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Flor de Loto Center

Flor de Loto is a center dedicated to finding the path of physical, mental and spiritual development of every human being, striving for a better quality life and greater self and internal growth. The center has a multidisciplinary team of professionals specializing in emerging trends in Alternative Therapies recognized by medical science and global health organizations, which are currently being implemented with great effectiveness. These therapies provide a tremendous service as a healing and balancing element in terms of emotional, mental and physical health in a positive way: "Health is the result from biological, psychological social and spiritual matters."

The center has atmospheres, which are sites for a new kind of encounter with oneself and with others.

Flor de Loto opens its doors to all those who suffer from ills as:

  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Migraine
  • Lack of appetite, lack of energy
  • Alimentary disorders
  • Lack of self
  • Life without meaning
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Or wanting to improve their interpersonal relationships.

Flor de Loto’s therapies apply the following integrals:

  • Usui Reiki, Karuna
  • Body Massage (Shiatsu, therapeutic)
  • Harmonization, Reflexology, Massage,
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Biodancing
  • Renaissance Hatha yoga
  • (Systems and Solar Yenga)
  • Tai Chi Chuan
  • Turkish baths
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Bach Flower

Anyone who wants to strengthen and develop their body and mind to improve their quality of life will be served at the center. It is a time in which the work and responsibilities occupy virtually all life, energy and the body begins to express its discomfort, crying out for attention. Stress, fatigue, lack of energy are possible signs of an imbalance or blockage requiring solutions.

The idea is to:

  • Improve your quality of life
  • Achieve wellness
  • Be into the path of knowledge
  • To appease the spirit

Reiki, the solution in Flor de Loto

The word REIKI comes from Japanese and means "universal life energy". Dr. Usui was the originator of the name which became famous worldwide.

Reiki, then, is the Universal Life Energy, which God gave us. It is not a sect nor a religion nor a philosophy. All beings, no matter what your definition of God, can have access to it. Is the positive energy from the universe, which is given away, if you ask. In the Bible we find countless signs of the energy of the Divine.

Jesus' miraculous cures inspired Dr. Usui to start the search for this divine. Through their experiences, human beings can find the basics that allow them to manage these skills again. In each of us lies the power for self-healing, but we are not aware of this. For example, when we hit, a typical reaction is to move the hand after the place where we hurt. We are unconsciously using the REIKI healing and this example shows the effect of it. It is Universal Life Energy that flows through our hands. The initiation allows us access to energy in the universe and act as a channel which continues to transmit this energy.

These forces loosen psychic blockages, which are often in the physical discomforts of CUSA.
Usually people who believe in miracles, are considered "crazy ", but the miracles of the Bible are accepted. Dr. Usui came back to human beings the capacity to handle the divine in the modern world. One of the many assumptions in order to apply Reiki initiation is that it can only be taught by a teacher. The teacher makes us aware of the variety of these.

  • REIKI Level I enables us to help ourselves and others with the healing power of our hands.
  • In REIKI Level II this capacity is strengthened and got the mental strength to the transmission, for which no matter or time or space.
  • Initiation involves a great teacher and personal growth at all levels. It takes the teacher responsibility and obligation to transmit the Reiki.

Reiki Level I

Initiation in Grade I enabled to loosen blockages, detoxify the body, to admit a deep relationship and accept a positive life energy. 

With a workshop two to three days the results are very harmonious and successful start in the Grade I. This seminar can be made during a weekend. To achieve a very personal, the group should comprise no more than four people. At the beginning is an exchange of experiences. Participants have the ability to tell what they know so far about Reiki and how to contact the subject. This mutual understanding establishes a foundation of trust. By checking the experiences and consequences that promotes conversation the previous night in the players.

Reinforce positive thinking and get a different worldview. Learn to relax and make itself aware of the force itself.

But most important is not to lose the relationship with reality and believe that, despite everything, is quite normal and will remain so. It is part of the responsibility of the person administering Reiki to offer someone, but never impose. REIKI flows only to the extent that a person is willing to meet it at the time.

Rituals and Treatment needed before Reiki

Before each treatment should be carried out following the ritual

1. Jewelry 

It is necessary to remove the jewelry. Metals, precious stones, wood or leather attract certain energies of fine material. The gemstones are especially prone to be charged negative energy, which can appear as fields in the treatment REIKI disruptive.

2. Wash hands 

Before each treatment, it is necessary to wash hands under running water. This is both a symbolic as well as hygienic. Our hands are clean of all previous influences.
After treatment, the hands are washed again under running water. This will neutralize all the impressions that have been absorbed during the treatment.

3. Prayer 

Most importantly, before each treatment, is the urge to become Reiki channel. Pray to God for giving the grant to receive Reiki and power transmission to humans. I am aware that is the only mediator between Universal Vital Energy and receiver.

4. The aura of hair 

After prayer and before the treatment, comb the aura of the receiver three times from head to toe. It should be borne in mind that returning from head to toe, the arm had to be closely in touch with one's own body, because if you do not comb the aura in the opposite direction.
Then start with practical exercises. Talk about the different positions and practiced the application of hand.

Flor de Loto 
Center for Alternative Therapies and Psychological
Calle 12 No. 7908 Calacoto
La Paz - Bolivia

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1 Reviews about Flor de Loto Center
on 23/06/2015
What a cool center! I love reading about these places, becuase we don't really have any where I live (although I would desperately like to visit one while travelling some time), but it gives you good ideas for new techniques to learn yoursself.

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