achieve an increase in donations from individuals and voluntary and business"

Values of “Lealtad” Foundation are: Independence, Transparency, Solidarity and Rigor.

The founders, based on the assumption that there is some mistrust of the Third Sector due to ignorance of the reality of NGOs, the fate of their funds and the impact of actions carried out. Therefore, to promote the achievement of civil society collaboration with NGOs, the Foundation believes that loyalty is an emphasis on quantity and quality of information available on the Third Sector.

Lines of action

An Analysis of NGOs based on 9 principles of transparency and good practices.

From the information provided by the NGO, the Foundation is based on 9 principles of transparency and good practices. This analysis is reflected in a report which sets out in detail the performance of the NGOs in each of the Principles as well as an overview of the organization and other information of interest to potential partners to make informed decisions.

The free dissemination of analysis results and other information of interest to potential donors whether individuals or companies.

Each report is available at this site. Furthermore, the results of the analysis are published annually in the Guide to Good Practice and Transparency of NGOs. So far published three guides, the latest issue presented in May 2005 with the participation of 100 NGOs (of which 68 had already appeared in number 2). In this third edition, the percentage of compliance with the Principles was 86%.
This outreach is critical collaboration with the media.

A bridge of information between companies and NGOs

The Foundation, aware of the rise of corporate social responsibility, aims to bring transparency and good practices of NGOs to companies. To do this, it created the Department of Institutional Relations whose primary objective is to adapt the information to the priorities of companies and promote collaboration between companies and NGOs in the Guide.

Collaboration agreements between business and the Foundation are public and are available at this site.

In Addition, the Foundation offers corporate partners a "Bank Draft" in which NGOs have discussed the opportunity to include specific measures for those seeking support, and communicates to the NGOs' Proposals offered by corporate partners of the Foundation.

The relationship between Foundation and the media

Civil society is increasingly aware of the need to increase their collaboration with the Third Sector. To do so, require independent information on the work of NGOs, the media remains the fundamental way for potential donors, both individuals and companies receiving such information.

The Foundation provides timely information to the media on:

  • The conclusions of the Guide for Transparency and Good Practice for NGOs.
  • Guide presentations at universities, fairs, conferences, ...
  • Partnerships with businesses.
  • Actions carried out by NGOs with business contacts.

The relationship between the Foundation and the media is very close. The Department of Media Relations of the Foundation has a database of some 250 journalists.

Thanks to the spread that the media give to the press releases of the Loyalty Foundation, individuals and companies may have known the Guide to Good Practice and Transparency of NGOs and the analysis and information is conducted from the Foundation.

Funding of the foundation

The year 2004 was the first in which the Foundation appears with external financing. In that year, members of the board contributed 90.5% of the income from the activity, accounting for 9.5% to a grant from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Managed the budget in 2004 was € 421,976.

Approved budget for 2005 is € 605,688.

Members of the Foundation board


Salvador García-Lafuente Atance
Doctorate of Economics. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Studies PhD in Economics in Oxford University, UK
Master in Economics. Northwestern University, Evanston, III, U.S. Trade and Economic
Technical State, was Founding Partner and Chairman of AB Asesores

Ignacio Garralda Ruiz de Velasco
Degree in Law. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Trade Corridor Collegiate
Agent Exchange Madrid Stock Exchange and was Chairman of Bancoval SA
He was Founder and Vice Chairman of AB Asesores
Board of Governors of the Society Bolsa de Madrid
Mutual Automobile Advisor
Madrileña Notary (surplus)


Francisco Rodriguez Guanter
Degree in Economics and Business Administration and Law. University of Deusto
Auditor Member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts
Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers Spain

Ignacio de Miguel Anasagasti
Degree in Law and Economics and Business Administration.
Master in Economics. University of Minnesota
Commercial Technical and Economic Status

Joaquin Garralda Ruiz de Velasco
Degree in Economics and Business Administration.
MBA of Academic Dean of Instituto de Empresa in Madrid

Juan de la Mota Gómez-Acebo
Degree in Economics and Business Administration. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Diploma in Business Administration. Technical University of Ottawa
State Trade and Economic
Technical Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Commerce, 1976-1984
Economic and Commercial Counselor at the Embassy of Spain in Canada, 1984-89
Cofide President, 1989-92
CEO of Standard and Poor's Spain and Operating Committee member of Standard & Poor's Europe since 1992

Pedro Guerrero Guerrero
Law Degree. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
State Lawyer
Agent of Change and Exchange
He was founder of AB Asesores
Notary (surplus)
Vice Bankinter

Pilar Suárez-Carreño Lueje
Degree in Economics and Business Administration.
Board Member of Friends of the Student Residence and Director of ARCO
SC Communication

Alfred Vernis Domenech
Professor of Business Policy at ESADE
Doctor in Public Management and Non-Profit by New York University (NYU)
Course Director Role Management in NGOs (Foundation ESADE-Box)

Secretary (not patron):

María Contreras Ortega Jaramillo
Director of the Foundation

Foundation team

The team consists of 7 and 9 people, recruited volunteers.

CEO: María Contreras Ortega Jaramillo
Analysis Director: Jorge Holzer
Director of Institutional Relations: Patricia García de Roda
Director of Marketing and Communication: Mercedes Aso Guinda

Team Foundation:

Virginia Gallo
Cobian Carrillo
Cristina García Agustín González-Calero Fernández González-Camino
Philippine Bertín
Javier Agudo Lacambra
Vanessa Lecointre
Geert Paemen
Verónica Contreras Plantalamor
Ana Sancho García-Alegre
Patiño Pilar Serrano
Diana Valcárcel Silvela
Alejandro Fernandez Vesga


To accelerate the commitment of the Third Sector in a more transparent management, the Foundation has designed Workshops Self-Transparency and Good Practice for NGOs directed to those entities that did not feel quite ready to undergo a thorough analysis of transparency and good practice, it felt a real interest in improving the exchange of information with their different target audiences and improve their practice in regard to potential partners, and whether individuals, private or public institutions.

Through these workshops to improve the transparency offered by the team, the Foundation aims to empower NGOs:

  • Creating awareness of the principles of transparency and good practices.
  • Detecting the main problems and concerns related to transparency and best practices in management.
  • Incorporating variable transparency as a pillar in the organizational culture of the participating entities that will lead in implementing concrete actions for improvement.

The methodology consists of:

  • Sessions on the Principles of Transparency and Good Practice and its implementation.
  • A virtual consultations available on the website of the Foundation and attended by his team of analysts.
  • Submission of a plan to improve the transparency on the part of each of the participating NGOs, including the organization of a self in relation to compliance with the Principles. The team from the Foundation will inform each NGO to their suggestions on the plan submitted.

The workshops are open to the participation in its financing of organizations and institutions involved in training and institutional strengthening of NGOs. They are flexible and can be adapted to the needs and requirements of funders, both as regards the duration of the workshop as the profile of participating NGOs.

If you are interested in obtaining more information on workshops for self-transparency and best practices, you can contact the Department of Marketing and Communication of the “Lealtad” Foundation.


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